How To Earn Passive Income Online

how to earn passive income on the internetIt was a few years ago when I first started having a desire to achieve proper financial freedom. In short, I wanted to know how to earn passive income online and this led me to read books, take courses and generally do a lot of learning. For more detail about where I came from check out my story here. I have tried a lot of different things over the years, but what really gave me financial freedom was online network marketing, and that is what I teach in this article and throughout this website. This is your blueprint for financial freedom and learning how to earn passive income online.

Note: If you are looking for a detailed introduction and fast start to passive income and running an online business, I recommend grabbing the completely Free Video Course of mine below. That will walk you through generating money on the Internet and getting to 6 Figures within 6 months. Enjoy!

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What Is Passive Income?

It’s a term that gets banded around a lot, but what exactly is it? What is Passive Income?

Wikipedia defines it as “income received on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain it.

Doesn’t that sound fantastic? – Regular home traffic income with little effort?

This is what attracted me years ago to do so much research in passive income internet opportunities. I wanted to learn about making money online and internet passive income so did a lot of “trial and error”, purchasing courses, books and trying out different programs.

Why Use The Internet For Passive Income?

We all know how revolutionary the Internet has become and there are many benefits that is has from a business point of view. It slots very nicely into the “Passive Income” philosophy. I can literally earn money whilst I sleep thanks to this Blog – That is passive income for you!

If you join a proven system that promotes online whilst you are away doing other things, you are marching towards passive income.

This website and Blog is themed around Making Money Online, and I do this through showing how I do it so others basically repeat the process. This is called “Success Modeling“!

How To Earn Passive Income Online?

Ok, the first thing that needs stating is this:

It takes Real Hard Work!!

A lot of people start out online wanting to earn home traffic income streams and they expect it to be some kind of “Get Rich Quick” Scheme. This is far from the truth!

I always say to people that they should expect to put in a minimum of 2 hours per day for 90 days before they start seeing results. Essentially, you are building a business and it takes the same kind of commitment.

The good news is that (a year down the line), you will be “earning money whilst you sleep“. You will be earning money from the work you did in that first 90 days!

Do you see how powerful this is?

You are building an Online Empire that will (eventually) give you the financial freedom that you deserve.

So, how do you actually start??

Yes, I know I have been deviating slightly from the actual “How” but I wanted to make the “hard work” side of it clear.

The first thing you need to do is to plug into a well proven system (preferably a passive income internet system). As an example, I will show you the system I use which is very popular!

This is “what you are promoting“.

The best part about joining a system is that it will cut your work in half. All of the “sales funnels, landing pages” etc are already setup for you.

The second thing is to use the traffic generation advice on this website to learn how to drive web traffic towards your proven system.

This part is where you will be required to “do some work“. You will need to learn and master lead generation strategies which can be things like Free Web Traffic and Paid Traffic, and you will need to put in at least 2 hours per day getting your systems setup.

The third thing is to “convert” the traffic into sales. Luckily, if you have chosen a good system, it will be “high converting” and you will have no problem here.

Those are the 3 Steps for working your way towards internet passive income! 🙂

As mentioned before, this will eventually happen on autopilot, but you first need to put in the work for the first 90 days!

how to earn passive income onlineSo, there you have it, a simple process teaching you how to earn passive income online. You may think that it is “too simple” but that is all it comes down to. You need “something to promote”, a system along with it (that “converts” well) and finally Traffic Generation


  1. Very enlightening. I like that you have a number of discreet passive income streams working for you. Hopefully if anyone ever read your blog they can start to see even the small start that you are coming from, and how it is helping anyone towards their future goals.

  2. Hi Tarence, Thank you for the compliment. Ever since I read “The 4 Hour Work Week”, I have focused on earning passive income through multiple income streams.

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