2 Persuasive Ways To Get More Social Shares

how to get more social sharesGetting Social Shares is beneficial for lots of reasons but often when this topic is discussed, people will throw out the same “fluffy” advice.

Things like “create great content” that will get shared.

Whilst this is true, in this post I will be giving you a very “actionable” step you can take to:

Make Content go Viral (potentially)

Get More Facebook Likes

Increase +1s From Google+

Encourage Twitter Re-tweets

As you can see, we have covered the spectrum of Social interaction above. 😉

Creating “great content” will always be good advice, but there are “additional” ways how to get more social shares, and I will share them below:

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So, How To Get More Social Shares?

1. Ask People To Share – I know that many of you will jump in and regard this as “fluffy” advice (similar to “create great content”) but it’s still important to state.

The point is that “this works“!

People will help you and share your content. All you have to do is ask!

Why does this work?

It’s because “reciprocity” is part of being human, and it’s built into all of us. When you help someone with your valuable content, they will most likely want to return the favour because of repicprocity.

What you need to do: At the end of each Blog post, include a call to action such as “if you have gained value, please re-share and leave a comment“.
This opens the post up to social sharing and comments which are both important for keeping the conversation going.

2. Offer an Incentive – Ok, this is where the creativity and fun begins!

Have you noticed on a couple of my posts that I offer an “incentive” (bribe) to get Facebook likes. I use something called a Social Locker.

The image below explains how it works.

wpsharely plugin review

The situation on the “right” is what we want to strive for.

How do we do this?

We use the same method that we use when building an email list. See my post here for help with that.

So, we use a “Freebie” (aka: Incentive/Bribe/Report) and we offer it “in return” for a social share. In my post here, I used the list of “24 Online Video Sites” as an incentive to get Social Shares. Take a look.

This is done using a “Social Locker” plugin. A Social Locker plugin “locks” a piece of content of your choice, and only “unlocks” it after the visitor performs a Social Share.

The “Social Locker” plugin that I use and recommend is called WP Sharely by Shane Melaugh.

You can see how “this all works” by scrolling down and trying out “my social locker”.

Why This Is Powerful!

By using this plugin, you can use some of your “great content” or Free Reports, and you can get paid in return for Social Shares. The great content is still Free, but you are just asking for a “free” social share in return.

I’ve noticed fantastic results by doing this! If you want to know how to get more social shares easily, use a Social Locker!

Another great tactic is to use something called a “Double Bribe” – You can offer a “Freebie” to build your list, and then after the initial Opt-In, you can offer a “Free Bonus” in return for a Social Share. If you are promoting a landing page/squeeze page, you can effectively build viraily in through the Bribe Loop (see below).

Within the WP Sharely plugin, Shane Melaugh throws in some free training on how to achieve a “Double Bribe” as well as something called the “Bribe Loop“:

wpsharely bribe loop











See WP Sharely In Action

[wpsharely id=”1070″]Thanks for sharing and trying it out. Here is the link to get the plugin[/wpsharely]

social media tipsUsing those 2 tips, you should be able to get Social Shares far easier than before.

Creating great content will always be important, but you should also include an “incentive” and use WP Sharely as well so that you are “asking for the share”.

If you don’t ask, you don’t get.

What are your tactics for getting social shares?

Let me know in the comments below, and please share this content if you have gained value. 🙂

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  1. Really Cool! 🙂 I highly suggest putting those kind of plugins on the Thank You Pages right after the capture page for Extra Bonuses. 🙂

    • Exactly Renaud! That is what I do with my Funnels. I have it on the Thank You pages along with the bonuses.
      This works really well!

      Great minds think alike!

      Thanks for stopping by Renaud! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the tips. I agree that everyone writes about the need for great content, but that is because it is so true. Today it seems as if 95% of the content on the net is recycled…I will try asking for shares-nothing to lose.

    • Hi Amiti,

      Yes “great content” is important, but I think it’s important to understand what this actually means.

      Often “great content” is simply making it “Unique” by making it “Interesting”. This is mainly done with the content, images and title. So, the content may have been used before but it is presented in a much more exciting way!

      Yes, “asking for shares” will work. I see it work all the time. Also, consider using a creative approach (bribe) by using WP Sharely. Both of those tactics should give you more social shares.

      Thanks for stopping by Amiti.

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