My Elite Marketing Alliance Review but Not Promoting It!

elite marketing alliance reviewThere is a business opportunity that was pitched to me recently.

On first glance, it looks like its new, but as I will reveal later in my review, it’s actually a spinoff of something else.

Anyway, I am not endorsing or promoting this opportunity but hopefully my Elite Marketing Alliance Review will help you understand it better.

I will be talking about the products, comp plan and more.

I’ve also made a video as well which you can watch below:

Check out my Elite Marketing Alliance Review on YouTube if you want!

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What The Heck Is Elite Marketing Alliance?

Launched in 2010, Elite Marketing Alliance is part of the health and wellness MLM niche.

Listed as president of the company is Robert (Bob) Yukes.

“Bob Yukes is a multi-level marketing veteran having worked eight years as a CFO in the industry prior to joining EMA.

As CFO at his previous endeavour, he was instrumental in raising $1 million dollars of additional financing to aid their expansion into international markets.”

Elite Marketing Alliance is listed on the Joy To Live website as the parent company. Joy To Live is well-known for heavy affiliate recruitment over retail sales. Joy to live was launched in 2010 as well, and is run by Founder and CEO Gerald Ricks. My best guess is that Ricks is also the owner of Elite Marketing Alliance.

Ricks also launched Magic 10 Marketing last year, which markets bottles of silver and is widely seen as a recruitment scheme.

Although Yukes’ bio states that he has been in the MLM industry for 8 years, I personally was not able to find any information as to where he worked prior to EMA and Joy To Live.

elite marketing alliance scam

What Are The Elite Marketing Alliance Products Being Sold?

“At EMA, we believe that we are going to be changing people’s lives with not just our exciting compensation plan, but with our outstanding lind of products.

We have taken the time to develop products made with the finest ingredients possible. They are all quality tested to meet our stringent requirements.

We are confident that you will be truly happy with what we bring to you.”

Some of the products that are displayed on the website are:

  • Elixir Blast – a “complete nutritional drink”
  • Affinity – “youthfulness, increased vitality, stronger immune system, reduced inflammation, enhanced sexuality.”
  • Optimum-Weight Loss – appetite suppressant

Elite Marketing Alliance does not list any retail pricing on their site.

What About The Compensation Plan?

Elite Marketing Alliance utilizes a 3X10 matrix along with several performance bonuses.

Elite Marketing Alliance Affiliate Ranks

The Elite Marketing Alliance contains 11 ranks.

  • EB0 – generate a minimum of 10 PV per month
  • GB1 – maintain a minimum of 10 PV and generate 20 GV per month
  • GB2 – generate 20 PV and 220 GV per month – Or – purchase an Elite Gold enrolment pack
  • GB3 – generate 30 PV and 920 GV per month – or – purchase an Elite Platinum enrolment pack
  • GB4 – generate 40 PV and 3220 GV per month – or – purchase an Elite Titanium enrolment pack
  • GB5 – generate 50 PV and 12,220 GV per month
  • GB6 – generate 60 PV and 42,220 GV per month
  • GB7  – generate 70 PV and 92,220 GV per month
  • GB8 – generate 80 PV and 222,220 GV per month
  • GB9 – generate 90 PV and 500,220 GV per month
  • GB10 – generate 100 PV and 1,622,220 GV per month

There is a restriction that states no more than 50% of the GV can come from any one unilevel leg.

Retail Commissions

According to the Elite Marketing Alliance website, affiliates can earn “up to 56%” retail commission.

Recruitment Commissions

When signing up for Elite Marketing Alliance, one of the following enrolment packs must be purchased:

  • Elite Mini – $22
  • Elite Gold – $122
  • Elite Platinum – $222
  • Elite Titanium – $422

A recruitment commissions is paid out on these enrolment packs, up to 10 levels of the unilevel grid.

A unilevel compensation structure places you at the top of the unilevel team, and any personally recruited affiliates on level 1. If these affiliates then recruit affiliates of their own, they are placed on your level 2, and so on.

elite marketing alliance compensation plan

Elite Marketing Alliance has placed a cap at the 10th level, and recruitment commissions are paid out as follows:

  • Elite Mini – $1 down ten levels
  • Elite Gold – $5 down ten levels
  • Elite Platinum – $10 down ten levels
  • Elite Titanium – $20 down ten levels

Residual Commissions

Elite Marketing Alliances utilizes a 3×10 matrix in order to pay out residual commissions.

A 3×10 matrix places you at the top of your team, with three positions below you on Level 1. Those positions are then split into three as well, resulting in 9 positions on your Level 2.

  • EBO – 2% on Level 1-5
  • GB1 – 2% on Level 1-5 and 3% on Level 6
  • GB2 – 2% on Level 1-5 and 3% on Level 6 & 7
  • GB3 – 2% on Level 1-5 and 3% on Level 6-8
  • GB4 – 2% on Level 1-5 and 3% on Level 6-9
  • GB5 – 2% on Level 1-5 and 3% on Level 6-10

A matching bonus is also available to recruited affiliates.

Global Bonus

The Global Bonus is made up of 20% of Elite Marketing Alliance company-wide sales volume, and is paid out monthly.

Elite Club

The Elite Club is made up of 5% of Elite Marketing Alliance company-wide sales volume, and is paid out monthly.

Revenue Sharing

This is an additional bonus pool made up of 6% of company-wide sales volume.

Car and Home Bonuses

A GB6 affiliate may qualify for a monthly car bonus of up to $822 per month.

A GB7 affiliate may qualify for a monthly home bonus of up to $2,220 per month.

Cost of Joining Elite Marketing Alliance?

Joining Elite Marketing Alliance required the purchase of an enrollment pack:

  • Elite Mini – $22
  • Elite Gold – $122
  • Elite Platinum – $222
  • Elite Titanium – $422

The level of the enrollment pack is directly tied to income potential.

Is There An Elite Marketing Scam Going On?

From studies I’ve done on the internet, there are people suggesting that there is some kind of Elite Marketing Alliance scam going on.

But is there any truth to this?

Is Elite Marketing Alliance a scam or a completely valid business opportunity?

In all honesty, it is actually legit.

However, just because it’s not a scam does not mean I recommend it.

There are some pretty big flaws.

See the next section for some of those.

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Here’s My Elite Marketing Alliance Review Conclusion!

The whole Elite Marketing Alliance opportunity is really just a half-baked spin-off of Joy To Live.

First, a lot of the links on the site don’t even work, and there isn’t a very wide variety of products.

The one advantage of Elite Marketing Alliance over Joy To Live is the stronger focus on retail sales.

However, the enrolment packs are straight-up chain recruitment, and the fact they encourage auto-ship because failure to maintain an auto shipment could result in a loss of your potential commissions,” easily makes this a pyramid scheme.

Add into this the pay to play element, it gets even more sketchy.

This opportunity will have you chasing constant recruitment and give you an uphill battle with huge attrition. I’d think twice about this one and instead go for something like Internet Funnel System (which I wrote about recently). Internet Funnel System is far more sustainable than this as it’s not just “pay to play”!

I don’t recommend it as part of my Elite Marketing Alliance Review conclusion!

However, whatever you promote (whether it’s this business or something else), your success is dependent on you learning how to market.

To do that, grab my training below.

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