Isagenix Review – Not A Sales Associate (Unbiased!)

isagenix reviewA lot of the times, one of my followers will ask for “my opinion” about a network marketing company they have been “pitched” or are simply researching.

Well, recently I was asked about Isagenix.

Please note this is an unbiased review and I am not promoting or endorsing Isagenix. This is a 3rd party review of the company.

I’ve known about Isagenix for a long time (it’s a well-known company) but recently, I have actually gone out and done a thorough investigation of the company to find out all about it. I remember seeing the abc news report about the products which perked my interest.

You can find out all about the company history, news, compensation plan and product line in my Isagenix Review below which includes the findings of my research. It’s no wiki page though so I also recommend having a look there.

This can help you decide if the company is a fit for you in 2015, or not. I try to answer the primary FAQ questions that people will have about the company. I also go through the pros and cons of getting involved.

Also, feel free to watch my video below if you prefer.

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What Is Isagenix And How Does It Work?

The Isagenix MLM/direct sales company has been around since 2002 and there are over 200,000 sales associates generating over $330 million per year in revenue.

These are impressive figures.

So, who started the company and how is it doing in 2015?

Well, it was setup by Jim and Kathy Coover as well as John Anderson. I also know that Erik Coover is involved as the VP of Global Field Development.

The company was originally available to people in the Americas but it soon expanded to Canada, Hong Kong, Taiwan and New Zealand. It is very much international and there is apparently good customer service as well. I think they also have movie style “presentation videos” you can share with your leads.

Isagenix has experienced heavy growth over the last 12 years and it continues to expand around the world. They also have lots of great events as well from what I have heard from some of the sales associates. They also hype a lot about the millionaires who have come from Isagenix.

I believe the BBB rating for Isagenix is strong although I didn’t discover what it was.

What Is The Product Line?

There are so many Isagenix products available so I won’t try to list them all here.

However, they are in the following categories:

– Weight Loss Products
– Meals (from great recipes) and Snack Bars
– Shakes
– Energy and Performance Solutions
– Healthy Aging Solutions
– Age Defying Skincare
– Healthy Lifestyle
– Green Tea
– Protein Bars
– Weight Loss Program

To see the complete list of products and the cost, check out the official Isagenix home page at

I personally haven’t used the products so unfortunately cannot show you a before and after! I’ve heard of something called a 30 day cleanse for life as well which sounds like a good motivator to have a schedule to use the products. But I cannot comment here.

However, I’ve seen some isagenix product reviews on a message board that gave good feedback. So far, I haven’t heard any complaints or bad feedback about side effects from the ingredients or anything like that. In fact, I saw some good business testimonials in my research.

I think they even have an App as well for associates which is very swish! That’s good for associates to login and have a look what is going on! It’s always good when a back office is given to provide support for the associate.

I like the way the products promote the healthy lifestyle. This is so important. I didn’t get a chance to seek out any professional medical reviews or consumer reports of the products though.

I think there is also a money back guarantee as well which is good news!

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How To Make Money With Isagenix?

As with all network marketing companies, there are primarily 2 different ways you can make money.

This is how it works.

You can go and sell the weight loss products, Shakes etc as a distributor. This way product fulfilment etc is taken care for you, and you receive a “cut” of the sale. You can use things like coupons, coupon codes etc to help with sales.

Or, you can attempt to build a downline by recruiting other sales associates (distributors). They will then rinse and repeat (try to make money from the retail product sales as well as growing their own downline). I’ve heard that there is a good back office website for sales associates.

On the point of making money, to be honest with you, most people will make the “life changing income and earnings” from the business opportunity (aka recruiting) rather than the retail side. That’s where the top earner millionaires have made the money.

And unfortunately the recruiting can be difficult. One of my main warnings for you is that recruiting in network marketing requires a lot of work!

And knowing how to enrol new members is an art form. If you want the rank advancement then it’s an art form your must master.

However, don’t worry because I have some free training and a proper marketing plan (later on in the post) that can help you with lead generation and marketing your Isagenix business. (or any other network marketing business).

This will allow you to get more leads that could eventually ask you for an enrollment form! Great to have new associates on board!

Is The Isagenix Compensation Plan Good?

