Jeunesse Holds EXPO8 Event And Draws 50,000 Attendees

Jeunesse ReviewAll around the internet, Jeunesse has been getting lots of buzz.

It would not surprise me if you told me you’ve heard of it, or someone has pitched it to you.

It’s also really popular on social media.

This first thing you should know is that I am NOT an affiliate or distributer for Jeunesse.

Is Jeunesse truly a scam?

Can you build a solid business with Jeunesse?

I have gathered all the details about Jeunesse so you can make an informed decision.

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What The Heck Is Jeunesse?

Jeunesse has been holding its EXPO event for eight years in a row now, and at the company’s eighth annual one, it saw some seriously impressive numbers.

EXPO8 drew in a record-breaking number of 50,000 attendees that all came together to raise a whopping $900,000 for a variety of different charitable incentive programs.

Jeunesse has been running EXPO8 from September through early November, and it spanned a total of five different regions all across the world. Jeunesse visited Macau, Bangkok, Milan, and São Paulo as part of its latest tour, with the final stop benign in Orlando, California at Jeunesse’s main HQ.

Randy Ray (CEO), Wendy Lewis (COO), and Scott Lewis (Chief Visionary Officer) were all in attendance at EXPO8, and when talking about the experience, Scott Lewis said:

“The EXPO Elevate World Tour was nothing short of incredible. Top be able to connect with 50,000 of our Jeunesse Family across five world regions was both rewarding and humbling. I was moved by their stories of success and inspired by the energy and passion they bring to our company.

Jeunesse Scam

With their commitment to the Jeunesse mission, I am more confident than ever that the Jeunesse brand with continue to be elevated around the world.”

In North America, Europe, Greater China, and the Asia Pacific, Jeunesse recently started to roll out its latest product within its Youth Enhancement System – the Luminesce HydraShield Mask. As for European and Asia Pacific markets specifically, Jeunesse launched its Näära Beauty Drink.

Along with this, the company’s top at São Paulo is where Jeunesse officially launched its NV series of airbrush makeup items.

That $900,000 that was generated during EXPO8 was donating to Jeunesse Kids, and this is a program that’s used to benefit each region Jeunesse visited when it comes to children’s healthcare, education, financial stability, and more.

Next year, Jeunesse says that its EXPO9 Thrive 2018 World Tour will visit Orlando, Macau, Bangkok, Rome, and Rio de Janeiro.

So, Is There A Jeunesse Scam Going On?

Have you heard that Jeunesse is a scam?

It’s hard to tell if this is true or not, because a lot of people are just trying to sell you something.

So, from reading this, is Jeunesse a scam or is it legit?

I would say not exactly, but there are a few things to watch out for, find out what in the conclusion.

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Finally, My Jeunesse Review And Conclusion!


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