Just What Are The MLM Money Making Secrets?

mlm money making secretsI get asked this question way too often! “What Are The MLM Money Making Secrets”. There are some people in the industry sponsoring 15-30 people per month and there are others who can’t sponsor 1 a year. This leads many to believe that there are “secret” methods used by the successful.

In all honesty, there kind of are some secrets that you should know about and I will share some of them with you in this post.

These are MLM Money Making Secrets that I’ve discovered through paying for courses and masterminding etc.

However, a lot of them you can spot just by taking a look at other top earners.

If all else fails, copy someone who is getting the results that you want. Works every time!

So, What Are The MLM Money Making Secrets?

Here are some things that you should really know by now:

1. Don’t Lead With The Opportunity! – So many trip up on this. All they ever do is throw their opportunity at people and expect them to grab it at the first opportunity. Why would they do that?! People don’t wake each morning wanting another business opportunity. They want to succeed with the one that they have. They probably can’t even afford another opportunity.

The Solution: Lead with some free training or a low ticket informational product (non business opportunity). 98% of network marketers are struggling with their MLM business and in desperate need of training. Give them what they want, help them and you are more likely to get leads. Also, they are more likely to join your team (eventually).

Essentially, you want to be creating “training content” on a regular basis. For “step by step” help with this approach, grab my free guide below. It explains how to generate 25-50 leads per day (on autopilot) by creating valuable content that makes people “opt in” to your list and become a lead!

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2. Do Online And Offline Prospecting – This is always a high discussion point. People wonder whether they should stick to Online or Offline methods. One option is that you could do both! They both work well, and in completely different ways. If you are just doing offline, you should strongly consider modernizing and using the Internet. Eventually, you will run out of people to talk to and/or you will spend all of your time doing 3 way calls/home meetings etc.

However, if you decide to do both, you can leverage both methods and you will never get restrained by offline methods.

3. Actually Learn Something About Attraction Marketing! – There are so many people in this industry who don’t have a clue what “Attraction Marketing”. This is crazy! They spend all their time spamming about their opportunity on Facebook (a critical error). See my post here to learn about Attraction Marketing! Do it now!


success network marketingThose are the 3 most important MLM Money Making Secrets (in my opinion) and those things alone could make you a top earner in any opportunity.

Read them and learn them as they are critical for your success.

What are your secret methods to success for your MLM Business? Please share in the comments section!


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