What Is On Your Network Marketing Daily Routine?

network marketing daily routineTony Robbins says that the “daily rituals” we have are crucial for our success. That philosophy is what has inspired me to share with you my Network Marketing Daily Routine and encourage you to create your own.

It’s because these small daily successes add up over time to produce massive results.

Withing Network Marketing, you need to take this mature approach to building your business.


Because it is a long term process and so you need a long term mindset. It’s all about having a clear strategy and taking consistent action each day to move you close to success.

I’ve spoken before about the importance of having a daily action plan, and I want this post to show what I do each day with my own Network Marketing Daily Routine so you may be able to take ideas for yourself.

So, What is It That Needs To Be On Your Network Marketing Daily Routine?

Well, everyone is different but I believe there are some things that we must do every single day.

Here are the 4 Things I think you need to be doing each day:

1. Produce A Piece Of Content – Recently I’ve talked about the importance of content marketing and how it can eventually create MLM Leads from thin air! The point is that you should really have a content marketing plan in place, and I recommend that you aim to publish at least 1 piece of content each day.

What can it be? I recommend producing Blog Posts and/or Videos.

This content can get you leads passively over time and give you great leverage for the future. It’s a long term strategy just like Network Marketing. 🙂

2. Mindset Training – To be successful within Network Marketing (or anything for that matter), you need to be “strong on the inside” and therefore you must have a strong mindset. There is actually a process behind this.

Therefore, you need to have a process worked into your day that strengthens your mindset.

I will give some examples: I meditate every single day and this helps keep my mind focused and calm on my network marketing daily routine. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all of the different tasks that you have to do.

You should also read personal development books that fill your mind with positive energy. You don’t have to sit there and read all day, but you should have time for 30 minutes where you can read and work on personal development. Keep your mind strong! 🙂

3. Some Form of Marketing Training – If you are building your network marketing business online (and I recommend that you do) then you obviously need to have a process for learning new traffic and lead generation methods. Make sure that your day mainly consists of “action” but have some time for learning new marketing skills. I block out 1 hour for marketing training and this keeps me up to speed with the latest methods. In terms of “what kind” of training, I am part of the Daily Marketing Coach which is a mentorship and training program that always has new training for us network marketers.

4. Speaking With Prospects – Yes, even though you are building your business on the Internet, you should still be using the phone and building rapport. The difference is that you will be talking to better qualified prospects.

You shouldn’t be “cold calling” but you should be talking to qualified leads who have opted in to your sales funnel. Once you have their phone number (from a front end product purchase), you can then call your leads to build a relationship.

This is a people business and if you want great results, you should be talking to people every day. This will help you convert and sponsor far more people then if you were hiding behind your computer.

I hope the tips above are useful. I have also shot a youtube video (below) giving these MLM Daily Routine tips on video if you would like to watch!

I hope the video above helps.

If you are wondering how to actually do the steps each day and generate regular leads and signups, see below for my free guide that you can slot into your action plan:

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network marketing daily scheduleThe tips and the video above should help you craft your network marketing daily schedule and action plan. Remember that the “daily action” adds up over time to produce remarkable results!

What is on your Daily Schedule?

Let me know in the comments section below, and please “like” and share if you gain value.


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