Longaberger Review – Good Opportunity Or Big Scam?

Longaberger ReviewHave you been hearing a lot about Longaberger lately?

There is a lot of hype happening for Longaberger, and people are pitching the opportunity all over the place – especially on social media.

The first thing I should tell you is that I am not associated with Longaberger in any way.

I have gathered all the pertinent facts about this opportunity in my Longaberger Review so that you can know the full truth before signing up.

Is Longaberger a scam? Or is it really legit?

Will I be able to make real money with it?

I tell you all in my Review of Longaberger.

Let’s get going!

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What Is Longaberger Exactly?

The world of multi-level marketing is one of the most expansive and fastest-growing fields out there. This category of business is certainly a very interesting prospect to a lot of people out there, but because there are so many companies involved in this field, deciding which one to get involved with can often prove to be a bit of a challenge.

There are countless new MLM opportunities launching every single day, and that doesn’t make it any easier when it comes time to decide which company you want to hand your money over to. For a lot of potential investors, it can be incredibly enticing to go for a younger company as they generally represent ideas of youth and the use of the latest technologies.

While there’s certainly some form of appeal that comes with these younger companies, there’s something to be said about becoming involved with a company that’s been around for a number of years. Older companies in the MLM world are often more solid opportunities to throw your money to, as their age and experience generally represent a business model that’s worked for them for a number of years.

In the case of Longaberger, we’re looking at an MLM opportunity that’s been around for more than 35 years. While it can be quite easy at times to fall into the pitfall of an MLM scheme, seeing as how Longaberger has been around for so many years should key you to the fact that this is definitely a reputable and legitimate company.

The company was originally founded by a Mr. Dave Longaberger, and it has remained in the Longaberger family since it was initially conceived. Longaberger is based out of Newark, Ohio, but the company has full operation in all 50 states of the US.

Longaberger currently has more than 45,000 distributors that sell the company’s products, and the whole operation is presently being run by Dave Longaberger’s daughters – Tami Longaberger (CEO) and Rachel Longaberger Stukey.

Longaberger Scam

What Will I Be Selling With Longaberger?

So, Longaberger has been in business for over 35 years, but just what is it that they sell?

When the company initially launched, their flagship product was a line of baskets that they handcrafted. These baskets were the original product that the company created and sole, and it remains as the current flagship for the company.

However, since the company first launched, they’ve updated their baskets in a number of different ways to make them as appealing as possible. The baskets that are available today come in a variety of different styles, including traditional and seasonal basket types. If that’s not your taste, Longaberger also offers baskets that come in designs of American Valor. These American Valor baskets come with military colors are able to store many more items thanks to their larger design.

In addition to their baskets, Longaberger also sells accessories for their baskets, handbags, comfort foods, and pottery items. Longaberger also offers something that they call the “Collector Club Memberships.” The Collector Club Membership gives members exclusive access to various products, deals, and information that’s only available to members of this club.

The products themselves that are being offered are certainly a bit on the higher side of things, but that’s to be expected with the handcrafted nature of them. However, this also means that all of the products being offered are of a very high quality.

What Should I Know About The Compensation Plan For Longaberger?

So, now that we’ve talked about the product line, what about the actual compensation plan? High quality products are one thing, but what about making money as an affiliate for the company?

An as affiliate for Longaberger, you’ll have a few different options open to you in regards to making money as a distributor. You’ll earn commissions by selling the Longaberger products to retail customers, and these sales can take place on a one-to-one manner, through home parties that you host, or by using your custom website to sell products through.

Longaberger offers a commission of 25% for all personal sales that take place, and if you’re able to build up a team/downline of other affiliates, you’ll be able to earn bonus commissions through their activity within the company as well. And, if you decide to host parties at your home, you’ll be eligible to earn exclusive perks and “hostess dollars.”

What’s The Membership Fee For Longaberger?

If becoming a distributor for Longaberger sounds like the next business venture for you, you’ve got a few different options to choose from when it comes to signing up as an affiliate.

You can join the company for free at first, but this only grants you access to the affiliate materials and such for a limited time. In order to really get involved with the company, you’ll need to purchase a starter kit.

There are three different starter kits available, and they are the Easy Start Kit, the Business Basics Kit, and the Business Builder Kit. These kits cost $49, $229, and $459 respectively, and the primary difference between these difference kits is the actual amount of sample products that are included.

Getting the Business Basics Kit or Business Builder Kit will certainly give you a better start as a distributor for the company, but shelling out $229 or $459 right on the spot might be financially difficult for you. Longaberger is aware of this, so they’ve allow folks to pay for these kits with a 6-month payment plan.

Is Longaberger Really A Scam?

If you’re like me, you’ve been researching Longaberger and you may have heard that it is a total scam.

From what you have read above, you may not be able to tell if it is legit or not.

So, is it really a scam?

Is Longaberger a scam, or can you trust the company?

I would say Longaberger isn’t a complete scam, but there are definitely some things you should be cautious of – check out the conclusion to find out what those are.

Being prepared will help you be successful. Also, see below to get my tips for making money.

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My Conclusion For Longaberger

At the end of the day, Longaberger is a highly reputable company that offers a pretty solid opportunity no matter which way you look at it. The product line is of a high quality, and the compensation plan puts a strong emphasis on retail sales.

While recruitment certainly has an element in the compensation plan, the company wants you to recruit those who are going to be active affiliates as well in regard to selling their products to retail customers.

While there is potential for real money to be made here, this isn’t something where you just invest your money and kick back and relax while you earn an ROI. As a distributor for Longaberger, you’ll be required to do a bit of work. Having prior knowledge of marketing and/or selling will definitely help you out if you decide to become a distributor, although it isn’t necessary in order to be successful.

If you’re passionate about the products that are being offered and feel that you have the necessary time to devote to be truly successful, there shouldn’t be anything holding you back from becoming a distributor for the company.

I sure hope you have found all the information in this Longaberger Review helpful.

Some reviews may be biased or trying to sell you something else, so I wanted you to have all the details from someone not affiliate with Longaberger.

If you decided to move forward with Longaberger, you’ll still need help marketing yourself.

My FREE training will help you with that.

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