Isagenix International Expands To Ireland And The Netherlands

Isagenix ReviewAll around the internet, Isagenix has been getting lots of buzz.

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Is Isagenix truly a scam?

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What The Heck Is Isagenix?

In the health and wellness niche in the MLM landscape, Isagenix International has recently been furthering its continuous expansion throughout European markets. The company already has some decent roots throughout the continent, but in its latest push, it’s now entering Ireland and the Netherlands.

Isagenix International is a AAA classified opportunity that’s operated by Business For Home, and it offers a wide array of lifestyle and nutrition products from customers to choose from.

Back in March of this year, Isagenix celebrated its 15-year anniversary. The company officially passed a cumulative sales number of $5 billion at that time, and this was also when Isagenix entered in the United Kingdom.

The UK has been the most profitable and successful new market entry for Isagenix to date, and when talking about this matter, the company’s General Manager for Europe — Peter Kropp — said:

“We are thrilled to continue our expansion into the European Union and our internal teams have gathered valuable experience with our launch in the U.K. in addition to offering multilingual support we will be adding local sales talent to support accelerated expansion.”

Both Ireland and Netherlands operations will be managed from Isagenix’s main hub in London, with the main product offerings focusing on the likes of weight management, increased energy, and giving your body better performance in all areas.

Isagenix Scam

Isagenix’s 30-Day Weight Loss System will be making its way to Ireland and the Netherlands, in addition to the company’s IsaLean and IsaDelight products.

The Netherlands currently has a population of about 17 million people, and half of that number consists of adults that are seen as being either obese or overweight. However, even with this being the case, Dutch consumers have shown great interest in wanting to live healthier lifestyles with regular dieting and exercise — music to Isagenix’s ears.

As for Ireland, the country features a smaller population of 4.6 million, but it too finds itself with a great deal of adults that are overweight. The World Health Organization reports that Ireland’s government has been actively running campaigns for promoting the awareness of healthy lifestyles, so the introduction of Isagenix should be a welcome one.

Isagenix operations in the United States and the United Kingdom will operate as normal even with this expansion, and it really is exciting to see the company continue to push itself into more and more markets.

There’s still plenty of Europe to tap into, and we’re anxious to see what area Isagenix targets next.


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