How to Use Social Media In Network Marketing

how to use social media in network marketingYou’ve probably heard a lot of the hype flying around about Social Media. Well, it’s especially useful for our industry so I thought I would reveal how to use social media in network marketing and MLM opportunities.

Why and How to Use Social Media in Network Marketing

Let’s start with the facts. There are 1 Billion People registered on Facebook. This is huge!

Along with Youtube and Google, Facebook is where all the traffic is on the Internet.

You need to be promoting yourself there. To do this effectively you need the right methods. (By the way, here is a great Twitter guide to get started.)

Have you signed up to things like Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest? The secret is that you need a working strategy on how to leverage these sites. Don’t just hang around on them! Use them to get leads!

Social Media Marketing Tips

It might be that you’ve been trying to get leads through MLM Offline Marketing tactics. This is completely fine but what happens when you run out of your “warm market” to talk to. You should be looking for a steady stream of leads and not have to turn up at Networking lunches all the time.

With social media, you can potentially reach a lot more prospects and work towards generating Automated MLM leads. This is the path to network marketing success.

Whilst Social Media is a powerful tool for generating leads, there is a right and wrong way to do it. Most people approach it the wrong way. Follow the tips below to make sure you generate leads on a daily basis:

1. You should constantly trying to “add value” on the Social Networks, and this will (in turn) allow you to build relationships.

How do you add value?

Share Blog posts and reach out to give advice to people. There are a lot of people struggling in Facebook MLM Groups. You should reply and give them advice on how they can succeed.

DO NOT just promote your opportunity to them. People don’t like being sold to. Instead, reach out and help them in a transparent way. Get to know them first, and later, they may decide to join your team.

This approach is along the lines of “Attraction Marketing”. If you are constantly helping people throughout the social sites, you will naturally “attract” people to work with you.

2. Make sure that your Facebook/Twitter etc profile are branded specifically on “You” and are “business like”. I would even suggest making new profiles to separate your business and personal life.

Don’t just post affiliate links to your business opportunity!

Instead, share what you know about building a network marketing team and other MLM Tips. You role is to add as much value as possible and not to sell.

If you want more guidance on generating leads online using things like Blogging and Video, grab my free ebook below.

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social media marketing tipsIt’s a lot more simple than you think. Share what you know and add value whilst using the social media sites. This will attract people to you and generate leads.

Hopefully, you now know how to use social media in network marketing, but if anything is unclear, let me know in the comments section below.

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