MLM Offline Marketing Tips

mlm offline marketing tipsI will start off by saying that most people are really bad at this and in need of MLM Offline Marketing Tips. It’s true! People tend to do everything wrong whilst promoting their business opportunity at offline events. In fact, you may know the kind of people I’m talking about: The kind of person that only cares about selling you something.

That kind of strategy won’t get anyone far!

Why do you need to do MLM Offline Marketing?

It’s easy to think that “social networking” only includes services like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ (aka, all Online), but I would remind you that “social networking” takes place offline as well. At Networking Events, Social Networking takes place. The kind of events could be things like Chamber Events, Trade Shows, Breakfast Networking and any other type of event that is organised for business professionals.

Remember that “people buy from people” and that is how strong Offline Marketing can be. You can meet people face to face, go for coffee with them and learn about who they are.

If you get to know people in this way, your conversions would most probably be a lot higher as it’s most personal than online marketing.

Despite the key benefits, most people don’t go about this the correct way. As soon as they meet with people, they try to “sell them their opportunity”. THIS DOES NOT WORK! Gosh, these people really do need to learn some MLM Offline Marketing Tips!

Read the tips below to understand the best approach.

MLM Offline Marketing Tips

1. Always make sure to LISTEN first rather than talking about yourself and your business opportunity. I’ve always known this from Offline Networking, and it’s just as true for online.

People’s favourite topic of conversation is themselves and they will like it if you show interest in them.

Make sure to ask questions such as “How are you doing?”, “How is your lead generation?”.

This gives you an opportunity to hear their struggles or successes. If they have struggles, maybe you can help.

DO NOT mention your business opportunity when you first connect with someone. People will not appreciate being sold to and it will not get you far. Instead, build rapport and a relationship with them.

2. If you have been networking offline at a local event, remember that the follow up is the most important thing. One of the reason it’s powerful is that not many people do it. People meet at events and then never see them again.

You job should be to listen to people, get their details and follow up the next day with something like “It was great to meet you at the networking event. Would you like to meet up for coffee sometime?”.

This will make you stand out from the crowd and the other person will feel valued as well.

3. If you’re at an event, you may probably speak to half a dozen (or more) people over the duration. The key here is for you to be the qualifier about who is suitable for the business opportunity. This means that you should have an idea of who you are looking to recruit, and constantly be looking for these charecteristics.

What does your ideal prospect look like?

For example, I would say that you want people who are professional, hard working and ambitious, as well as being good social mixers themselves.

If you find people who match what you’re looking for, those will be the ones that you “follow up” with.

NOTE: I’ve given some useful “Offline Tips” above, but I strongly recommend that you also promote your MLM business online. For guidance on how to do this, grab my free ebook below:

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mlm recruiting tipsHopefully these MLM Offline Marketing Tips above will help you the next time that you go along to a Chamber Event. Remember: “People buy from People”

Let me know what you think in the comments section below, and “Share” if you got some value from these tips.

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