Limu Review – I’m Not A Distributor!

limu reviewA lot of people have recently been telling me about Limu and it’s certainly been buzzing this year.

But is it really worth the hype?

Well, I decided to do one of my well known company reviews to find out.

First of all, understand that I am not promoting the company for your commission and this is completely unbiased.

Whilst, I was doing my research, I noticed that 90% of the Limu Reviews were simply posted by distributors desperate to get a signup – very one sided reviews.

This is an unbiased review of Limu and read on to learn about the products, company background, comp plan and more!

You can also see the video version of my review below.

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What Is Limu All About?

So, Limu is essentially a health and wellness company that has been around a while.

It’s products are centered around improving your health (more on this later) and you could say it’s similar (in its mission) to other health and wellness MLM companies such as Disrupt (which I reviewed recently) and Isagenix.

Limu was founded in 2004 and their company head office is in Lake Mary, Florida.

The 2 leaders of the company are Gregg Bennett and Gary J. Raser who have both had a lot of experience within the network marketing industry.

They are also supported by a management team who are:

Justo Nunez (Vice President, Marketing)
Mary Baxley (Vice President, Finance)
Ryan Barson (Senior Vice President)
Lance Reese (Chief Operating Officer)

From my research into the various members of the Limu management team, I was impressed with their background etc so this gets my approval. The leadership team looks good.

What Products Does Limu Sell?

As well as offering an MLM/Network Marketing opportunity, Limu also has a product line that distributors can resell.

limu products

Like I mentioned before, Limo sells products that aim to improve your health in some way.

This is done in addition to the MLM business opportunity. So, you can make money by selling the health and wellness products (on a retail basis) and/or you can recruit new members of your Limu team (sales organisation) to sell more product.

Anyway, let’s go through the various Limu products on offer:

Limu Original (this is the main product)

This is the primary product sold by Limu. It has a 4 fruit blend, produced from seaweed and has a powerful nutrient called Fucoidan.

Incidentally, Fucoidan is anti-viral and anti-inflammatory.

Limu Lean

Ok, so the naming for this product is quite appropriate because it is actually a “meal replacement shake”.

And we all know meal replacement shakes can make you lean, if you have them after a good workout that is!

It is a good source of protein so could be very useful for you to recover and boost results after a tough workout.

Blu Frog

And now for something completely different.

Blu Frog is Limu’s energy drink which comes in 2 versions: Blu Frog and Blu Frog 2.

From my research into the products, I looked at various testimonials and claims on message boards and forums.
From what I saw, I didn’t see much negative feedback on the products. I didn’t see any reports of side effects, issues or anything like that. Having said that, doing research can be tricky because you have a lot of distributors who (let’s be honest) can be quite biased when there is the chance to get a commission.

And What About The Limu Compensation Plan?

As I mentioned before, you can make money with Limu by selling the products directly to customers and/or you can recruit others to do the same.

This is known as forming a team of distributors (your downline) and you are compensated (and leveraged) by their results, in addition to your own selling.

The amount of leverage is typically determined by the quality of the compensation plan.

So, what is the Limu Compensation like?

Well, the main “red flag” I saw with it was the compulsory Fast Start Pack necessary get commissions.

That seemed a bit sneaky to me. It means people have to jump through hoops in order to get paid which I don’t agree with.

Better points would be the affiliate membership rank cash bonuses where there are payouts for consistent results.

With regards to the compensation plan itself, it is formed on a unilevel comp plan as shown below:

limu compensation plan

In my past experience, I have always liked the unilevel structure. It’s very fair.

Finally, the affiliate commissions’ payout goes down multiple levels depending on the rank of the distributor.

Is Limu A Scam Or Pyramid Scheme?

Ok, this is the age old question when people see a business shaped as a pyramid.

People automatically assume the worst, and so yes, I can see people shouting about a Limu Scam just because there is a pyramid shape.

Well, guess what?

Pretty much everything is shaped like a pyramid in life. In face, corporate America is certainly a pyramid.

But, people don’t call that a scam, but people can quite easily call Limu a pyramid scheme.

In reality, this is a legitimate opportunity and not a pyramid scheme.

It is legitimate because there are proper retailable products which can be sold to the marketplace.

My Limu Review Conclusion!

So, do I recommend joining Limu as part of my conclusion.

Well, yes and no.

I recommend joining but understand a couple of things.

1. Most people make the “decent” money through recruiting rather than selling the product.

2. Recruiting requires exceptional online lead generation training. Unfortunately, the companies seldom provide this and instead encourage you to recruit your friends and family.

However, if you do join Limu (or anything else), I recommend grabbing my training below which can help you with the online lead generation side (and it’s free as well!).

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Unlike the other articles I saw on the web, I wanted my Limu Review to speak the whole truth about the company, products and comp plan.

In summary, it’s a good company with a solid leadership team.

Your success with it will still be down to your online lead generation skills.

And so, I recommend grabbing my free ebook above to give you the best chance to succeed and make money with Limu.

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