How To Make Money From Blogging

make-money-from-blogging-guideSo, you want to know how to Make Money from Blogging? Hopefully, this post will give you some ideas from my own experience to do just that.

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Becoming A Full Time Blogger

When people mention Blogging, the first thing that comes to my mind is the long term aspect of it. That is what Blogging is all about. It’s an on-going record of events, experiences and thoughts. I was at a networking event recently and someone asked me “how do I make money from blogging?”. The first I told them was the long terms mindset that is required.

It’s crucial to understand this commitment from the start. If you are driven to build a successful Blog then you will have to be prepared to put the time in consistently and over a long period of time.

Useful Tool/Plugin: I’ve mentioned before about the WordPress Editorial Calendar that can really keep you on track and focused with your Blogging schedule. It’s Free as well.

The Fundamentals of Blogging

1. Blogging is essentially about providing value to people and helping them solve problems that they have. The Internet is a huge hub of information that people turn to for information, as well as humour and engagement. It’s important to tell your story through your Blog as readers want to know about you! That’s the whole point.

2. You need to decide (before you start) what your niche is and who you are trying to attract. Why is this important? If a Blog is all about solving problems and providing real value to people, you need to understand who you are helping. What problems does your niche market have? What sort of things do they struggle with? What questions do they have? Once you understand the questions that they have, you can craft your blog accordingly with the relevant “How To…” posts.

3. If you really want to make money from Blogging and not just have it as a hobby, it’s best to find a way of doing it without offending anyone. People will not appreciate being sold to in your Blog posts. As I mentioned above, Blogging is about providing real value to people. The money making part should be secondary. Each Blog post should educate on a topic and not be written like a sales letter. There may be affiliate links included if you are endorsing a product, but you want to provide value first (for Free) and be transparent that you are an affiliate. A lot of Bloggers (myself included) provide a disclaimer when there are affiliate links within a post to be transparent about the “money” aspect of Blogging.


Different Ways To Make Money From Blogging

A lot of people ask me how my Blog manages to make money. More specifically, where does this money come from?

The answer is that there are multiple potential income streams that you can associate with your Blog:

  • Affiliate Products (that you endorse)
  • You can sell advertising space through the form of Banner Ads.
  • You can use your Blog to demonstrate your authority in a specific area, and then sell your own “online” or offline products off the back of that.

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As you can see, there are lots of different ways to make money from blogging. The method/s you choose depend on what you’re trying to achieve and the niche that you are in.

I primarily focus on Network Marketing and Affiliate Products based around Website Development, Blogging and Online Marketing. This in itself is a very broad niche with lots of topics to cover. What is your niche?

Hopefully this post has given you some ideas on how to Make Money from Blogging.

Please let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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