Icon Sachs Review based on Unbiased And Independent Research

icon sachs reviewRecently, I’ve heard a few whispers about a new opportunity called Icon Sachs.

In fact, it’s causing quite a storm with a few people on my mailing list.

Now, I have gone away and done some research on this business.

But don’t worry because this is an unbiased Icon Sachs Review – I am not affiliated with the business.

Learn the truth about this opportunity.

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So, What Is Icon Sachs?

The Iron Sachs website does not contain any information as to who they are owned and operated by.
The “History” and “Team” pages offer the following vague paragraphs:

“Icon Sachs is the result of the meeting between a group of sophisticated investors that met in Geneva, Switzerland during mid 2000.

Among this group, two gentlemen from Switzerland had worked for large investment banks and hedge funds, one had experience from the trading floor in Frankfurt, and two more were asset managers working out of Dubai.

The group decided to put together a combination of products into a Structured Leverage Product: a combination of bank guarantees and bonds in the base, but with a big portion of leverage product on the top.

They tested the product with some of the investment banks in Geneva with fantastic reception. The group formed the internal project ‘Icon Sachs Sophisticated Investors of Dubai’ in 2010 and invested own money.

In 2015 they decided to make the information about these products available to the public. Education packages were created and are now sold from icon Sachs.”

Their website, (IconSachs.com) was registered April 2nd, 2015 and is set to private.

Alexa estimates that nearly 100% of that domain’s traffic comes from both Sweden and Switzerland as Icon Sachs is mainly marketed in Europe.

icon sachs scam

Thus it is quite probable that Icon Sachs is actively operated out of either of these two countries.

Best Practices dictate, should an MLM company not easily and openly disclose whom they are owned and operated by, it is probably wise to avoid dealings with them of any kind.

What Are The Icon Sachs Products?

There are no retailable products and services with Icon Sachs. The only thing possible for affiliates to market other people are the Icon Sachs affiliate membership itself.

This is very problematic because the authorities do not like network marketing opportunities where there is no real product. They prefer businesses where proper products are sold. One example would be a company like Trivita (which I studied recently) which has retail activity taking place.

After enrolled, new Icon Sachs affiliates are granted access to an Education Plan which is determined by how much money they put in at the time of their enrollment:

  • Silver Education Plan: €75 EUR
  • Gold Education Plan: €175 EUR
  • Platinum Education Plan: €575 EUR
  • Black Education Plan: €975 EUR

Each plan allegedly covers things like investment strategies, general banking information, “the financial market” and “management & leadership” (training?).

Details On The Icon Sachs Compensation Plan

The compensation plan for Icon Sachs is simple in a similar way to Zyndio’s comp plan which I blogged about recently. New affiliates enroll by paying €75 to €975 EUR (depending on the plan they choose) and then receive commissions by recruiting others to repeat the process.

Direct Recruitment Commissions

Direct recruitment commissions are paid to Icon Sachs affiliates. The size of the commission directly links to the membership plan size (amount spent) by the newly recruited affiliate under them:

  • Silver Education Plan (€75 EUR): paid €20 EUR commission
  • Gold Education Plan (€175 EUR): paid €60 EUR commission
  • Platinum Education Plan (€575 EUR): paid €160 EUR commission
  • Black Education Plan (€975 EUR): paid €400 EUR commission

Residual Recruitment Commissions

A binary compensation structure is used to pay residual recruitment commissions at Iron Sachs.

In a binary compensation structure, a binary team is divided into two sides to the right and left, with the existing affiliate at the top as shown on the image below:

icon sachs compensation plan

The positions in the two binary downlines are where newly recruited affiliates are put. The amount spent by the new affiliate creates points on the binary side/ downline that they are placed:

  • Silver Education Package: 300 points
  • Gold Education Package: 700 points
  • Platinum Education Package: 2300 points
  • Black Education Package: 3900 points

Both sides of the binary downline have their points tracked. For every 200 points matched on each side of the binary (using a 1:1 ratio), a commission of €5 EUR is paid to the existing affiliate.

*There is an “investment account” where 25% of all binary commissions are deposited.

