MLM Lead Generation Strategies That Actually Work

mlm lead generationFor you to grow your business effectively, it’s essential for you to use MLM Lead Generation strategies. The problem is there are a lot to choose from, and you can’t do all of them. In fact, the way most people fail in network marketing is that they take on too many strategies at once, and they don’t do any of them well!

Buying MLM Leads

If you’ve just got started in Network Marketing, you will have noticed that there are LOTS of ways to generate leads for mlm. One such method is “purchasing them”/Buying Leads and this method is attractive to a newbie. It’s difficult to generate leads “out of thin air” after all!

The danger is that you are essentially piggybacking off someone else’s work, and you could end up “selling to strangers” which is never fun!

For example, when you purchase a Solo Ad, you are engaging in OPL (Other People’s List). The way it works is that your Ad/Email will be sent to a portion of their list so that you can add them to your list. It can be a very strong method of building your list fast, but I would recommend getting some guidance on this method. I have a post here that could help you.

Offline MLM Lead Generation

A lot of people shirk Offline methods but they are actually very powerful for getting leads to your mlm, and the vast majority of top earners swear by them.

The whole point is to use them “in addition” to the online methods. Traffic actually converts faster online so it can be very powerful to use.

I recommend using Offline methods as it allows you to get quick sales whilst your online efforts are building up. I wrote a post specifically on Offline MLM Lead Generation methods which I recommend checking out.

MLM Lead Generation Online

Ok. As much as I like “Offline Methods” (above), Online methods will always be my favourite. Why? Because that is how to have a “scalable” Network Marketing business. Once you have been doing it a while, you can generate leads on autopilot, and that is exciting!

I love waking up in the morning and seeing new “opt ins” and sales!

To understand just how powerful online methods are, see my Network Marketing Training Tips youtube video below:

The online methods are directly linked with what is known as Attraction Marketing. This deserves a post of it’s own, but essentially it is about “providing value to your audience” and letting them come to you. It’s so powerful on getting you leads for mlm opportunities.

For a full education on how you can generate 25-50 leads per day using online methods, grab my free ebook below:

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There are obviously lots of methods for generating leads online, but Blogging is the main one in-line with Attraction Marketing. It’s powerful because each post you create is an asset that stays on the Internet forever. The posts you create can earn you money for years to come. The only downside is that it takes time, but the rewards are worth it!

I’ve written posts solely on how to make money from Blogging and reasons why you need a Blog. I recommend that you check them out, and then get started.

When you have Blog, you can also leverage the content through Social Media as another FREE way to generate leads.

For step-by-step training on all of this stuff, I highly recommend you check out the Daily Marketing Coach which is a mentorship program that helps you build your business on the Internet. Feel free to check out my Daily Marketing Coach Review here.

domino effect lead generationAs you can see there are lots of MLM Lead Generation methods and that makes it difficult. Remember one thing though, if you can just master a few methods that “resonate” with you, then you can become super succesfull off the back of them. You certainly don’t need to learn them all! And you wouldn’t be able to!

Let me know in the comments section what your favourite methods are.


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