How To Create A Pop Up On Your Blog?

how to create a pop up on your blogYou may think that a Popup is spammy or in bad taste but that’s not true. It can grow your business quickly and I will explain why!

A lot of Bloggers or Website owners may be afraid of having a popup on their site. You may think that it will be “pushy” but it’s all about the execution.

If you use a nice looking professional Popup, it can produce spectacular results.

I’ve spoken may times about the importance of building your email list by leading with value and a Free Offer.

Well, once you have done that, you should be aiming to maximise your results by improving the conversion rate of your Blog or Website.
Having a “Popup” for your Free Offer is bold effective way of getting LOTS of email subscribers.

In fact, it’s currently responsible for a about 33% of my total subscribers so it does work.

And that is why I want to tell you how to create a Pop Up on your Blog. It will maximise your results.

How To Create A Popup On Your Blog – 3 Steps

The WordPress plugin I am using is called Popup Domination and this has become the “Go to” plugin for creating great looking professional looking Popups on WordPress to create a popup on your blog

So, how to create a popup on your Blog website?

Follow these 4 Steps:

1. Create Your Free Giveaway – It sounds obvious but make sure that you have something to “giveaway” that will be used as your Lead Magnet. For help, see this great post by Hector Cuevas.

2. Install Popup Domination – From my great results, I recommend that you use Popup Domination as your plugin for the job. It’s got a tonne of features such as Split Testing, lots of professional Templates and there are numerous options:

3. Customize For Your Posts – With Popup Domination, you decide when and where your Popup should appear.

You also get to decide “How” it should appear. For example, you can have it appear “instantly” or on a timer, so the Popup an appear after 15 seconds for example.

I personally have it appear after about 15 seconds as I like to give my readers the chance to read my content first.

4. Decide Where It Should Go – The great thing about Popup Domination is that you get to decide where the Popup should appear, and you decide based on your “Categories”.

For example, you may have different “Optins” for different kinds of posts and you can decide this with the plugin.

You can also decide whether or not to have the Popup on every page of your website or only on specific posts.

Here is a screenshot of the plugin dashboard to show you some of the settings and options:

popup domination plugin

There’s lots of ways you can customize your Popup so that it fits with your audience.

There are also lots of templates that you can customize alongside your specific “free giveaway”:

how to create a popup on your website

The plugin certainly gets my vote as it has greatly increased the number of email subscribers I get.

If you are Blogging and building a readership, you should definitely be building your list on a regular basis as that is what it is all about.

Of course, you should be regularly communicating with your audience. For help with that, see my 7 email marketing tips post here.

I also recommend grabbing my free online marketing video course that has an in-depth module on “Email Marketing”. See below (it’s free):

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how to create a popup on your blogHope that helps you understand how to create a pop up on your blog or website.

It’s something I recommend as it does greatly improve conversions.

Your main goal should always be to “convert” your readership to take an action, whether that is opting in
or making a purchase.

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Are you currently using a Popup to get more email subscribers?


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