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ipas 2 reviewAt the time of writing this post, there is a lot of hype about the new launch of iPas 2. People have even been emailing me to ask about it, so I thought it would be best to write a full iPas 2 Review of the system.

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First of all, I am not trying to get you to join this specific system, but rather give you some more information about it so you can make the best decision for yourself.

Be warned that a lot of the iPas 2 Reviews that you read will be biased to get you to join through their affiliate link.

This is an unbiased review of the system.

What The Heck Is iPas 2?

iPas (that stands for “Internet Prospect Acceleration System”) is essentially a front-end marketing system for the Empower Network business opportunity.

The original iPas system was developed by Chris Jones and Chris Campbell, both of whom have quite a few years of internet marketing experience. They are also top producers within Empower Network.

The system has been revamped and improved to produce iPas 2, and I also believe Adam Whiting (another Empower Top Producer) has been at the helm to help create the system as well.

Quick Summary: It is an impressive looking system but I will explain a bit later why you might want to re-consider joining.

ipas marketing system

First Off, What Is Empower Network?

Empower Network is a very popular business opportunity and affiliate program. Like a lot of people, I promoted Empower Network “back in the day” but left when quite a few problems arose with the system.

Some of those problems included merchant problems (most sales mysteriously became “unpaid”), an underwhelming Blog Beast launch and essentially a flawed blogging platform.

Ok, now I need to say: I don’t want to knock Empower Network, call it a scam or anything like that. It is a fantastic business opportunity (for some people) with a compensation plan that has broke a lot of records.

You can certainly make money with empower network and lots of it, but like everything, it is far from perfect.

Myself and other leaders have left Empower Network, but not because it’s a scam but instead because it’s perhaps past it’s peak.

However, one again, I am not knocking anyone who promotes Empower, and if you do, then you might like iPas 2 which I will explain about below. As an empower network marketing system, it will certainly do the job, but there are huge downsides which I explain about below.

How Does The Internet Prospect Acceleration System Work?

The Internet Prospect Acceleration System (wow, that’s a mouthful) sells itself as being a franchise style online business system to allow anyone (even fresh newbies) to “plug into” and make money on the internet.

It’s main goal is to essentially sell and promote the Empower Network business opportunity on the back end.

As I said, it’s been developed by Chris Jones who claims that a lot of investment and time has gone into developing it, and many years of hard work and a lot of testing.

And looking at the system (which is very impressive), I can certainly believe that. As far as internet marketing systems go, this certainly seems to do everything.

But as I will explain later, just because a system is very impressive does not mean you should use it as you are basically branding someone else.

As I mentioned before, the iPas system has been developed to sell and promote the Empower Network and it does this through a number of clever tactics.

internet prospect acceleration system

Features Of The System

1. High Converting Capture Pages – A great feature of iPas 2 would be the gorgeous looking high-converting pages that have been tested a lot to produce the best conversion rates.

They are modern, slick and proven to convert well.

If you are promoting Empower Network, then I would say this is good news for you because the company capture pages look pretty terrible!

2. Phone Team Upsell – There an upsell option of having the iPas 2 phone team close sales  on your leads for you, without taking a commission.

The way this is “possible” is that you essentially pay a monthly fee to iPas 2 of $97 a month and this gives you the phone team feature.

I can’t really knock this as a feature because it’s a good idea for promoting anything.

After all, speaking on the phone massively improves your conversions and is practically essential if you want to promote a business opportunity.

3. Micro commitments And Free Trials – The system starts as a free trial for between $1 and $7, but there are plenty of upsells after that.
Again, I’m not knocking upsells.

That is where the profit is.

Just telling you how it works.

Now (hopefully I will get this part correct because it seems to be changing post-launch):

After the trial period, if you don’t cancel within 30 days, it goes to something like $47 per month, and there’s also a $97 upsell after that.

Essentially your “future leads” will go through this process so it’s definitely powerful for that.

And you leads go through a kind of nurturing process throughout the system, where the system will teach them the best practices for running an online business.

And finally, position the Empower Network as a good solution for that.

ipas 2 features

What I Like

Now, to explain what I like about the iPas System.

It is essentially a turnkey system.

It is a high-converting modern system and the pages have been through lots of testing.

A lot of money has been splashed into the system by very experienced internet marketers like Chris Jones and Adam Whiting.

These guys do know what they are talking about and I can tell from the “pre-launch” content that they have worked hard on creating the iPas 2 marketing system.

The system is very impressive because leads that you generate are very much nurtured and taken through a great process

If you want a turnkey system for promoting Empower Network then this is ideal for that.

Empower Network (I believe) is severely lacking in it’s marketing material and so (using a system like this) is a better solution.

chris jones empower network

What I Don’t Like About iPas 2

So, this iPas 2 Review would not be complete without explaining what I don’t like.

It doesn’t matter what system you’re using with an internet business, unfortunately there are a lot of downsides of using a popular system like this on the front end.

And the biggest downside is that when the system becomes more popular, it becomes saturated.
By the way, because iPas has been going for a couple of years, it’s definitely saturated and this will only get worse with the new hyped launch of iPas 2.

Now what I recommend for you is the following.

Instead of using a system on the front end, instead have an incredible system on the back-end.

And on the front end, have your own “simple” system that is completely branded to you.


Because otherwise you’ll always suffer from saturation, and people will never stick around long enough to take a look at you.

Because they will see that you are promoting the same thing as everyone else and most likely completely ignore you.

Whereas if you promote your own “front end” product, which could be an eBook for example, you are positioning yourself as an authority and people will take a look at what you have.

And if you want a great system to plug into, I recommend doing this on the back-end.

What system do I recommend?

I recommend My Top Tier Business (MTTB) and you can see My Top Tier Business Review here that explains all about it.

Or, if you are not interested in promoting MTTB (which is totally fine), you can grab my Free Training Series below that teaches you how to brand yourself on the “front-end” so you never suffer from saturation.

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iPas 2 Review Conclusion

iPas 2 is a very slick, modern and impressive system but I still do not recommend joining it.

It does not matter how great the system is, you will always be branding Chris Jones and his team.

People tend to have “banner blindness” if you promote the same thing as everyone else. They will not take you seriously and certainly won’t join you.

So, the iPas 2 system is not a scam or anything like that.

In fact, it is a very impressive system.

However, I don’t recommend promoting a system on the “front-end” as people won’t bother to stop and take a look at you.

I hope this iPas 2 Review has helped you understand what is included with the system and whether it is a good fit for you.

Also, I hope you understand my stance on using “marketing systems” and the pros and cons of doing so.

Are you promoting iPas 2 or Empower Network?

If so, what has your experience been with the system and opportunity?

Let me know in the comments section below.

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