4 Of My Favourite MLM Sponsoring Tips

mlm sponsoring tipsIf you are in Network Marketing, your business ultimately depends on how many reps you can sponsor per day/week/month/year.

Why do I state this obvious fact?

It’s because a lot of people get hung up on “leads”. How many leads can you get per day?

It can be like a competition.

The only important thing though is that you have a way of getting “laser targeted” leads and then converting them into team members.

Your conversions!

At the end of the month, yes, it’s important to look at your “lead flow” but ultimately, you need to look at how many you have sponsored. What is your conversion rate? What is your lead to sale conversion rate?

I will give you my 4 specific MLM Sponsoring tips in recruiting more reps into your business. My specialism is online network marketing so that is where my advice comes from.

Here are 4 Of My Favorite MLM Sponsoring Tips

1. Build a relationship – Let’s be honest here. Network Marketing is a “people” business, even for those of us who recruit mostly online. We still need to build relationships, whether it’s with the phone or our autoresponder followup sequence.

In fact, pretty much all of business depends on “building a relationship”. If you look around at the big brands, you will see countless examples of how they build a relationship with you. Look at how they use social media!

Understand this concept and always aim to build rapport with your prospects. As an example, see my post here about using social media to grow your MLM business.

2. Don’t lead with the opportunity – Every single day, I see people on Facebook who lead with the opportunity and get no results. Like Ray Higdon says about this, if you lead with the opportunity, “it raised resistance”. If you lead with training, “it raises curiosity, whilst lowering resistance.”

This is one of the fundamentals of Attraction Marketing. See my post here for help with Attraction Marketing.

Summary: Lead with training, value and helpful advice. Build a relationship (see point 1.) and then you can introduce your opportunity when the time is right.

3. Have an online system – First of all, I believe in doing both (online and offline). However, I would say that (these days) having an online system is absolutely essential.

Why does this relate to sponsoring?

If you have an online system for getting leads, you are more likely to sponsor more reps. Let’s face it, the Internet is the future and most people would rather join an opportunity or system that markets online, instead of “3 -way calls”, “home meetings” etc. It represents the best kind of home business opportunity. Who can deny the power and leverage of the Internet?

To better understand how to generate lots of leads (25-50 per day!) online, you can grab my free ebook below (it explains how I do it).

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4. Get them started quickly – I also learnt this from studying Ray Higdon. This is known as a “Score in 24”. You should aim to get your team members started as quickly as possible, and get them a result fast.

I’ve always believed and followed this strategy.

For example, within my opportunity, we have something called the “Fast Start” training that helps people get started as fast as possible. We also have lots of training laid out specifically for newbies so no-one feels overwhelmed.

mlm recruiting tipsFollow those 4 MLM Sponsoring tips and your recruiting should improve. Remember what it feels like to join a new opportunity. Put yourself into the perspective of your prospect. Provide value to them first and pitch later.

Be ethical.

That is the best advice I can give!

Do you follow the tips I outlined?

Or, do you have more MLM Sponsoring Tips to share?

Please let me know in the comments section below. We would be interesting in hearing them.


  1. Hello,

    Awesome MLM tips, building relationship is really important in MLM to let the people know more about the business we are doing or to drive more audience in it.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great post Nick and thanks for the tips.

    I have to agree that an online presence has huge benefits. Your website or blog has a global reach and is working for you 24 hrs a day.

    A good balance of online and offline methods is probably the best approach.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Brian,

      Thanks a lot!

      Yes, that is the power of Blogging. It’s a fantastic feeling having an “online asset” that works 24/7 to generate leads. Even at the weekends, I can see leads coming through from my website.

      Offline Marketing is also very powerful. What I do is: I get my online methods generate quite a few leads per day, and I also schedule some “offline marketing” activities; things like “dropcards”. Both offline and online work very well. They also have their own advantages and disadvantages.

      Many thanks for your comment Brian.

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