Ingreso Cybernetico Review from Non Affiliate!!

ingreso cybernetico reviewI often use the various internet marketing facebook groups to promote my blog and training.

And one of the things about this is the amount of MLM advertisements you see from distributors.

Specicially, everyone seems to be hyping about Ingreso Cybernetico at the moment!

So much so that it got me curious to do some research to form this review of Ingreso Cybernetico you have in front of you.

Now, please NOTE: I am NOT promoting Ingreso Cybernetico as an affiliate. This is an unbiased review based on the research I have done.

Most of the reviews you see will be biased and therefore encouraging you to join.

Just be aware of this whilst you are doing your research.

Read on for my Ingreso Cybernetico review where I explain about the company history/background, product line, compensation plan and my verdict!

I also have a review video for you if you prefer to watch.

Watch my Ingreso Cybernetico Review on YouTube

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Seriously, What Is Ingreso Cybernetico?

Well, as you can tell, it has a fairly strange “sci-fi like” name but what exactly is it about?

It was founded and started in late 2013 and is run by CEO Dwayne Golden. You can see an image of him below:

ingreso cybernetico scam

Dwayne has had a lot of prior experience with different schemes/programs including running “Green Apple Fridays” and Blue Bird Bids. The former was a backend offer to Blue Bird Bids. Green Apple Fridays acted as a “penny auction opportunity”.

It was apparently intended to continue in the style of Zeek Rewards, an $850 million Ponzi scheme that was shut down in 2012.

Blue Bird Bids eventually collapsed under mysterious circumstances which is never good to hear!

Now, it looks like both programs have collapsed and Ingreso Cybernetico is the current program which rose from the ashes.

If I could cite a “red flag”, it would be that the previous schemes under the existing owner/founder collapsed without notice which doesen’t give much confidence if you are planning to invest your money into a new business opportunity.

And What About The Product Line?

So, what exactly does Ingreso Cybernetico sell?

After all, a legitimate business opportunity needs proper products to distinguish itself from an illegal pyramid scheme or scam.

Well, Ingreso Cybernetico does have real products as detailed below:

Digital Product Tools
Hosting Packages
Cloud Storage Solutions
“Ingreso Apps” available
IC Lead Pages

To resell these products as an affiliate for Ingreso Cybernetico, there is an optional $300 fee.

Now, the products are fine but one “red flag” would be that the “digital product tools” is little more than a library of ebooks – perhaps not the best quality.

Also, I noticed some reports on message boards and forums that they had trouble receiving their purchases of the products.

Some Info On The Ingreso Cybernetico Compensation Plan

With a business opportunity like this, the true leverage comes from the quality of the comp plan.

So, how does the Ingreso Cybernetico compensation plan stack up against other business opportunities.

Well, the first “red flag” here is that it was difficult to find it “publicly” available from the website.

Normally a quality mlm opportunity should have it publicly available for people to view before deciding to join the opportunity.

Anyway, I manage to piece some information on the comp plan from various YouTube videos.

Affiliates for the company buy positions in the matrix as shown below.

ingreso cybernetico compensation plan

There are commissions paid out using 2×2 matrices as shown above.

For each affiliate, they sit at the top of their matrix and refferals fall under the 2 positions below.

A cycle payment is reached when the remaining 4 positions (in addition to the other 2) have been filled.

How much is paid out for a cycle commission?

Well, it all depends on how much each affiliate of Ingreso Cybernetico has paid on the matrix position.

These positioning rates are as follows:

Entrepreneur (costs $50) – Pays out $125

Business Specialist (costs $100) – Pays out $300

Business Director (costs $500) – Pays out $1500

Vice-President (costs $1500) – Pays out $4500

Executive Vice-President (costs $3500) – $10,500

After a matrix cycle payout, the process then repeats itself.

On top of all this there are other bells and whistles such as residual monthly commissions paid in a unilevel structure.

All in all, the compensation plan is quite clever, but not quite as neat as something like Ubox which I reviewed at the start of this year.

But like I said before, it’s quite worrying that it wasn’t publicly available. Big “red flag” there.

So, Is Ingreso Cybernetico A Scam Or Completely Legit?

Now, you may look at the pyramid structure and automatically assume that Ingreso Cybernetico is a scam.

However, don’t be swayed so easily.

At least they have proper products which is better than I can say for some business opportunities.

Yes, you will have people call Ingreso Cybernetico a pyramid scheme or scam but that doesen’t make it true.

In reality, it looks legit but there are “red flags” which makes it a bit risky to get involved in.

However, like I mentioned before, just because of this, it doesen’t mean it’s a scam!

Even if you see complaints or lawsuits associated with business opportunities, you have to take that with a pinch of salt.

My Ingreso Cybernetico Review Conclusion!

So, do I recommend joining Ingreso Cybernetico?

Well, it’s a bit of a tough call.

Despite having a clever comp plan, there were still quite a few “red flags” that I noticed in the research.

With that being said, you can only succeed with Ingreso Cybernetico if you can effectively produce a proper sales funnel and drive traffic.

So, whether you decide to join (or not), I highly recommend learning this by getting my free training series below.

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That will show you how to produce a funnel that can promote anything.

My main goal was to provide a quality unbiased Ingreso Cybernetico Review because I found that most reviews were biased.

Hopefully I have done that with my in-depth info.

In summary, the opportunity looks pretty legit but I do recommend you learn how to market it.

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