Leniex Review – Good Opportunity Or Big Scam?

Leniex ReviewHave you been hearing a lot about Leniex lately?

There is a lot of hype happening for Leniex, and people are pitching the opportunity all over the place – especially on social media.

The first thing I should tell you is that I am not associated with Leniex in any way.

I have gathered all the pertinent facts about this opportunity in my Leniex Review so that you can know the full truth before signing up.

Is Leniex a scam? Or is it really legit?

Will I be able to make real money with it?

I tell you all in my Review of Leniex.

Let’s get going!

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What Is Leniex Exactly?

Looking through the Leniex website, it’s very clear that we’re dealing with a giant dead end of background info.

There’s no single mention of who owns the company, where it’s being run out of, or anything along those lines.

The domain name for the website was registered on May 30 of this year, but since it was done so privately, it’s impossible to see where in the world it took place or who the owner of the domain name is.

With that said, part of the Leniex website does show incorporation documents for Leniex Inc. that’s supposedly based out of New York in the United States.

The incorporation info was purchased for the sum of $125 on July 18 of this year, and the address that’s being used actually belongs to some third-party supplier of office spaces.

This is already pretty telling that Leniex doesn’t have any physical presence in New York, but this point is driven home even more when you consider that the majority of its traffic comes out of Europe (according to Alexa rankings).

As such, we have a European company that’s claiming its incorporated and based out of New York.

Leniex Scam

What Will I Be Selling With Leniex?

As if that wasn’t suspicious enough, Leniex doesn’t have any sort of product line to speak of.

No goods or services are being sold to retail customers, and as such, there’s no chance for retail sales activity of any kind to take place.

Retail sales generally service as the backbone for legitimate MLM opportunities, so the fact that none are present here is a huge red flag to say the least.

What Should I Know About The Compensation Plan For Leniex?

Should you still choose to become a Leniex affiliate for whatever reason, you’ll be tasked with investing money into the company so that you can earn a daily ROI that pays for 360 days.

There are a few different levels of investment to choose from, and they include the following:

  • Personal — Affiliates invest between $50 and $290 to earn a daily ROI of 0.5% (total payout of 180%)
  • Business — Affiliates invest between $594 and $1960 to earn a daily ROI of 0.55% (total payout of 198%)
  • Executive — Affiliates invest between $2160 and $6458 to earn a daily ROI of 0.6% (total payout of 216%)
  • Premium — Affiliates invest between $3000 and $4990 to earn a daily ROI of 0.65% (total payout of 234%)
  • Luxury — Affiliates invest between $5000 and $9990 to earn a daily ROI of 0.7% (total payout of 252%)
  • Infinity — Affiliates invest between $10,000 and $25,000 to earn a daily ROI of 0.8% (total ROI payout of 288%)

Leniex also offers referral commissions that are paid through a unilevel system, and these commissions are earned whenever an affiliate recruits someone else to join and invest into the company as well.

What’s The Membership Fee For Leniex?

If you’d like to join Leniex, the affiliate membership is initially free to get started with.

However, in order to start earning throughout the income opportunity, you’ll need to invest between $50 and $25,000.

In this case, choosing to invest more will drastically increase your earning potential.

Is Leniex Really A Scam?

If you’re like me, you’ve been researching Leniex and you may have heard that it is a total scam.

From what you have read above, you may not be able to tell if it is legit or not.

So, is it really a scam?

Is Leniex a scam, or can you trust the company?

I would say Leniex isn’t a complete scam, but there are definitely some things you should be cautious of – check out the conclusion to find out what those are.

Being prepared will help you be successful. Also, see below to get my tips for making money.

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My Conclusion For Leniex

According to Leniex, the company manages to generate funds for the offered ROI through both cryptocurrency and forex activities:

“Our team includes six traders with different experience, knowledge and analytics.

The Leniex community is engaged in daily forecasting of events at the crypto-currency and currency exchanges, which gives our team a high probability of passing the event from 80 to 100%.

Applying their knowledge, experience, analytical and statistical data, allows our team to earn from 1 to 5% daily.”

The problem is that there’s no sort of proof or evidence to back up the claims being made here.

As such, the only funds that are evidently making their way into Leniex are from affiliates. Newly invested funds are used to pay off existing members, and this turns the company into a Ponzi scheme.

Furthermore, the story that Leniex is touting just doesn’t make sense.

On the company website, it’s stated that “Leniex Corporation is a professional club of traders, which was established in 2014 and until now was a closed community of selected traders.”

If Leniex’s admins had been earning a consistent ROI since 2014, why on earth would it decide to randomly allow third parties to invest as well? Why not keep the system to themselves so they can maximize profits?

None of it adds up, and that’s because no good will come of Leniex. This is just another Ponzi scheme that will collapse once investment activity dies down, and when it does, the vast majority of affiliates will lose out.

I sure hope you have found all the information in this Leniex Review helpful.

Some reviews may be biased or trying to sell you something else, so I wanted you to have all the details from someone not affiliate with Leniex.

If you decided to move forward with Leniex, you’ll still need help marketing yourself.

My FREE training will help you with that.

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