With any network marketing, it’s important to have a good comp plan.


It gives you long term leverage from the downline that you build. And a happy team of distributors will give you great testimonials that you can leverage for your business. And achieving the higher ranks is fun as well.

So, what is the Isagenix Compensation Plan like?

Well, from what I have found out, it is very powerful. There are even online events teaching about it on YouTube.

There is ongoing personal volume and maintenance requirements but you can earn well.

They have lots of things such as Double PIB (Product Introduction Bonuses).

Once again, I recommend looking at the company home page to learn more about the Isagenix comp plan. On the website, the compensation plan is explained in far more detail!

isagenix compensation plan

Seriously, Is Isagenix A Scam?

A lot of the times, people ask if network marketing/direct sales/MLM is a scam.

People think the business opportunity “sounds too good to be true” and the dangers of it being a pyramid scheme scam. They may have also heard horror stories from other people.

In reality, there is no Isagenix Scam even if you will hear claims from others about that. There is no fraud though. It’s legit.

It is not “easy money” but it is certainly possible to do well if you put the work in. You can make good earnings if you work hard.

Does Isagenix work well as a business opportunity?

Yes, it does which is great news!

If you put the work in with a good daily schedule.

You may hear complaints and negative reviews on message boards from people saying that Isagenix is a scam.

However, I recommend taking these complaints and negative consumer reports with a pinch of salt. There will always be pros and cons to every business model.

There are a lot of people who get involved with network marketing and they want instant “microwave results”. And they may be hanging around on these message boards!

For some network marketing companies, you hear of lawsuits as well which is very extreme.

So, yes, Isagenix is not a scam and perfectly legit for making earnings from the business opportunity. You can do well to be getting started with Isagenix.

isagenix scam reviews

Isagenix Review Conclusion And How To Succeed With It?

From my Isagenix Review, I have seen a company that has a strong reputation and background.

It’s certainly possible to make a lot of money with the company and the business opportunity that Isagenix provides.

However, recruiting is typically very difficult using “offline” tactics only. One of the dangers of this industry is using old school methods (only). You don’t want to just spam your enrolment form to everyone in sight. This is one of the horror stories of the industry. Some reps and associates are just too pushy!

And they don’t have a marketing plan or strategy.

Unfortunately, the only methods taught by most network marketing companies (including Isagenix) are offline methods. They will tell you to do things like handing out your isagenix business cards at network meetings. Or having a launch party to get momentum and then offering no support beyond this. There are lots of companies who teach these methods such as this one here.

If you want to improve your success in network marketing and promoting this business opportunity, nowadays it’s far faster and easier to use online methods to get leads.

In fact, I am able to go out there and generate 40+ free leads per day that turn into sales and signups over time! And most of these leads would never dream of calling it a pyramid scheme. These are home business leads who believe in the industry.

Not only that, I show you how to do this yourself in my “Lead Generation Blueprint” ebook below which gives you the tips you need.

Feel to get it for free below:

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That will help you promote Isagenix MLM or any network marketing company. You don’t need to just throw your business cards around the local area at everyone that breathes. You can generate laser targeted business opportunity leads online which is far easier. I show my own daily schedule for doing this so you can do the same for your Isagenix business.

If you want to know how to enrol a new member, I show “step by step” tips what I do for my own business opportunity. This will be your marketing plan and is perfect if you are a new associate.

And I also show alternative ways of making money (through affiliate marketing) as well.

Follow my training and warnings in the ebook to avoid the pitfalls of the MLM industry. Getting started with the best training is important.

I hope you have found my Isagenix Review helpful in learning more about the company. I didn’t talk about the BBB rating much though. Rest assured, there is no fraud here.

Overall, I like the company and the products. And yes, the opportunity is legit. The industry is also legit as well despite any lawsuit horror stories you will read about! You shouldn’t always listen to negative reviews or claims about it being a pyramid scheme.

However, I recommend learning how to market it properly so make sure to grab my ebook which will show you exactly how. Your very own marketing strategy for Isagenix!

Hope you found this useful and sorry I couldn’t show a “before and after” like other reviews! At least I answered most of the FAQ questions and gave some good marketing tips!

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