Is SEO Worth The Investment?

is seo worth the investmentIt seems that every year, we hear the same old “is seo dead” mantra time and time again but is SEO worth the investment?

In this post, I want to shed some light on the topic of SEO, and explain the good, the bad and the ugly.

People ask me all the time: is seo worth the money that it costs to invest?

I did a post at the start of the year to give my viewpoint and some tips, and this post should give a good overview.

Hopefully, in this post, you will understand my stance and whether it’s right for you or not.

What Exactly Do I Know About SEO?

This is the kind of question you should ask of anyone who is speaking about SEO on the Internet.


Whilst there are some incredible sources and research on the topic, there is also a lot of garbage out there.

I personally started my online business journey as an SEO Consultant before branching out into other things. You can read more about my story here.

When I first got started with learning SEO, I loved everything about it, and then shortly after, I disliked it, and now I love it again.

Essentially, it is a great practice, and it does work, however it’s sometimes best if you simply focus on quality content whilst having a grasp of the best practices.

I will explain later!

Is SEO Worth The Investment?

The short answer is that “it depends” on the goals of your business.

I would not recommend viewing SEO as a short term strategy for your business. This is because you are breaching into a method to get “Free Traffic” and because of this fact, “Free” generally doesen’t mean “easy” or “fast”.

If you want “fast”, you would use Paid Traffic. Although “Paid Traffic” is not exactly easy. You would need a high converting funnel, control over your ad costs, optimization of your conversions and a budget to do some testing.

So, whilst SEO can be a bit of a pain to get going, it’s worthy of your investment because of it’s long lasting benefits.

What Is SEO All About?

Well, it would be difficult to explain every aspect of it in one blog post but I will have a go.

To gain web traffic from the search engines, you essentially need to create content. This can be in the form of blog posts, web pages and videos. On the latter point, the videos may rest on the blog posts, or on YouTube or both. The point is that Content Marketing is a vital part of SEO in this day and age.

All things equal, you want to use your content to establish yourself as an authority in your niche. That is the most important thing.

Of course, you also want to gain search engine traffic from that content as well.

The “kicker” is that Google wants to rank businesses, blogs and websites that are authoritiative within their niche.

Now, do you see why I mentioned “quality content” as one of the most important factors?

You should aim to be a “thought leader” in your niche by publishing blog articles that answer important questions that your target market would ask. If you do this, whilst learning about some key SEO prinicples, you can succeed with SEO.

What Are Some SEO Best Practices?

1. One such best practice is known as “On-Page Optimisation”. Basically, this is the best practice for how to write a post that is “optimized” for the search engines.

So, this includes things like: how many times to mention your target keywords, how to format your text so your keywords are visible, how to structure your title etc.

I wrote a post here that helps with all of this, so I recommend checking that out.

2. Another element of SEO is called “Off-Page Optimisation” or link-building.

Now, this is essentially one of the most creative and difficult parts of a SEO Practioner’s jobs. It involved “getting links” from authoritative and relevant sources.

It’s certainly not simply these days because “not all links are equal”. Some backlinks are harmful and Google and the other search engines do not want people and businesses to “rig the system”.

My recommendation is that you explore this post I have written here to learn more about this. My final recommendation (if you are serious) would be to invest in Jon Cooper’s Link Building course here. Jon is very experienced within the specific “Link Building” practice and the course is exceptional.

3. Another area is the “technical side” of your website. This involves how your website is structured, how fast it loads (Google favours fast loading websites) and how often your website is updated with Fresh relevant content.

These are just a few factors.

You want to make sure that your website is created using WordPress. Not only that, it should be on a well optimized WordPress theme. You can see my post here where I tell you my recommendation for the best optimized wordpress theme. Also, in this post I give you some general wordpress seo optimization tips.

Conclusion: Is SEO Really Worth The Time And Money

By this point, you probably want a quick and easy answer so I will give it to you.

Yes, it is worth the time and money.


Because, for a business, to have content ranked on the search engines that bring in regular website traffic from your target market is absolutely priceless.

However, I do recommend that you go into it with the correct mindset.

Those of us who know what we are doing know that “it isn’t about tricking the search engines”. It’s about producing a great platform and user experience for our target audience.

This is what users want, and it’s also what Google wants as well.

So remember, the goal will always be to produce great quality content whilst adhering to search engines best practices.

If you remember that, and also make sure to hire a company or consultant with a solid reputation, you will be off to the races!

is seo worth the moneyI hope this post has shed some light on SEO and the pros and cons of investing in it.

Overall, I am a big fan, as you can tell.

But I do think you should think “long term”.

Follow the posts and links I have shared and don’t look for any shady shortcuts.

Are you currently using SEO to grow your business?

If so, tell me about your experiences in the comments section below.

Please share this post if you have gained value. 🙂

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