How To Increase Ranking On Youtube In 5 Easy Steps

how to increase ranking on youtubeAlong with Facebook and Google, Youtube is one of the most visited websites on the planet! Despite this there are still a lot of network marketers who don’t know how to increase ranking on youtube for their videos. This gives YOU a huge opportunity. I make sure to teach my team “in-depth” how to rank all sorts of videos very quickly.

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Why Do We Need To Increase Youtube Rankings?

Video has become such a powerful medium to use, and not just for mlm propspecting. These days, all businesses need to use videos to “connect” with people. When someone views you on video, they can get to know you, what your voice sounds like and (most importantly), if they want to work with you.

This is powerful stuff guys!

Youtube is very powerful for SEO! Effectively, you can target the front page with both Blog posts and Videos. Imagine how much more traffic you can get if you get 2 results on the front page.You effectively get double the traffic! If you make it part of your mlm daily routine, Youtube can bring you an endless amount of leads, completely for free.

How To Increase Ranking On Youtube in 5 Easy Steps

The first thing to know is that these stages I am about to share are “common knowledge“. People do know about these tactics. However, people do not follow each of them. They do one or two stages but not all of them. They get sloppy! For example, sometimes people will focus on optimizing the description, but then they will forget about building links to the video. If you want to know how to increase ranking on Youtube, just make sure you follow each step.

1. Keyword Research

You will do this first to find out:

  • How many searches are done for the keyword you are thinking of, to assess whether there is a significant demand.
  • How competitive the keyword is.
  • What variations of the keywords there are.


2. Create The Video Itself: After you have done your keyword research, you will have an idea about what the content of the video will be. It’s now time to create the video. You have various options. You can create a video where you are “in front of the camera”. I would certainly recommend doing this to give the video a personal touch, but I also have options for my team, when they want to create a quick graphical video. Myself and my team use Animoto to create lots of videos quickly to rank on Youtube. We do this (in addition) to appearing on camera. It allows you to create videos quicker.

3. Optimize Video Title and Description: Essentially this involves naming your keyword in the title of your video as well as optimizing the description. I give full training on optimizing the description to my team, but in simple terms, you need 500 words of content sprinkled with the keyword (a few times).

4. Build Views and Likes: There are lots of factors that go into Youtube rankings and Views, Likes and Subscribers is part of the ranking algorithm. Increasing views and likes can be done with a variety of tools.

5. Build Backlinks: Just like webpages, YouTube rankings depend on backlinks as an authority signal to Google. It’s therefore important to build backlinks to your videos. We use Fiverr to build backlinks quickly, but I warn you: never use this method on a webpage as you will get penalized by Google.

Those are the 5 stages required to increase Youtube rankings. The best part if that this stuff works very quickly. You can get videos ranked in a week or less for lower competition keywords so you can see instant results. In addition to these tips, I’d also recommend that you submit to other video websites for maximum exposure. I’ve published a post that lists 24 Online Video Marketing websites that you can upload to. Check out that post.

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how to increase youtube rankingsHopefully, that has given you some good ideas on how to increase ranking on Youtube. With my team, I go in-depth on each stage with tutorials. In the future, I will hopefully document some detail on the Blog as well. In the meantime, if you have any question on each individual stage, let me know and hopefully I can help! Let me know in the comments below!



  1. Hi Nick. So you’re essentially saying that low quality links still work when pointing at YouTube videos? Do they make a lot of difference to your videos rankings?

    • Hi Jon. Yes, that is exactly what I am saying. Low quality links work for Youtube videos, but they should not be used for websites or blogs. Pretty much every Video Marketer out there agrees that low quality link building works for Youtube videos. Yeah, it really does work. What I have found is that backlinks+video likes make the most difference in the rankings for videos.

      • Cheers Nick. It’s probably because YouTube has so many high quality links that a few hundred is not going to water down their authority. Plus of course, like you said, they are owned by Google. Are they really going to be so quick to penalise their own site?!

  2. Interesting. So using a site like Fiver will not hurt with YouTube videos at all?

    • Hi Leon. Yes, that is what I’m saying. I also couldn’t believe it at first but all of the top video marketers agree. Essentially, I would never dream of using something like Fiverr for backlinking to a website, but for video, it’s ok. This is because Youtube is an authoritative domain, and Google (who owns Youtube) would never “sandbox” themself. They are also concerned with having as much traffic as possible within Youtube, and it carries that forward. Hope that helps and thanks for stopping by.

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