How Often Should You Write A Blog Post?

how often should you write a blog postThis is one of those hot topics that’s discussed amongst Bloggers. People are always debating and discussing how often should you write a blog post and the answer certainly isn’t clear.

I’ve studied this topic lots as it’s fascinated me and I’ve found all sorts of opinions.

Some of the top Bloggers strongly recommend Blogging 4-5 times a week whilst others say that once or twice a week is ok.

You may wonder why some of the pro’s don’t necessarily recommend every day…?

It’s because there is a risk of burning out your readers with too much content. I can certainly understand this as I have followed Bloggers who post every day, and it can be tiring to keep up with that much content, on top of all the other Blogs.

However, it doesn’t stop me from posting 4-5 times a week, and I will explain why (below).

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How Often Should You Write a Blog Post?

First of all, I think the whole thing depends on the individual. Blogging (after-all) is an individual pursuit and for you to do it long-term, you need to do it in a way that suits your life style.

I believe that it depends on the “lifestyle” and work routine that you have.

If it excites you to get up each day and “rattle” off a Blog Post, then do it.

Or, if it excites you to “incubate” an idea from Monday-Thursday, and then post on Friday, do it.

For me personally, I do things best when it is systematic and consistent. I find it easier to Blog every day rather than just Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

The reason?: It gives you great momentum when you post every day that could be absent if it was every 2 weeks. You get a “hell of a lot of writing practice” as well.

It’s a bit like “working out in the Gym“, it works well if it’s everyday because there is consistency.

I do accept what some other Bloggers say, that you could be “sacrificing quality”, but my response to that is “What Is Quality“. Why should you need to write a 2,000 word Blog Post for it to be quality?

Also, we mentioned before about possibly “burning out your readers”, well don’t you think 2,000 word Blog Posts can burn people out as well? I’m not saying that you should never write 2,000 word posts, but you don’t need every Blog Post to be like that.

The Exposure Benefit Of Posting Every Day | More Doorways To Your Blog

I remember reading a post from Darren Rowse of Problogger on this topic and he explained that posting every day gives you “more doorways to your blog” and this is a huge benefit! In a month, you can have 20 more doorways to your Blog with “daily posting” instead of 4 if you were “weekly post”.

It’s a key benefit, especially if you have a new Blog and you want to create lots of traffic (doors) in your first few months. If you are just starting, out you may be keen to increase blog traffic and so posting every day may be a key driving force for that.

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coffee bloggingThose are my thoughts on how often should you write a Blog post.

As you can see, there is no “hard and fast rule” or definitive answer. It depends on the Blogger themselves, their personal routine, the stage they are at with their Blog and their goals for the future. At the time of writing, I like to post every day (Monday to Friday). If I am on holiday, I will not lose sleep over it and I will miss those days, but if I am in my “daily routine”, I like to post every day in the morning, with a nice cup of coffee!

How Often Do You Blog Post? Let me know in the comments section below.

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  1. Hey! I agree with you that this is all based on your lifestyle. I have a full time job, so blogging 4-5 times a day would be impossible! Fitting your blogging around your lifestyle will work better for you and you wont risk burning out your readers!

  2. Hi Olivia. Yes, I completely agree. You have to assess how much time you have to work with for Blogging. If you are “full time”, then you may be able to post every day. Otherwise, it would be difficult. The most important thing is to have a system that you can follow every week for as long as possible. It’s just like “working out at the gym” – Just keep going with it, and you will do great things. Thanks for stopping by Olivia.

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