Infinity Reloaded Review – Huge Scam Or Legit System?

Infinity reloaded ReviewAll around the internet, Infinity Reloaded has been getting lots of buzz.

It would not surprise me if you told me you’ve heard of it, or someone has pitched it to you.

It’s also really popular on social media.

This first thing you should know is that I am NOT an affiliate or distributer for Infinity Reloaded.

Is Infinity Reloaded truly a scam?

Can you build a solid business with Infinity Reloaded?

I have gathered all the details about Infinity Reloaded so you can make an informed decision.

I’ll tell you everything you need to know in my Review Of Infinity Reloaded.

Let’s get started.

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What The Heck Is Infinity Reloaded?

Infinity Reloaded doesn’t know how to make a good first impression at all, and this is present as soon as you visit the company’s official website.

There isn’t any info on the site in regards to who owns the company, where in the world it’s based out of, who the original founder is, etc. All of this information is stuff you should expect to find from any legit operation, so the fact that it isn’t present here certainly is concerning.

On the domain name registration side of things, the Infinity Reloaded site domain was first registered on October 23rd of 2016. Someone by the name of Luisa Menezes is listed as the owner of said domain, and there’s also an address listed in Langholm, Scotland.

I was able to find a personal Facebook account for Luisa Menezes, and on it the woman goes by the name of Lou Menezes Santos. Santos is also currently an affiliate for the opportunity Skinny Body Care, and after a bit of looking around, it would appear that she’s recruited quite a few affiliates for the opportunity of Infinity Reloaded.

One of the posts on Santos’s Facebook page reads as follows –

“Just saw a post and comments in an SBC group saying that infinity reloaded is all hype lol.

Well let’s just see who will be the last one laughing when we all reach platinum before all of you. And yes when this launches and you see BV spike in SBC.

Along with all of this, Santos is also a rather active affiliate for the cash gifting scheme Leased Ad Space.

Infinity Reloaded Scam

What Are The Infinity Reloaded Products?

In regards to the Infinity Reloaded product line, there isn’t one.

Infinity Reloaded has made the decision to not offer any sort of product line whatsoever, meaning that affiliates for the company have nothing more than the affiliate membership to market and sell to interested parties.

With that being said, it is worth mentioning that recruited affiliates for the company are able to gain access to a host of internet marketing tools that they can use. These tools are referred to as “downloads, software, scripts, [and] courses.”

What About The Compensation Plan For Infinity Reloaded?

Although there isn’t much to talk about in regards to the Infinity Reloaded compensation plan, things start to get interesting when looking at the compensation plan that the company is advertising.

Members for Infinity Reloaded are required to pay monthly fees to be a part of the company, and they are then paid a commission when they recruit other people to join and do the same thing.

Infinity Reloaded pays down to tow levels of recruitment, with the first level (affiliates that you’ve personally recruited) paying out a commission of 80% of fees that are paid by your recruits when they join Infinity Reloaded.

The second level of recruitment (affiliates that have been recruited by affiliates you initially recruited) allows you to earn a commission of 5% of these fees.

There are seven total membership levels that Infinity Reloaded offers, and these membership levels work out in the following manner –

  • Basic costs $10/month and pays $8 on level 1 recruits and 50 cents on level 2 ones
  • Newbie costs $50/month and pays $40 on level 1 recruits and $2.50 on level 2 ones
  • Warrior costs $100/month and pays $80 on level 1 recruits and $5 on level 2 ones
  • Captain costs $250/month and pays $200 on level 1 recruits and $12.50 on level 2 ones
  • Sheriff costs $500/month and pays $400 on level 1 recruits and $25 on level 2 ones
  • Pro costs $1000/month and pays $800 on level 1 recruits and $50 on level 2 ones
  • Pro Diamond costs $2000/month and pays $1600 on level 1 recruits and $100 on level 2 ones

What’s The Cost Of Joining Infinity Reloaded?

If Infinity Reloaded for some reason sounds like the MLM opportunity for you, you’ll need to invest between $10 and $3910 each and every month in order to be an affiliate for the company.

This is because all membership levels are sequential, meaning that you are required to maintain your lower membership fees in order to upgrade.

So, Basic members moving up to the Newbie level will have to pay a monthly fee of $60.

Additionally, choosing to pay more and more will allow you to potentially earn more and more through the compensation plan that Infinity Reloaded is running.

So, Is There A Infinity Reloaded Scam Going On?

Have you heard that Infinity Reloaded is a scam?

It’s hard to tell if this is true or not, because a lot of people are just trying to sell you something.

So, from reading this, is Infinity Reloaded a scam or is it legit?

I would say not exactly, but there are a few things to watch out for, find out what in the conclusion.

Learning about these things will make you successful – and see below for my FREE training on how to market yourself.

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Finally, My Infinity Reloaded Review And Conclusion!

After looking through everything that Infinity Reloaded is bringing to the table, I’ve determined that the company is nothing more than a two-tiered pyramid scheme.

There is no identifiable source of income for the company aside from affiliates, and 85% of this money is used to pay affiliate commissions.

That other 15%? My guess is that Luisa Menezes is keeping it all for herself.

As if this sort of activity wasn’t bad enough, Infinity Reloaded also appears to be a form of feeder into a host of other schemes and scams in the MLM underbelly.

As per the the Infinity Reloaded website, the “system packed with multiple income streams that will run on autopilot, such as easy1up, coinbase, moneyline & much more!”

For those who aren’t familiar, Easy1Up is a cash gifting scheme and “moneyline” is referring to Global Moneyline that’s a pyramid scheme that operates in a very similar fashion to Infinity Reloaded.

As all schemes of this nature go, Infinity Reloaded will only be around as long as people continue to join the company and keep investing money into it. Once this activity dries up, the opportunity will collapse.

Did you find this Infinity Reloaded Review useful?

I wanted to gather all the details for you, because I have noticed other Infinity Reloaded reviews have been scant on details.

If you decide to proceed with Infinity Reloaded, I want you to be successful.

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