My Free MLM Training Ebook Guide For You

In this post, I want to give some detail on my free mlm training ebook that is designed to help you build your MLM business on the Internet.

This website has always been primarily about online lead generation for network marketers and this Ebook is a development of that.

It’s a way of showing you “step by step” how to get laser targeted leads from the Internet that will make great signups for your Network Marketing opportunity.

I am going to go over what is included in the Ebook below, but if you want to grab your free copy right away then see below:

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Why Did I Write This Ebook?

As I used to struggle a lot with exclusively recruiting offline, I wanted to put something together that transforms “offline” mlm recruiters into online marketing superstars. This is the ebook that I would have wanted many years ago, and it gives the scoop on how powerful the Internet can be for getting you leads and new team members.

After looking at a lot of the other mlm ebooks out there, I noticed that they would lead with the wrong kind of training. Normally, people who are getting started with a home business do not have a huge advertising budget that they can invest in Facebook Ads. There is a good chance that you don’t have a vast advertising budget and so in this guide, I lead with the “Free” methods (specifically “Content Marketing”).

What Is In My Free MLM Training Ebook?

The guide is split into 4 specific sections and I’ll go through each one:-

1. Get Endless Leads Online With A Blog – As already mentioned, there is a strong chance that you don’t have a vast marketing budget, and in a lot of ways, it would be very foolish for you to jump straight into Paid Traffic. For it to really work, you need a high converting funnel and specific skills tracking ROI and conversion rates. In step 1, I explain how content marketing works in getting you endless leads through blogging and other content marketing. These leads arrive whilst you are sleeping, socializing or spending time with your friends and family.

2. Promote Affiliate Products – The no.1 rule is to not lead with your opportunity. In fact, you can lead with your own teaching that will demonstrate you as an authority. You should also be aware that most will not join your opportunity and as a business owner, you should be aiming to create multiple streams of income from different sources. This is because you need to make money on all of your marketing. If you are only promoting your network marketing opportunity, then you are leaving money on the table. The solution is to promote courses, tools and systems in which you earn a commission.

I go through this step in detail in the ebook.

3. Automate Your Marketing – The Internet gives you the opportunity to “automate your marketing” and this will give you greater time freedom and leverage for your business. If you can automate a specific sales funnel, this gives you time to work on other income-producing activities and scale your business effectively.

In this section, I tell you how specifically to automate your marketing so that it works at getting you leads whilst you are sleeping.

4. Sell High-Ticket Products – Most home business commissions are very small and this can damage your bank account. If you don’t sell anything that is high ticket, then you will struggle to get effective cash flow into your business. This is a huge problem I see with many mlm business owners. They run out of cash flow and “don’t manage to stay in the game“.

Throughout this section, I give a run-down of why it is essential to have high ticket products that can get you higher commissions and strong cash flow.

I truly hope that my free mlm training ebook helps you build your business opportunity on the Internet.

Once again, here is the form to get the guide:

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free mlm training guideAt some point, I do plan to put the guide on sale (not sure when that will be) so make sure to
grab it whilst it’s free.

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