LifeVantage Announces New Products

LifeVantage ReviewHas someone tried to pitch you the LifeVantage opportunity lately?

LifeVantage is a really popular and new opportunity that is making it’s rounds on social media among network marketers.

Now, first off, let me make it clear I am NOT promoting this business opportunity as an affiliate or distributor.

I have all the facts about this business in my LifeVantage review so you can learn the full truth about it!

Is LifeVantage a scam?

Can you make an honest business with LifeVantage?

Let me show you in my review of LifeVantage.

Read on for all the details.

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LifeVantage – What Is It??

If you’re a LifeVantage affiliate or simply just following the company’s activities, you probably know that it recently finished its Elite Academy for 2017. LifeVantage’s Elite Academy program was held at the Disney Coronado Springs Resort over in Orlando, Florida, and the program acts as a critical time for LifeVantage to announce upcoming products, new training techniques, and more.

At this year’s Elite Academy event, LifeVantage started things off by announcing two brand-new products – Omega+ and Stacks.

When talking about Omega+, LifeVantage’s Chief Science Officer Nathalie Chevreau says that this is a product that is the representation of an all-new way for LifeVantage to deliver the perfect combo of Omega 3s, Omega 7s, and Vitamin D – all combined in a single formula that’s sourced from only the purest ingredients.

As for Stacks, this is a product that takes some of LifeVantage’s best-selling options and combines them into different offerings that aim to target certain areas of the body and health problems.

Per LifeVantage’s CEO, Darren Jensen, “Biohacking is about helping our customers take control of their health to get the results they want. Stacks is a powerful line of nutrigenomic products that deliver on that vision with customized and targeted health solutions.”

Along with Omega+ and Stacks, LifeVantage also used Elite Academy 2017 to take the wraps off of a new pilot program for cross-border commercial operations that will be taking place in China.

The program is still in the testing phase, but the goal is to implement a new e-commerce model that will be used alongside more traditional methods of doing business in the MLM space.

LifeVantage Scam

LifeVantage says that the system is made possible by social markets in China, and it’s being created as a way to jump on the social entrepreneurism bandwagon that’s so popular right now.

Those attending the Elite Academy event responded to this new system in a very positive manner, and in addition to this, LifeVantage also announced even more technology-focused improvements that will help the company thrive and grow in the 21st century.

Ryan Goodwin, LifeVantage’s Chief Marketing Officer, showed attendees a completely redesigned website for LifeVantage that makes the shopping experience even easier and more streamlined for all users.

Lastly, LifeVantage debuted a new product called LifeVantage Digital at Elite Academy. LifeVantage Digital is a new mobile application that will be used by distributors for the company so they can more easily run and manage all of their business operations. So much work is now done on phones while on the go, and LifeVantage Digital aims to make this more possible than ever before for LifeVantage affiliates.

In addition to these new product announcements, LifeVantage also got New York Times best-selling author John C. Maxwell to speak to Elite Academy attendees about personal growth and how incredibly powerful it can be in the business world.

LifeVantage’s Elite Academy announcements this year were some of the most impressive and exciting that have come out of an Elite Academy meeting in some time, and it make the future for LifeVantage look incredibly bright.

New products and modernizing the way it does business seems like the perfect way to end 2017 and go into 2018, and I can’t wait to see how these changes help LifeVantage down the road.


Is LifeVantage Really A Scam?

Have you been hearing that LifeVantage is a scam?

Have you heard LifeVantage is legit?

It can be hard to tell with so many different people telling you different things.

So, what’s the truth – is LifeVantage a scam or is it a good business?

I would say it’s not really a scam. There are a few things you should be aware of before joining.

The best way to be successful is to be prepared going in, and have a plan to market yourself.

If you want help marketing and making money, see below.

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Conclusion for LifeVantage


I hope you got all the details you needed to make an informed decision in this LifeVantage Review.

Bears of anyone trying to sell you something in their review articles.

If you do want to proceed with LifeVantage, make sure you know how to market properly.

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