How To Build An Email List Fast In 4 Steps

how to build an email list fastUnless you’ve been living under a rock, you will have heard of the power of building a mailing list. There is the over used phrase “the money is in the list” but it’s so true that we have to keep on repeating.

The money is in the list“.

In this post, I want to give you 4 easy stages so you know how to build an Email list fast.

I explain in-depth how to do this in my Free Training Series below:

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Note: I am giving you the “Free” method in this post. However, there are also paid methods such as Solo Ads. Please see my post here for advice if you want to know how to build an email list fast with “Paid Methods” and Solo Ads.

3 Stages: How To Build An Email List Fast (and Free!)

1. Have A Blog – For this method that I am demonstrating, you need a Blog and some form of content strategy. If you already have a Blog, that’s great! If not, see posts here and here for help with that. If you want to know how to build an email list fast, have a blog and write a lot of content! (see below)

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2. Produce Content, Optimize and Spread the Word – You need to regularly produce blog content that appeals to your niche, make sure it’s optimized for the search engines and spread the word about the content through social media.

3. Have an “Opt-In” Bribe – Ok, this is essentially your “freebie” and bribe that you use to get people onto your list. If you were in the dating niche, it might be something like “5 Steps To Get A Date“.

Why do you need a bribe?

You need it because people have to have a reason and incentive for joining your mailing list.

If you simply have a “join the newsletter” offer, this isn’t good enough (most of the time). People can’t really see what they are getting with “regular updates”. What they really want is a juicy guide (PDF) that they can sink their teeth into!

4. Use Hybrid Connect To Install Opt-In Form – To save you having to spend lots of money on an expensive designer, simply use the well known plugin Hybrid Connect that makes the whole process take about 15 minutes. It allows you to use one of their many templates for your website/Blog sidebar, or you can design your own.

The plugin is fantastic! It also allows you to create squeeze pages, video squeeze pages, lightboxes (popups) and perform spilt-tests (on the fly) to discover which of your opt-in forms are performing the best! Click the button below to get Hybrid Connect.

hybrid connect plugin

Here are just a few of the templates on offer with Hybrid Connect.

hybrid connect templates

build mailing list tipsThose 4 Steps should have helped you understand how to build an email list fast.

Remember, people will not want to join you list (for nothing).

You need to have a “bribe” that will give them an incentive.

These days, people are very protective of their email address and details, to avoid information overload from signing up for too many things!

You need to have something that your target market needs (a PDF Report) and then you need to use something like Hybrid Connect to make it look enticing.

Are you building your email list? If so, what are you using as your “Bribe”?

Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Hey Nick! Great post again and let me add to the conversation.

    The money is in the list IF you have a great relationship with it.

    If the money was only in the fact of having a big list, the spammers and email scrapers of this world would be the most successful marketers…but they are not.

    I remember when Frank Kern made his first Million dollars day…with a list of 7000 people.

    Other than that I agree with what you said.

    Another trick is to have an opt-in pop-up when someone visit your blog. I know it can be annoying to some people but it’s proven to multiply the speed of list building.

    • Hey Renaud,

      Good tip on the pop-up/lightbox when someone arrives on the page. This is a quicker way of getting subscribers, and Hybrid Connect has this function.

      You are absolutely correct about the “relationship” with the list being the most important thing, and Frank Kern has always been the master of this. I try to treat my list as Frank teaches! Provide 80% value, and 20% pitching.

      I’ve learnt so much from Frank Kern.

      Thanks for stopping by Renaud.

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