Javita Coffee Review – From Unbiased Non Distributor

javita coffee reviewRecently, there has been a lot of hype about this company on the forums, facebook and other social media.

In fact, I was pitched this opportunity recently simply because I’m a coffee drinker. Because of that, they wanted to put me in front of the Javita company presentation!

But all is not what it appears.

So, I went and found out all I could about this business opportunity, and I therefore present to you my finding in this completely unbiased Javita Coffee Review so you can understand before committing to it.

NOTE: I am not using this research to get your commission or “recruit you” as so many of the Javita Reviews are.

Let’s get started.

You can watch my video review I have filmed for you below:

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The Background: What Is Javita All About?

Ok, so from my research, I know that the company is a “spin off” from another company called Waiora.

And Waiora, a company marketing “healthy living” products started in 2004. Javita was originally founded as the “sister company” to Waiora.

The CEO and President of Javita (and Waiora) is Stan Cherelstein who has had over 11 years’ experience in the MLM industry.

So, where are Javita based?

Well, from what I have discovered the main company office is based in Boa Raton, Florida, USA.

Other checks I did make be believe that the executive team is legit so no problems there. The website gave a good presentation here but could have had more testimonials.

The business is available in the US, Australia and all sorts of places. Its international!

Hmm, And What Could The Javita Coffee Product Line Be?

Yes, as you can guess, the product is Coffee!

But specifically, Coffee that has a healthy blend of herbs and they call it “weight loss coffee” as well.

It’s also organic South American coffee. Yum!

See the image below.

what is javita all about

So, what exactly are the specific coffee products that Javita has?

Well, from what I understand, there are 5 products as below:

Energy + Mind – This type of coffee includes Bacopa Monnieri and Gota Kola. There is also green tea infused within it. And the coffee can apparently help with altertness (concentration).

Herbal Cleanse Tea – This looks like a healthy one! It actually helps with digestion and consists of Candle Bush and Fennel.

FocusFusion Cocoa – This is a European cocoa. They claim that it can aid your brain because it has Bocopa Monnieri and Gota Kola. Sounds good!

Burn + Control – This type of coffee sounds like it can help with weight loss and fat-burning. They also claim it can help your appetite so you don’t feel hungry as much. Very clever! It’s paired with Yerba Mate and Garcinia Cambogia.

Lean + Green – Now, we have a Japanese green tea style drink! Apparently this one can help with fat absorption so it basically helps with weight loss as well.

I haven’t heard too many negative things about the products from my research. However, it’s difficult to tell because I did see a lot of distributor reviews which could naturally be biased. There were certainly a lot of testimonials.

I did hear from one source that one of the products was causing some side effects and issues. However, it’s difficult to attribute this to the product or something else. Correlation doesn’t equal causation!

What About The Business Opportunity For Javita Coffee?

Ok, so the way a company like this works is that there are 2 ways of making money with it.

You can sell the Coffee/Tea products (detailed above) on a retail basis. You sell them according to the health benefits, ingredients etc.

Or, you can “recruit” others to do the same by building a downline. They tell you to do this by “getting people in front of the javita business presentation”. So, this whole thing is basically a “coffee business opportunity”.

In all honesty, the vast majority of people make money by recruiting and only a small amount comes from the “retail” sales.

That’s just how it goes. Their business plan is to recruit.

It can be very lucrative but unfortunately, it’s very difficult to recruit. In fact, saturation can also be a problem as I covered in my post here.

But don’t worry because I have some training that can help with this. I’ll explain later.

Is The Javita Compensation Plan Good?

So, on the “recruiting side”, it normally helps to have a compensation plan that gives you leverage from your team sales. This gives good side effects to your bank account!

I have gone and found out some information about the Javita Compensation Plan to help you understand about it.

So, what is the comp plan like?

Well, it is a Unilevel compensation plan and you can see an image of a Unilevel below:

javita business plan

Overall the Unilevel is a perfectly fine compensation plan.

In addition to this, there are direct commissions which are given on Javita’s products, but not too sure how much people get.

There’s also a number of bonuses such as star bonus, star elite rank, rank advancement matching bonus, car bonus and other good incentives.

Finally, the Unilevel Javita compensation plan pays out from one level deeps at the associate rank to 14 levels deep at “partner 3” rank. Some Javita reviews didn’t explain about this.

Pretty complicated but lucrative!

So, Seriously, Is Javita Coffee A Scam?


That age old question that people ask of network marketing companies.

Is javita a pyramid scheme?

People always wonder if “recruitment” within MLM and network marketing
makes the whole thing a scam.

So, just as a business health risk warning, I want to tell you….

You will see people say that there is a Javita Scam going on here.

However, this is not true despite any complaints, lawsuits or issues you will read about on Javita or any other company.

The main problem is the business plan and model they give.

Often, the training is to “go out and recruit your friends and family”.

This is a terrible marketing strategy.

People often don’t want to do this so it doesen’t even duplicate!

So, people often quit.

And out of bitterness, call the company a scam or pyramid scheme on message boards, blogs and forums.

It’s a shame but that’s what happens.

In reality, there is no truth to pyramid scheme and scam allegations.

And unfortunately, you will get people who ask if javita is a pyramid scheme, but it’s really not! (those are illegal).

It’s a legitimite business, but the training provided is out of date and poor which produces a 98% failure rate.

And there may also be product complaints as well. You may hear about bad coffee side effects and health risks from the products. But to be honest, no product satisfies everyone!

So, Should You Join Javita Coffee?

Well, if you a very passionate about the products, then go for it. From my research, I didn’t see health risks or things like that. And I like the way the products are aimed to encourage a healthy lifestyle. This is similar to Isagenix which I’ve talked about recently.

But just be aware that recruiting is difficult.

If you do decide to join, then my training below will help. It’s like a business plan in a book!

Having said that, within my training, I also show some easier ways of making money that don’t require recruiting.

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And if you’re just getting started with Javita then my ebook will certainly help you. It will help you form a business plan for your Javita business.

Here Is My Javita Coffee Review Conclusion

The company seems decent but the training provided to “recruit” will be a grind.

If you join this company, learn how to generate leads in a much better way by grabbing my ebook below.

And if you don’t want to “recruit” (which is understandable), also grab my training which shows easier ways of making lots of money.

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So, hopefully my research and Javita Coffee Review has been helpful for you. In hindsight I would have like to have researched the bbb rating.

It’s a decent company with a good comp plan and products with nice ingredients.

Having said this, I can’t specifically recommend the “recruiting” offline.

So, if you get involved, learn how to generate leads online through my ebook.

That’s the best way forward for promoting something like this. And if you have just gotten started with the business, then it’s definitely required reading to get your business plan sorted.

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