4 Tips For Home Business Internet Marketing

home business internet marketingWe all started our home based business by being attracted to the amazing benefits of working from home, and somehow this can get lost in the detail.

Yes, it is possible to work from home, and using the powers of the Internet, but you need to be careful and make sure you get the correct training.

In this post, I want to give-away my advice on having a proper genuine home business internet marketing system for yourself that can give you great time freedom.

What do I mean by this?

Well, it means that you are generating online home business leads “whilst you are away doing other things” and I’ve detailed this process in other posts in the past.

Hopefully, in this post, I can explain how the mechanics of it all work, but if you would like a more detailed walkthrough of how to create a online mlm marketing system, see below (it’s Free!):

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Why Should You Use The Internet For Your Home Business?

Most people are aware now that the Internet makes business far easier. It hasn’t completely killed offline advertising, but it has come close. Nowadays, when offline marketing is used for MLM or home based business, it’s supported by an online marketing system.

Don’t pretend that the Internet doesen’t exist, and also don’t make excuses why you cannot use online marketing to grow your business. Some people are always complaining that they are not “technical”.

I have news for you: You don’t have to be a techie nowadays. Setting up a website or sales funnel can be as simple as ordering an item off Amazon. (No joke!).

My 4 Home Business Internet Marketing Tips

1. Make a Clear Plan – Ok, there are just so many different ways of driving website traffic online, that you wouldn’t be able to do all of them in one lifetime!

Therefore, one of your first decisions will be to decide on your marketing strategy. I always recommend mastering a single lead generation strategy for your home business or network marketing opportunity, and then after you have mastered it, you can move onto another. Do not dabble with 5 different methods as soon as you start. None of them will be successful!

2. Take 80% Action Whilst Doing 20% Training – If you are completely new to home business internet marketing then of course you will be going through some training. Where most people fail is that they spend 80% of their time engaged in training and procrastinate over ever taking action. I talked a bit about this topic in this post.

You need to find a way of “implementing fast” as soon as you learn something so that you are always moving forward. Rest assured, you will make mistakes in this industry, but your success will be about how fast you learn from those mistakes.

3. It won’t explode in 2 Weeks – In our society, we are programmed to expect fast microwave results, and I think with the internet marketing space, this expectation is even stronger.

Get out of that mindset and make a decision to stick with the internet marketing approach for a decent period of time. Another reason that most people fail is that they are tired out after a few weeks or months, and they throw in the towel too early. Don’t be one of those people. Nothing worthwhile in life was ever “super easy” or fast.

4. Don’t Throw Away The Phone – If you are deciding to build your home business on the Internet, it doesen’t mean that you should never talk to people.

In fact, you should talk to people on the phone to show them that you are a real person. When people opt-in to things on the Internet, they are very skeptical that it’s actually real, so you need to connect as human being, build rapport and show that you are a real person.

Follow those principle above and you can build your home business successfully using internet marketing strategies.

Of course, if you want to know more about what those strategies are, see below:

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home based business online marketingI hope this helps you get some ideas for your own home business internet marketing strategy.

Do you currently have an online system to build your business?

If so, tell me what exactly you do each week to build your business on the Internet.

Please share if you have gained value from this post.


  1. I did accounts for years until I was almost bored out of my cranium,
    until I stumbled across Internet Marketing one day.
    In my view, traffic and list building are the fuels that drive the IM
    motor – but it seems to be so hard to do. The essentials are self-
    evident, and in themselves don’t look all that difficult, but there
    are so many people trying to do it that it seems like the modern
    gold rush with everyone trying to stake their claim.
    At least, that’s how I have found it – you just have to keep at it.
    …last, but not least, Nick – thanks for the “Lead Generation Blueprint”

    • Nicholas Pratt says

      Hi Billy.

      Yes, you make some very good points.
      It is true that all this Internet Marketing stuff takes time and effort.
      However, take a look and you will see that everything in life is a challenge, and I have always loved the challenge.
      Like that old saying goes “i didn’t say it would be easy, I just said it would be worth it”.
      It really is worth spending a while building a list and learning this stuff because it sets you up for life.
      Also, even though I have residual income arriving when I’m not working, I still love to work because this stuff is fun!

      All a matter of perspective, but it sounds like you are on the right track Billy.
      Enjoy the “Lead Generation Blueprint” and let me know if you need any help.


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