LoanCoin Review – But I’m Not Promoting It!

LoanCoin ReviewHave you been noticing more and more hype for LoanCoin lately?

This business is picking up a lot of steam, with people pitching it all over social media.

I want to tell you that I am NOT in any way affiliated with LoanCoin.

I want to give you an unbiased opinion on LoanCoin – is it a scam?

Is it legit?

Let me give you all the details in my LoanCoin Review.

Will LoanCoin deliver on all it’s promises?

Find out in my Review of LoanCoin.

Let’s get going with the review!

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What Is The LoanCoin Opportunity?

In the case of LoanCoin, we’re dealing with an MLM opportunity that’s just about as faceless as they come. The website itself looks good enough, but there’s unfortunately no background information of any sort to be found.

LoanCoin doesn’t say who it’s founder is, where in the world it’s being run out of, when it was launched, etc. This is all critical information to be aware of whenever looking into a new business opportunity, and it simply isn’t anywhere to be seen with LoanCoin.

The domain for LoanCoin’s site was first registered on November 22, 2017, but since the registration was held privately, it’s impossible to see where it took place or who owns the domain.

LoanCoin Scam

What Can You Tell Me About The LoanCoin Products?

In addition to lacking background info, LoanCoin also makes a poor first impression when it comes to its product line.

Simply put, LoanCoin doesn’t have any product line to speak of.

Nothing is being marketed or sold to retail customers, affiliates only have the affiliate membership itself to offer, and there’s no way for retail sales activity to take place.

This is something that I see far too often when conducting these reviews, and it’s something that’s usually only found with opportunities in the MLM underbelly.

What Can You Tell Me About The Compensation Plan?

Looking at the compensation plan being offered by LoanCoin, those that choose to become affiliates must invest in LOAN points that are advertised to them.

LOAN points are paid out at a rate of 55 cents to $1.05 per point, and after getting your hands on these points, you then “loan” them back to LoanCoin so you can earn a 90-day ROI.

The amount of the ROI changes based on how much you choose to invest into LoanCoin, and the available tiers work out as follows:

  • Affiliates invest between $100 and $1000 to earn a 105% ROI
  • Affiliates invest between $1010 and $5000 to earn a 115% ROI
  • Affiliates invest between $5010 and $10,000 to earn a 125% ROI
  • Affiliates invest between $10,010 and $50,000 to earn a 135% ROI

Along with the ROI, affiliates for LoanCoin can also earn on referral commissions.

Referral commissions with LoanCoin are paid using a unilevel system, and this encourages members to recruit more and more people that also choose to invest into LoanCoin.

What Will It Cost To Join LoanCoin

LoanCoin does allow you to join the company for free, but doing this will limit you to earning on just the referral commissions.

If you’d like to earn referral commissions and the 90-day ROI, you’ll have to invest a minimum of $100.

Is LoanCoin A Scam?

So, like with all business opportunities, you will hear things around the internet about there being a LoanCoin scam or something like that.

And from what you have read, you may also wonder if this is legit or a complete scam.

So, what’s the truth?

Is there a LoanCoin scam going on or is this legit?

Well, to be honest, LoanCoin is not really a proper scam or anything like that.

But there are some things to be aware of (see conclusion section).

That is how you will be successful.

See below for help with making money.

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My LoanCoin Review Conclusion

According to LoanCoin, the LOAN points being offered will reach $10 per point by January 2018 and $400 a few months later in July 2018.

That might sound exciting at first, but in reality, these projections have been pulled out of thin air with absolutely nothing to back the claims up.

LOAN points are completely worthless outside of the LoanCoin system, and the only money actively making its way into LoanCoin is that of affiliate investments.

The use of newly invested funds to pay ROIs owed to existing members constitutes a Ponzi scheme, and that’s exactly what we’re dealing with here.

LoanCoin will collapse the minute investments stop coming in, and when this happens, most people involved will be screwed.

The anonymous admin(s) will sneak off with the lion’s share of what’s been invested, but most all affiliates are pretty much guaranteed to lose out.

Hopefully, you have found my LoanCoin Review useful.

I wanted to give a lot of details because there have been other review of LoanCoin which were a bit thin on the detail side.

No matter what happens, if you really want to succeed with any business, you have to learn how to market properly.

And, my training below will help you do that and make money!

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