How to Build a Strong Team in Network Marketing

how to build a strong team in network marketingIt’s probably best to state early that this could be one of the most important posts for you to read. You need to know how to build a strong team in network marketing if you are going to succeed in this industry. It’s a skill that will serve you on your path to success so make sure you read this post carefully (and bookmark).

It’s All About Duplication

One of the things I like most about my business opportunity (and most MLMs) is that “you earn based on how succesfull your team is”. So, for example, when I train my network marketing team to recruit more reps and teach them how to do the same, I earn off a small percentage of results, and this is passed down to infinity.

This is how I am making thousands of dollars a month with my business opportunity, and it’s all residual income!

The beauty of this system is that your success is determined by how helpful you are and how much value you provide. Unlike traditional Affiliate Marketing (which I also do), the sale does not end after the commission has been paid. You stay in touch with your network marketing team to help them be as good as you are!

Therefore, what you do to recruit more reps needs to be duplicable! Someone needs to be able to duplicate what you do. They need to know (themselves) how to build a strong team in network marketing.

How To Build A Strong Team In Network Marketing

It’s important to train your team something that can be duplicated. So, how do we do that?

Well, one thing I do with my team is to teach them what I call the short game and the long game.

Quite simply, these are tactics that can get results straightaway (The Short Game), and tactics that will yield high results but over a longer period of time (The Long Game).

For example, Blogging can be done straight away but it will take some time before the results are shown.
Note: There are still things you can do in the short term to increase traffic.

In contrast, there are short game tactics that can be done straight away to get quick results.

You need to have both, the short game and the long game, and you need to be able to get quick results for your team.

For much more detail about implementing short game and long game tactics that you can pass onto your team, check out my free guide below:

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Achieving quick results for your team is also known as “Score in 24” and it’s something that I stick to.

Do You Need To Constantly Communicate?

I’d say the short answer is “no”, and it wouldn’t be scalable to do so, but what you do need to do is put a system in place for your team to follow. Some will need more help than others and you can make that available with meetings, Skype calls and Webinars. Through a Skype call you could give some valuable advice on how to build a strong team in network marketing.

The point is to get a working system in place for your team to follow. You should also use this as your “sales pitch” when recruiting. Make it clear that for you to succeed, they need to succeed and that you will help them do so.

network marketing team tipsDo you have a strong team in your MLM Business Opportunity? What kind of system do you teach them to teach others?

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