Instant Bitcoin Profits Review – Good Opportunity Or Big Scam?

Instant Bitcoin Profits ReviewRecently, this business has been getting a lot of attention.

In fact, there is lots of hype and buzz going around including people pitching it left, right and centre.

I’ve noticed a lot of people pitching it on social media.

Now, first off, let me make it clear I am NOT promoting this business opportunity as an affiliate or distributor.

I have all the facts about this business in my Instant Bitcoin Profits Review so you can learn the full truth about it!

Is the business legit or a scam?

Does it deliver on it’s promises?

I explain in my Review of Instant Bitcoin Profits before you.

Let’s get started.

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What The Heck Is Instant Bitcoin Profits?

Instant BitCoin Profits is a new company that offers a pyramid scheme using BitCoin payments. The website ( was registered on the 12th January, 2017 with all details being set to private. The site itself provides very few details about the company structure, with no mention of who owns or is responsible for running the company.

Researching the company through Facebook, however, suggests that the admin of the company is Rune Fjortoft from Norway. He has been responsible for some other MLM companies in the past few years including ‘Instant Cash Matrix’ and ‘Mobile Blog Pro’. Both of these offered recruitment driven schemes and didn’t last for very long before collapsing.

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What Are The Instant Bitcoin Profits Products?

Instant BitCoin Profits does not offer any products or services for affiliates to sell to customers. This is a recruitment-driven scheme that rewards affiliates for their ability to sign up new affiliate members.

What About The Compensation Plan For Instant Bitcoin Profits?

Instant BitCoin Profits uses a unilevel compensation structure model to arrange how affiliates earn through their involvement.

A unlivel model is designed in the following way:

  • You, as a new affiliate, are placed in a position at the top of the structure.
  • Every new affiliate that you recruit to the scheme is placed in a position directly beneath you. This forms the first level.
  • Every new affiliate that is recruited by those on the first level are placed in a position directly beneath whoever recruited them. This forms the second level.
  • The third level is created in the same way, and so on.
  • In theory this process can continue to an infinite number of levels, but Instant BitCoin Profits limit the payouts to the first ten.


To join the scheme you are required to pay 0.02 BitCoin. This fee is split between the 10 positions in your upline (these will include the person who recruited you, a few pre-loaded admin positions, and other affiliates who recruited the people that recruited you). The company does not disclose how this is split between the 10 upline members.

By paying this fee, you then become eligible to receive your split from the fees that are paid by new affiliates within the ten levels of your unilevel structure. This means that the more people you are able to recruit as affiliates, the more commission you are able to earn.

What’s The Cost Of Joining Instant Bitcoin Profits?

To become an affiliate member with Instant BitCoin Profits you are required to pay the membership fee of 0.02 BitCoin (approx. $20.50 as of Feb 2017).

So, Is There A Instant Bitcoin Profits Scam Going On?

So, like with all business opportunities, you will hear things around the internet about there being a Instant Bitcoin Profits scam or something like that.

And from what you have read, you may also wonder if this is legit or a complete scam.

So, what’s the truth?

Is there a Instant Bitcoin Profits scam going on or is this legit?

Well, to be honest, Instant Bitcoin Profits is not really a proper scam or anything like that.

But there are some things to be aware of (see conclusion section).

That is how you will be successful.
See below for help with making money.

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Finally, My Instant Bitcoin Profits Review And Conclusion!

The plan being offered by Instant BitCoin Profits is quite simply, and blatantly, a pyramid scheme. Affiliates are required to pay 0.02 BitCoin, which entitles them to receive funds when new affiliates sign up. Without any products or services being sold by the company, these payments are the only source of revenue it receives. This means that any returns you receive will be solely funded by subsequent payments that new affiliates are making- a structure that is the pure definition of a pyramid scheme.

Of course, Rune Fjortoft tries to shrug off this fact by denying the illegality of the offering by his new company. He says that,

“Firstly this isn’t yet another MLM program it’s a perfectly legal way of making money and has been proven time and time again to be 1000% successful. Rather than being a scam or fraudulent way to get money it is instead a simple system where you will be able to see the results in under a week!”

Despite his protests, Instant BitCoin Profits is, in fact, the exact thing that he is claiming that it is not, and it is most definitely an illegal system to be running in Norway.

The structure being used means that Instant BitCoin Profits will suffer the same fate as every other company that uses the same methods. It may start off well while affiliates are able to recruit a regular flow of new members, but the troubles will start when this recruitment slows down. There are a finite number of people in the world who will get involved in a scheme like this and, when recruitment numbers drop, so will the payments being received by existing affiliates. This will make the existing affiliates far less likely to purchase further positions and less able to prove to new potential members that there are decent returns to be made. Investments will, therefore, fall further and ultimately cause the company to collapse when payments are no longer possible.

When this happens, anyone who hasn’t made their investment back will lose out. Due to the way these schemes work, this will be the situation that the vast majority of members will find themselves in. Of course Rune Fjortoft will have ensured he owns a series of top positions in the company for no cost, so will likely receive a large proportion of any payments that are made. When things fail he will vanish, with affiliates having no way to retrieve the money because all the payments have been made in BitCoin, an untraceable crypto-currency.

MLM companies can be very successful for their members if they are structured correctly. While some payments that affiliates receive can be funded by investments made by other affiliates, the company needs to offer products or services for affiliates to sell to supplement the overall company income. This allows profits to be made by everyone without exposing the company to liabilities that it will never be able to honor. Unfortunately, Instant BitCoin is not sustainable at all and will end badly for most affiliates. If you are looking for a decent investment opportunity this is not the one for you. There are many others out there with a much better chance of success.

Hopefully, you have found my Instant Bitcoin Profits Review useful.

I wanted to give a lot of details because there have been other reviews of Instant Bitcoin Profits which were a bit thin on the detail side.

No matter what happens, if you really want to succeed with any business, you have to learn how to market properly.

And, my training below will help you do that and make money!

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