How To Get Leads Using MLM Video Marketing?

mlm video marketingRecently, I have been training my mlm team specifically to focus on video marketing.

Why have I done this?

I really believe that “video” and more specifically YouTube is the fastest way for a newbie to get started.

Blogging is a great strategy but it takes a while for a new Blog to gain the authority that is needed to generate leads.

Even with fantastic SEO (see this post) and link-building (see here), it’s still going to take 4 months+ of daily posting to get lots of leads from your Blog.

With YouTube, you can literally upload a video, and it can be ranking well within a week in some cases. The other week, I uploaded some videos during the day, and the very same videos produced 2 leads in the evening. That is fast!

My Blog generates a lot of leads each day, but for my team, I recommend that they focus on Blogging and YouTube. I also tell them that the latter is quicker if they want fast results.

In this post, I will share with you the best approach for MLM Video Marketing that I use to generate lots of leads.

My 4 MLM Video Marketing Tips

1. Do MLM Company Reviews – Ok, I’m sure you have seen these and you may or may not be interested in doing them.

The fact is that thousands of people a day go online to learn about MLM Companies. They typically do searches for things like “MLM Company Scam” or “MLM Company Review”. It’s perfectly fine for you to capitalize on this. After all, everyone else is. Also, the best form of marketing you can do is intercepting people looking for so called competitors.

2. Provide Value With Your Videos – Instead of simply saying that a company is a “scam”, I recommend that you tell in your videos what you know about the company and how your training can help with the promotion of the company. Keep the content open to everyone, not just people who will want to join you.

Make it clear that you are not trying to recruit. After all, you don’t just promote your business opportunity. You offer other things such as coaching.

As an example, see my wake up now review video below.

Do you see how I don’t slam the company? In fact, I tell the story that I have worked with others who are in the company, which is completely true.

I advertise my training guide because it can help anyone regardless of the opportunity. I also give some very helpful training that would help anyone promoting Wake Up Now.

3. Create curiosity with your Title – It’s fine to go along with the “scam question” in my opinion. After all, if you think the training provided within a company could potentially be scammy then you have every right to say that.

Also, your video title should create some drama and suspense to ignite curiosity from people. This will make your video stand out amongst the crowd.

To see an example of this, you can see my Genesis Pure Review video below and see how the title hooks people in:

The video above also gives a specific call to action (twice) to go to the capture page. You have to do this.

4. Help people succeed with any opportunity – You can also create videos that simply aim to give the “top earner secrets” needed to succeed with that particular company. This way, you are simply giving the best training possible to succeed with any opportunity.

See my youtube video below where I reveal how people can use the opportunity to make a lot of money!

5. Be An Authority And Teach – You should always be “teaching” in your videos to demonstrate your expertise within network marketing. It’s also essential to be providing value and giving good quality advice. Don’t pitch your opportunity. It’s cringe-worthy! Instead give something away for free like I do. See this post for more help with that.

I hope this post gives you some good ideas on how mlm video marketing can help your business. If you want to know more about the ranking of videos, see my posts here and here.

Also, if you want some “advanced” training on generating leads with video and blogging, grab the lead generation blueprint for free below:

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The lead generation blueprint should help you get to 64 leads per day!

mlm leads using youtubeLet me know if you have any questions about the video marketing tips above.

Also, please share and comment if you have got value from this post.


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