OXO Worldwide Review – Not From Affiliate Distributor!

OXO Worldwide is a company that kept a low profile for a long time. But I heard about it from someone on my email list (who naturally was trying to pitch this MLM Business opportunity to me). Be aware that I am not trying to get you to join this company and I am not […]

Limu Review – I’m Not A Distributor!

A lot of people have recently been telling me about Limu and it’s certainly been buzzing this year. But is it really worth the hype? Well, I decided to do one of my well known company reviews to find out. First of all, understand that I am not promoting the company for your commission and […]

Norwex Review – I’m NOT a Distributor!

Recently, this business opportunity known as Norwex has received a lot of attention. And I found out about it because someone was pitching me it on Facebook. This happens way too often. Anyway, please note that I am NOT promoting this company. This is an unbiased review of the company. After hearing about this company […]

Beyond Organic Review from Non Distributor!

Whenever there is a new mlm company/business opportunity, you can feel the hype coming from a mile away. I often get approached with people telling me to “get in on the ground floor”. Recently, someone was giving similar hype about a company that started a few years ago. This guy was hyping about Beyond Organic […]

Total Life Changes Review – Unbiased And Not Promoting!

There are different methods that people use to “pitch” me business opportunities without asking. There are facebook chat pitches and there are email pitches to name a couple. Well, the other day, someone on my mailing list “replied” to one of my emails (that was giving valuable free training) and he said “you can make […]

Allysian Sciences Review From Non Distributor!

You tend to hear all the hype about “pre-launches” when you are surfing the network marketing groups on Facebook. And that is what happened a few days ago. Please NOTE I am not promoting or endorsing this new MLM company called Allysian Sciences. Also be aware that you will see a lot of reviews for […]

Javita Coffee Review – From Unbiased Non Distributor

Recently, there has been a lot of hype about this company on the forums, facebook and other social media. In fact, I was pitched this opportunity recently simply because I’m a coffee drinker. Because of that, they wanted to put me in front of the Javita company presentation! But all is not what it appears. […]

Isagenix Review – Not A Sales Associate (Unbiased!)

A lot of the times, one of my followers will ask for “my opinion” about a network marketing company they have been “pitched” or are simply researching. Well, recently I was asked about Isagenix. Please note this is an unbiased review and I am not promoting or endorsing Isagenix. This is a 3rd party review […]

Clever Container Review – Not Promoting It!

There is a company that has been gaining a lot of traction recently called Clever Container. (please note that this is an “unbiased” review and I am not promoting or endorsing the company for a commission). One of my followers asked me about this company the other day. Unfortunately (at the time), my knowledge was […]

TruVision Health Review – I’m Not Trying To Recruit You!

This is a new MLM company called TruVision Health LLC that has been receiving a lot of attention recently . Now, I want to make it clear that I am not a rep for the company. And I am not “trying to sponsor” you like so many of the “biased” affiliate link loaded reviews! I […]