What MLM Tools Are Really Needed?

Today’s post is an interesting one because let’s face it, we all need “Tools” in business.

And a lot of the time we take them for granted, as we use them every day.

In this post, I will reveal to you my favourite mlm tools that I use to generate leads and recruit.

Some of them are simple and obvious, whilst others are more obscure.

Obviously, there are 1000s of possible tools out there, so I am going to try and be concise in this post, and I will refer you to other places to actually learn how to use them.

In terms of actually using the ultimate tool (The Internet) to grow your MLM Business, see below:

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So, What MLM Tools Do You Actually Need? (In order, from beginner to more advanced)

1. Phone and/or Skype – It may not be fancy, but your phone or Skype is one of the most important mlm tools to build your Business.


Because this industry is all about relationships, and speaking to people on the phone is absolutely essential.

On this note, you will hear some people telling you that they have a “new program” where you will “never have to call anybody”. Run a mile from this!

It’s a people business, and you should be calling your leads, connecting and seeing how you can help them. See my post for some help with that.

2. Your Company Presentation – Your success within MLM is determined by how many people you “put in front of the presentation”, so once you have made contact by phone/email, you can introduce the company presentation.

The presentation is there to make your life easier. Try to “pre-frame” it a little, but not too much. Let the tools do the talking for you.

Most network markters slip up by “talking too much” before introducing the presentation, and before you know it, they are having conversations about pyramid schemes which is completely incorrect! Try and let the tools do the talking!

3. Website/Blog – Ok, when you decide to “get online” (which I highly recommend you do), one of your main tools will be your Blog. This will be your “home base” and where your content lives.

Essentially, you will use your Blog to brand yourself and engage in content marketing: the art of producing content to attract your target customer. See my post here for some great network marketing blogging tips.

4. Autoresponder – This is linked with your online marketing system. An autoresponder simply sends a automatic series of messages that have been written in advance by you.

It can put your marketing system on autopilot and give you fantastic time freedom. And every business does this with email marketing.

See here for my post that teaches more about using an autoresponder.

5. Your Online Training System – Ok, you need some kind of training system to understand how all of this stuff works and communicates together. You need some MLM Tools and Training to really escalate your business.

I hope this post has shown the most important MLM Tools that you need.

Have you noticed that I didn’t include the Website at the top?

This is because the ability to speak to people (aka, using the phone) is still the most important thing.

It’s a people business, and even though the Internet is a great tool, you should never hide behind your computer.
Use the Internet to generate leads, and then speak with them before, during and after you recruit.

Are you using all of these tools for your MLM Business? Which is the most important for growing your downline?

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