What Is Your Network Marketing Lead Generation Strategy?

network marketing lead generationDid you know that “overwhelm” is one of the biggest problems network marketers face?

Yes, it’s true. I see so many people join a new opportunity or learn a new marketing strategy, only to quit within 90 days.

The truth is that “people quit all sorts of things” and that is where the high failure rate comes from.

People get involved with marketing their business opportunity on the internet and often quit because it’s too confusing.

In reality, the problem is that they are overwhelmed because they are trying to do every strategy at once. This is a rookie mistake.

My approach through my training has always been to focus on “1 specific lead generation strategy” and mastering it before moving onto the next one.

The point is that there are so many different ways of getting MLM Leads that you need to have a point of focus, and this will help you avoid overwhelm.

So, my question for you is this:

Just What Is Your Network Marketing Lead Generation Strategy?

You need to know this because it determines how successful you will be. If you see my posts here and here, I talk about the importance of having an MLM Business plan and this is so important.

Each day should be planned out in advance and there shouldn’t be “random activity”. You should have a good grasp of productivity. If you really want to boost your productivity, watch this YouTube video from Dave Dee (chief marketing officer of GKIC) giving some great tips on productivity.

In it, he talks about the importance of “blocking out/scripting your day” so that everything runs to a schedule.

For example, know that you will spend time blogging between the hours of 9:00am-10:00am every morning. Being punctual is also a crucial part of productivity. You shouldn’t let anything get in the way of your daily routine.

Focus Like A Laser Beam

One thing for sure is that if you focus like a laser beam on “1 specific strategy” for a sustained period of time, you will see huge results!

Now, this doesn’t mean you will never have to take on another strategy. It simply means that you will put your energy into a single strategy for long enough for it to work.

I see so many network marketers who are all over the place. One week they will be trying out Facebook, and the next week they have dropped Facebook and are focusing on YouTube! Rather than spreading yourself too thin, become an expert on 1 strategy and do it until you can get it to 30 leads per day.

Plan Your Month In Advance

Another tip I have is to start each month with a plan of action. Now, this could be dictated from the “year plan” or overall strategy, but you may have to course correct if things are not going as you want.

Make sure to know what you want to achieve each month and this can be split between each week.

Finally, you should be doing things on a day by day basis. You should have targets for each day. For example, if you decide to “blog daily” which I highly recommend, each day you should be publishing your quota of 1 blog post. Over a month (Monday to Friday), this adds up to 20 Blog posts. In a year, this equals 240 Blog Posts. Trust me, if you have followed my optimisation tips, this will get you plenty of leads!

Find Your Method

Think about what network marketing lead generation method best appeals to you. Blogging, YouTube and Facebook seem to be the most popular amongst people, but these days there are many more to choose from with Pinterest, Instagram and Forum Marketing.

If you need help deciding which lead generation strategy is best for your network marketing opportunity, see below:

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That should give you some good ideas of traffic methods to get to 25-50 leads per day!

I talk about some of those in my Qnet Reviews video below:

leads for network marketingI hope this post gives you some valuable insights into avoiding overwhelm by having a clear network marketing lead generation strategy.

Remember that most people fail because they are “all over the place” and each day is filled with random activity.

Don’t be like this. Have a clear plan of action and adjust over time by monitoring the results.

This will get you success in network marketing.

Any questions about forming a strategy?

Let me know in the comments, and please share if you have got value.


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