How Network Marketing On The Internet Works

network marketing on the internetI hear there are still distributors who are not actively using the Internet to promote their network marketing business!

This is shocking!

Imagine any other business shirking the Internet in this day and age simply because of tradition. It would be madness!

Because of this, I am going to use this post to explain how network marketing on the Internet actually works. You will most likely be surprised at how simple it really is. There is nothing mystical or technical about it.

I will get to explaining in detail how it works, but before I do, if you really are a newbie to building your MLM business online, then read my free guide below to get the “fast track” start:

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That gives you an introduction to what I am going to outline in this post.

Why Use The Internet For Network Marketing?

Traditional offline prospecting methods are effective but there is absolutely no “leverage” within them. As soon as you stop prospecting, the leads stop flowing and the methods are very dependent on your own time.

Considering that the industry is centered around achieving “time freedom”, you should do everything you can to reach that fast.

Perhaps, you may be thinking that getting leads online is a gimmick?

It really isn’t. The point is that nowadays people go searching for information online and if you can position yourself as an authority and teacher within your relevant niche, you will get plenty of leads through attraction marketing. For more information on attraction marketing, read my free book.

With traditional prospecting, you are essentially trying to introduce your business to anyone with a pulse and this is not a good way of doing business. It lacks any kind of strategy or game plan. With any other business, you would try to target your “perfect customer” and this should be applied to your network marketing business.

When you use the Internet, there are methods for you to “attract” or “target” the perfect prospect who would make a great distributor for your business opportunity. If you can do this, you will achieve better retention and duplication from your team. You will be working more effectively.

Finally, online methods have maximum leverage! What does this mean? This means that online methods can draw in leads whilst you are away doing other things whether that’s sleeping, being on vacation or spending time with your friends and family.

That is the beauty of the Internet.

Sounds Great, But How Do You Do Network Marketing On The Internet?!

Well, the short answer is to read the “Lead Generation Blueprint” (my free guide on this page).

But essentially, one of the powerful strategies you will learn is called “Content Marketing” and simply involves you producing regular and relevant content that will attract your target audience. For example, if you sell vitamin products, you would build an authority blog around the health benefits associated with your product. This way, when people go searching, you have a chance to help them with your content and generate leads.

The “nuts and bolts” of it is that your content will need to be optimized to rank effectively in the search engines. This process has a learning curve attached to it but it is completely do-able! See my posts here, here and here for a starting point. Also, see the free guide.

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I go through these strategies in much greater depth in the guide above.

Could I Possibly Ditch Offline Prospecting All-together?

This is an interesting question. The truth is that “eventually” you can ditch offline prospecting, but only when you have got a good lead flow system in place and this will take a few months.

Also, you don’t have to ditch offline methods if you don’t want to. You may want to keep doing them because they are effective and the conversion may be faster than online. However, what I recommend you do is blend your online lead generation with offline. For example, it’s still good practice to call your leads that you have generated online. Don’t hide behind your computer.

Whilst, a lot of leads will convert through email marketing, you will convert an even higher percentage of people if you make phone calls in addition to the email marketing.

network marketing internet tipsI hope this post helps you understand what is possible with network marketing on the internet and the leverage it can give your business.

Definitely grab the guide to learn more about how to get started for whatever opportunity you are promoting.

Let me know if you need help understanding the strategies.

Please share and comment if you have got value from my post.


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