This comes to €1.25 EUR out of every €5 EUR.

Investment Account

An investment account is issued to every Icon Sachs affiliate for them to deposit investments into a “pool”.

A daily RIO between .5-3.2% is paid out by the pool according to the official Iron Sachs marketing material:

*Greater variance for RIO may exist outside of the sample dates provided.

Circle Bonus

Another commission for recruitment is the Circle Bonus which pays an affiliate a percentage of personally recruited affiliates fees and the fees of any affiliates they in turn enroll themselves, Level 2.

For every eight affiliates enrolled the Circle Bonus will pay 10% down to two levels of recruitment.

If within 24 hours a circle is filled with eight new affiliates, the 10% bonus is raised to 20%.

*In order for the Circle Bonus commission to be paid, the quota has to be met each time. Another circle begins once a circle is filled with eight newly enrolled affiliates.

How Much To Join Icon Sachs

The buying of an Icon Sachs “education plan” is hooked in with their affiliate membership:

  • Silver Education Plan: €75 EUR
  • Gold Education Plan: €175 EUR
  • Platinum Education Plan: €575 EUR
  • Black Education Plan: €975 EUR

Is Icon Sachs Legit Or A Scam?

I wouldn’t be surprised if you hear people saying there is an Icon Sachs Scam. I know this because this is the case for all mlm business opportunities.

But is it actually a scam or completely legit?

Well, in reality: No, it’s not a scam in the true definition of the word.

But there is no retail activity taking place which makes it possibly illegal (at least in the eyes of the authorities).

Because of that, it’s risky to get involved.

And because of that fact, there could easily be more complaints, pyramid scam allegations and even lawsuits. Those things are all possible.

So, approach with caution.

My Conclusion And Icon Sachs Review Final Thoughts

One of the most reputable and well known investment banking firms in the world is Goldman Sachs. Clearly Icon Sachs is attempting to associate themselves in some way with them (or their reputation) with this similar name.

However, unlike Goldman Sachs whom has clean and well managed portfolios, Icon Sachs sounds alarm bells with their own mysterious and chaotically run portfolios.

Example: It is almost unheard of for a European company to have it’s clients deposit their funds into a New Zealand bank.

Fennas Finance LTD is the apparent account holder and is a payment processor with a poor reputation who’s ownership and management also remains anonymous.

The Fennas Finance LTD website domain was registered anonymously (a month and a half after the Icon Sachs domain) on May 15th, 2015.

Although that could be coincidental, the fact it was done so anonymously and contains zero information as to whom is in charge in anyway whatsoever, makes this is unlikely.

What is more, there is nothing disclosing whom is making the investments or to where with regards to the investment pool.

How come?

Because the only thing Icon Sachs is doing is transferring the newly paid fees (“invested funds”) to pay commissions to the existing investors/ affiliates. There is no other reason to be using bank accounts and payment processors from offshore, or for the anonymity of everyone involved.

From there follows a stock-standard recruitment scheme in which Icon Sachs’ affiliates both directly and indirectly are paid commissions to enroll new affiliates.

This itself puts Icon Sachs into the realm of a pyramid scheme but what makes it a Ponzi scheme hybrid is the investor pool!

Typical with all Ponzi’s and pyramid schemes, they are dependent on gaining constant new investors to pay off the daily ROIs. As soon as the flow of new affiliates into the system slows down, the daily ROIs go down at the same time.

When this happens, immediately Icon Sachs (or any other similarly structured company) will experience problems retaining existing affiliates which will further exacerbate the issue of less and less money coming in.

Eventually, a point of no return is reached and the entire scheme collapses and the company dies.

It is safe to assume that only a minimal recovery of money will be had by investing affiliates as nobody knows who works at Icon Sachs. The owners are sure to empty out the New Zealand bank accounts and vanish long before the affiliates understand that the distressed Icon Sachs has been closed down.

Can you succeed with Icon Sachs?

Yes, but I can’t recommend it from an ethical level.

Instead, I recommend you go through my free training series below to learn about more secure methods and business opportunities to leverage.

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