Infinitum Flame Review – Good Opportunity Or Big Scam?

Infinitum Flame ReviewHas someone tried to pitch you the Infinitum Flame opportunity lately?

Infinitum is a really popular and new opportunity that is making it’s rounds on social media among network marketers.

Now, first off, let me make it clear I am NOT promoting this business opportunity as an affiliate or distributor.

I have all the facts about this business in my Infinitum Flame review so you can learn the full truth about it!

Is Infinitum Flame a scam?

Can you make an honest business with Infinitum Flame?

Let me show you in my review of Infinitum Flame.

Read on for all the details.

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Infinitum Flame – What Is It??

Infinitum Flame is a newly founded company that offers its affiliates the chance to invest in their own crypto-currency alongside various other pyramid style earning opportunities. The website (, which was registered in October of 2016, does not provide any details about who owns or runs the company and has its registration details set to private.

Clues can, however, be found within the copy of the website. They state that Infinitum Flame, S.L. is legally registered in the European Union, and that

“Our Company is a company legally constituted in Spain and meets all the tax and regulatory requirements of Spain.”

Further to this, there is a mention in the website footer that the site had been designed by “Krypto Tech”- a company whose registered address is the same as that of Infinitum Flame, with Salvatore D’Arco being named as the Managing director.

It therefore seems as if the same people who run Krypto Tech are responsible for Infinitum Review, a notion that is supported by D’arco’s background of being involved in another company that offered a very similar proposition to “Infinitum Flame” called “Pool Miners”

Pool Miners was co-founded by D’Arco and Ruben Arcas (also involved with Krypto Tech) and saw affiliates investing in share packages through which they would earn a daily ROI through their own cryptocurrency in daily amounts for a year.

Pool Miners was a simple Ponzi scheme and has since collapsed with their website now re-directing to Infinitum Flame. With the business models being very similar to each other it seems as if the owners of Pool Miners have simply decided to run the same con again.

Infinitum Flame Scam

The Product Line For Infinitum Flame

Infinitum Flame does not offer any products or services for affiliates to sell to retail customers. Affiliates are, instead, rewarded for their ability to recruit new members to the scheme.

What Should I Know About The Compensation Plan?

Upon joining, affiliates are required to purchase an investment package. These packages promise a daily ROI in the form of “Qwark shares”. The packages available are:

  • Start 180 – Invest €124 and receive 0.26 shares in Qwark every day for 180 days
  • Basic 360 – Invest €247 and receive 0.27 shares in Qwark every day for 360 days
  • Professional 360 – Invest €497 and receive 0.56 shares in Qwark every day for 360 days
  • Start 30 – Invest €124 and receive 1.56 shares in Qwark every day for 30 days
  • Basic 30 – Invest €247 and receive 3.22 shares in Qwark every day for 30 days
  • Advanced 30 – Invest €497 and receive 6.63 shares in Qwark every day for 30 days
  • Super 30 – Invest €997 and receive 13.66 shares in Qwark every day for 30 days
  • Power 30 – Invest €2497 and receive 35.43 shares in Qwark every day for 30 days
  • UltraPower 30 – Invest €9497 and receive 142.31 shares in Qwark every day for 30 days

Infinitum Flame ranks affiliates according to certain criteria, and this rank determines what they are able to earn on top of the guaranteed daily ROI’s. The ranks are:

  • Affiliate – Achieved by joining the scheme and investing in one of the packages on offer
  • Distributor – Achieved when you, as an affiliate, sign up two new members who are Affiliate ranked
  • Group Builder – Achieved when you have signed up three new affiliates, two of whom are at the Distributor rank
  • Team Builder – Achieved when you have recruited three affiliates who have become Distributor rank, two of whom have also recruited two new affiliates who have reached Distributor rank
  • Organization Builder – Achieved when you have recruited four affiliates, with at least one of them being ranked at Team Builder, two of them ranked at Group Builder, and one of them ranked at Distributor
  • Community Builder – Achieved when you have recruited four affiliate, with at least one of them being ranked at Organization Builder, two of them ranked at Team Builder, and one of them ranked at Group Builder.

There are 5 ways in which an affiliate can earn commissions. They are:

  1. Residual Commissions

By using a unilevel structure model, affiliates earn a percentage commission of investment made by those that they have recruited to the scheme. An affiliates’ rank determines for how many levels of the unilevel structure they are able to earn commission for.

  1. Matching Bonus

Again using the unilevel model, affiliates are able to earn a matching bonus of 25% of commissions that are paid out to those that they have recruited to the scheme. This is available for Distributor ranked affiliates and higher, with your affiliate rank determining how many levels in the unilevel structure that you earn this for.

  1. Infinity Bonus

This gives Distributor and Group Builder affiliates a 2% or 3% bonus commission based upon the investments being made by those that they have recruited.

  1. Master Bonus

6% of the company-wide investment volume is set aside for the master bonus, and is shared between affiliates who satisfy certain criteria (although the specifics of these criteria are not provided)

  1. Infinitum Flame Card Commissions

Infinitum offer their own branded Visa debit card at a cost of €30. The company receives commission whenever the card is used, and they share 47% of this commission with affiliates. Half of it goes to the affiliate who recruited the person that is using the card, and the rest is paid out to affiliates by using the same unilevel structure as is used elsewhere in the compensation plan.

How Do I Join Infinitum Flame?

There is no cost to become an affiliate member with Infinitum Flame, but to be eligible to earn anything through the compensation plan you are required to have invested in one of the packages on offer. The price of these ranges between €124 and €9497.

Is Infinitum Flame Really A Scam?

Have you been hearing that Infinitum Flame is a scam?

Have you heard Infinitum Flame is legit?

It can be hard to tell with so many different people telling you different things.

So, what’s the truth – is Infinitum Flame a scam or is it a good business?

I would say it’s not really a scam. There are a few things you should be aware of before joining.

The best way to be successful is to be prepared going in, and have a plan to market yourself.

If you want help marketing and making money, see below.

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Conclusion for Infinitum Flame

Infinitum Flame is a new startup being run by the same people that tried a very similar model with Pool Miners and failed. The idea that affiliates receive a guaranteed return of crypto-currency may seem appealing, but the truth is the “Qwarks” are worthless. It is not a publicly traded currency, and the only people who own Qwarks will be affiliates with Infinitum Flame. While the company can claim the currency is worth whatever they want, it is only really worth what other affiliates are willing to pay for it, as no-one else will have any interest whatsoever.

Other than the ROI’s for investment, the other parts to the compensation plan are no more than pyramid recruitment rewards to encourage more investment in the scheme.

This means that Infinitum Flame will fail in the same way that all others before it have. The recruitment of new members will soon dry up, and so will inward investment into the company. They will no longer be able to pay commissions to people and collapse soon after.

The previous attempt didn’t even last the full year that it had promised returns to its affiliates for, and it is unlikely Infinitum Flame will do any better. The fact that they don’t accept customers in the US implies that the owners are fully aware that this is a fraudulent scheme and simply in it to make some quick money at the expense of the members they sign up while avoiding the tough regulations that are present in America.

When the collapse happens, virtually everyone that had signed up will end up with less than they had put in, with the owners taking the vast majority. They only accept payment with BitCoin, which means that they will be completely untraceable when it does all go wrong.

There are lots of viable investment opportunities out there, but Infinitum Flame is simply another con and must be avoided.

I hope you got all the details you needed to make an informed decision in this Infinitum Flame Review.

Bears of anyone trying to sell you something in their review articles.

If you do want to proceed with Infinitum Flame, make sure you know how to market properly.

My FREE training below will help you.

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