How To Create the Lifestyle You Want

how to create the lifestyle you wantWe always hear sayings like “you only live” once and “seize the day”, so why do so many people get caught up in the trap of leading a tough life that gets them down? Some people never look for answers to questions such as how to create a lifestyle that you want.

This amazes me because (to me) “Lifestyle” has always been the most important thing.

Before becoming a full time Internet Marketer, I went through years of working for someone else, 40 mile (each way) long commutes and terrible bosses.

Sometimes, people are so brainwashed into thinking that life has to be that way.

Well, I can tell you, it does not have to be that way.

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Tips on Creating A Lifestyle That You Want

For a lot of us Internet Marketers, you can tell that we work hard at what we do. We Blog every day, promote our posts, market our business opportunity and strive to learn more about improving on all of those things.

The thing is though, we are all doing it our way! We are setting our own schedule, marketing the opportunities that we believe in and (to top it off) getting paid 10x more than a regular job. Everyone in the industry knows that you can never earn the kind of money in a real job than in network marketing. Working in a corporate job is all about giving your life away to a business to climb the ladder and make a half decent living.

Making money on the Internet, there is no ceiling! You can earn 4, 5 and 6 figures per month!

3 Tips on How To Create The Lifestyle You Want

1. The number 1 important point for me has always been “passive income” and the chance of “making money whilst you sleep” (automatically). In short, “passive/residual income” means that you get paid even when you are not working (directly).

The way this is possible on the Internet is that you have already done the work to earn you the money, whilst you are away doing something else.

You have already set up your autoresponders, written your Blog posts that attract visitors and built a strong team that you earn with.

Personally speaking, it feels so good to know that I can take a vacation or travel time, and know that my internet business is still generating leads.

The reason it feels good is that I have worked in consultancy where you only get paid when you’re working. It’s difficult to scale up and it seems like you never have free time to do anything.

2. Be willing to do what is nessecary to succeed. I have said it so many time, but there is no get rich quick solution. It just isn’t possible. It requires consistent effort daily to build an internet business. If you want to know how to create the lifestyle you want, my best advice would be to stop at nothing to get there!

– You may know that video marketing will get you increased leads, but you may be afraid of the camera.

– You may know that a “new sales funnel” is required to improve your pretty terrible conversions. You need to spend 2 days to implement.

The point is that these things require effort, courage and persistance. Unfortunately, this can lead to fear.

You need to do what is nessecary to build the lifestyle that you want.

It isn’t going to happen overnight and no-one is going to do it for you.

3. Decide what path you are going down.

If you haven’t got a system to promote that can build passive income each month, then you need one. It needs to resonate with you and get you excited each day.

If you aren’t excited about it, how the hell are you going to persuade others to join your team.

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create internet lifestyleHopefully this post has helped you in understanding how to create the lifestyle you want. This is a very deep topic so I welcome you to share your own thoughts in the comments section below. Have you reached the magical “passive income”? What does your ideal lifestyle look like?


  1. Great article! I love passive income. I always try to make my online earnings as passive as possible. That way I can spend time working on new streams of income. It’s great that you can earn cash for past efforts. A good way to do this as a blogger is to write articles that will still be useful in years to come, then keep them alive by offering as much access as possible to past posts. But as you say, it takes a lot of hard work to be able to not work!

    • Hey Jon. Thanks for your comment and great points that you’ve made. “Passive Income” makes me very excited all the time. It feels great to have money coming in without always being “on the clock”. A lot of businesses are not scaleable. I found this out through consultancy. I personally think that “blogging” can be the best form of marketing for the 21st Century. I also love writing Blog posts as well, so it really is a “win, win”. It certainly beats “cold calling”! Thanks Jon!

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