Jeunesse Global Review – I’m Not A Distributor

jeunesse global reviewBefore I get started with this Jeunesse Global Review, I need to disclose that I “am not trying to recruit you into it” and I am not affiliated with the business.

Be aware that there will be some reviews out there that have a biased viewpoint on the company because they want to recruit you into Jeunesse.

Recently, there has been a lot of activity and discussion about the Jeunesse Global company which I am covering in this review.

A number of people have been asking me about the company so I decided to take an in-depth look at the products, compensation plan and company background.

Read on for the full review, but if you prefer to watch video then you can view my Jeunesse Global Review youtube video below:

What Is Jeunesse Global?

Jeunesse Global is an MLM company/Network Marketing business with a product line ranging from nutrition to personal care products.

There are 2 ways of producing an income from Jeunesse Global.

You can either sell the products on a retail basis or recruit other people into the company as a Jeunesse Global Distributor.

Like I mentioned before, I want to be clear.

I’m not promoting this as an affiliate or distributor. I’m not trying to sponsor you into it but rather I am giving an examination of the company, product and compensation plan.

That way, you can understand what it is and whether it’s a good fit for you.

And if you are already a Jeunesse distributor, I’ve also got some good lead generation tips for you that I’ll explain later on.

jeunesse global pyramid scheme

What Is The History And Background Of Jeunesse Global?

First of all, I want to explain a bit about the company that I found from visiting the website at

The company operates primarily in the skin care product sector and it was founded by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis in 2009.

They both have a lot of experience within the network marketing  industry and have recruited  large teams of distributors.

There is a claim going around that they don’t class Jeunesse Global as a traditional network marketing company that uses old school strategies.

This is something I can’t really speculate too much about.

However, it’s obvious that old school strategies are encouraged such as prospecting, warm market recruiting, making “the list” of friends and family and more.

It does sound like the traditional “old school” methods of sales and recruiting are still encouraged.

And I don’t see this as a problem for you if you are ok with taking part with those methods.

However, I’ve also noticed that they have some modern methods as well.

Some of their distributors market quite a bit on Facebook, and they use more modern methods of building relationships and recruiting.

So this shows that perhaps Jeunesse doesn’t clamp down legally on distributors who are marketing the brand on the internet.

If this is the case, I think that’s fantastic because the internet is the way forward.

Incidentally, if you need help building your business on the internet, feel free to grab my free “Lead Generation Blueprint” ebook below:

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What About The Jeunesse Global Products?

I want to talk about the product line of the company.

It ranges from nutrition to personal care, weight loss and the main skin care product that they’re popular for is called Luminesce.

Luminesce is essentially the flagship product, and they claim it’s one of the best skin care products in the world.

But obviously most companies could be seen as biased for saying that.

The Luminesce product has a special formula for restoring luminosity, firmness, and to give smoother skin.

And I believe there are anti-aging benefits behind it as well.

I’ve heard good things about the product from Jeunesse distributors so I’ve got no reason to believe anything bad about it.

I’ve seen only positive testimonials.

jeunesse global product reviews

What’s Involved With Being A Distributor For Jeunesse?

Like I mentioned before, one way of making money with any network marketing company is selling the product on a retail basis and this is a good way of making “extra” money.
However, it’s not normally the way people make “a lot” of money.

But you could make an extra $100 per month if that is one of your goals.

The other way (which is the most lucrative in most cases) is to build the business opportunity side of it.

And this means that you sponsor people into your own Jeunesse team building a downline of distributors in which you gain commissions based on their sales, as well as your own.

I’ve heard from others that the back office dashboard is decent as well which would give you a good way of managing your team etc.

Enter The Jeunesse Global Compensation Plan

The way this is lucrative is because you are leveraging the Jeunesse Global Compensation Plan to make money from your teams production.

There’s six ways outlined in the compensation plan that you can make money as a distributor.

These are:
– Retail profit
– New Customer Acquisition Bonus
– Team Commissions
– Leadership Matching Bonus
– Customer Acquisition Incentive
– Leadership Bonus Pool

So, as you can see. There are some good incentives there for your team of distributors.

Getting your teams to the company events is also a good idea. There’s a chance for you and your team to win awards for your production.

jeunesse global complaints

Is Jeunesse Global A Scam?

People will inevitably ask if Jeunesse Global is a scam or not.

This is a common problem for MLM companies because (unfortunately) they are always at risk of lawsuits. However, isn’t everything nowadays?

But, is the company a scam? I hear you ask…

Absolutely not!

Having said that, it is difficult to go out there and recruit people into the company. However, building any business is difficult so I’m not sure if this should put you off!

You may have heard complaints from people about the company.

There may be people who think it’s a scam or a pyramid scheme.

However, often, these are people who got involved with the wrong expectations and so they have “sour grapes”.

They perhaps wanted to make $10,000 a month within one week and with little effort.

Maybe they haven’t been willing to go through the training and to take action on it.

With that being said, the company has been around for a long time and so I would recommend that you don’t believe everything you hear.

Calling it a pyramid scheme or scam is nonsense.

It has a proper product line unlike another business opportunity I reviewed recently called Dubli which you can see here. Their product/service can be seen as a bit suspect to many.

The only red flag about the company I can see is that there is no jeunesse global wiki page which is a bit odd. Surely every company should be on wikipedia!

Yes, it may be a large challenge to go out there and build a huge team, but it is possible.

Jeunesse Global Review – How To Make It Work And Be Successful?

How do you succeed with the company and what are some marketing tips I can give you?

Well, take special notice of the next paragraph because you can use the information to put together your own rock solid Jeunesse Global Marketing Plan!

To build a team of distributors, you need to generate leads.

Whilst the company claims to adopt modern methods, I’m not sure if the training is sufficient or specialized enough.

But, in this day and age, you certainly need to generate leads online otherwise you are not embracing the future.

If you grab my e-book below, which is called “The Lead Generation Blueprint” (and it’s Free), this shows you how to generate 25 to 50 leads per day on the internet.

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You can use this powerful information to build a relationship with and eventually sponsor people into your team.

The ebook will show you how to generate passive, free leads on the internet and make money with your business.

And it’s completely newbie friendly.

This will help you whether you are a Jeunesse distributor or not.

The point is to build an automated online business that makes you money!

Hopefully, my Jeunesse Global Review has shed some light on the company and it’s products.

The company is completely legit and it is possible to succeed with it.

It’s also proven in lots of countries such as UK (United Kingdom), Australia, France, Germany Russia and many more!

So don’t listen to the complaints or lawsuit threats as they are most likely the minority.

It’s not easy to build a large team.

In fact, it’s very challenging.

However, if you grab my ebook above, that should make your task of building a downline of distributors far easier.

Let me know in the comments how I can help and enjoy the ebook training!

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