Norwex Review – I’m NOT a Distributor!

norwex reviewRecently, this business opportunity known as Norwex has received a lot of attention.

And I found out about it because someone was pitching me it on Facebook.

This happens way too often.

Anyway, please note that I am NOT promoting this company.

This is an unbiased review of the company.

After hearing about this company (and getting pitched on it), I went and did some research to find out all about it. Rest assured that this is an unbiased Norwex Review unlike a lot of the reviews out there that are simply trying to recruit you and get your commission.

Watch out for the biased reviews that are just trying to recruit you into the business opportunity.

You can also watch my video review below:

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So, What Exactly Is Norwex?

Well, it’s a Norwegian based MLM/Network Marketing company and their motto is “Clean without Chemicals”.

This is appropriate as their products are cleaning products.

The spin on the products is that there are no chemicals within them which is better for the environment.

So, this is a noble cause and I have no problems (with this).

Apparently, according to the company history, they were founded in 1994 and expanded to the US and Canada in 1999. So, they are very international and global! In fact, they have a presence in the UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand to name a few places!

Apparently, they have over 20,000 distributors worldwide.

Distributors can gain commissions by selling the products on a retail basis, or by recruiting others into their “downline” as part of the Norwex business opportunity.

For the latter method, the distributor would then earn a percentage of the sales made by their “downline” team members.

The distributor role for Norwex is known as an independent sales consultant.

What Are The Norwex Products Then?

As mentioned before, the products that Norwex sells are “Cleaning” products and you can see an image of them below:

norwex scams

A particular specialism of the products is the microfiber cleaning cloths and you can see them in the image above.

It doesn’t seem too groundbreaking to me, but apparently they have anti-bacterial fibers which get rid of dirt and dust.

That’s pretty good but not exactly groundbreaking.

Anyway, from looking on the message boards and testimonials, I couldn’t see any complaints or issues from the products.

In addition to the Norwex cleaning products, they also have personal care and general home items in their product line.

What About The Compensation Plan?

So, like I mentioned before, there are essentially 2 ways that you can make money with an MLM company such as this.

You can sell the cleaning products and gain retail commissions.

This is fine but normally not where the “big money” is made.

Or, you can recruit others into your network marketing team (downline). You then gain commissions based on their sales and performance.

To be honest, the top earners are earning their money by recruiting.

It’s therefore important for the compensation plan to be solid, as that is how distributors get paid through their network.

So, what is the Norwex Compensation Plan like then?

Well, this was very difficult to uncover.

And I couldn’t find info on the Norwex comp plan.

But I will keep looking.

However, what I did discover is that there is a strong emphasis on “Home Parties” to recruit.

Basically, this is when you throw a party at your house, and invite friends, family and strangers over.

You are then meant to demonstrate the products as well as the business opportunity, and hopefully sell and/or recruit.

To be honest, these methods are very out of date and they don’t duplicate well so I don’t recommend.

Even if the compensation plan for Norwex is solid, these tactics are not!

Just be aware that these are the tactics you will be taught if you become a Norwex independent sales consultant so make sure you are ready for that kind of work.

Is Norwex A Scam Or A Legit Business Opportunity?

A lot of the times, people will look at a “pyramid shaped” structure such as an mlm opportunity, and immediately say that it’s a scam.

However, remember that everything in life is shaped as a pyramid and so that doesn’t hold true.

Don’t believe the Norwex Scams rumours you hear about.


There are a lot of distributors out there with “sour grapes”, perhaps because they failed to achieve good results with Norwex.

And instead of taking personal responsibility, they go and call Norwex a scam or pyramid scheme, and it isn’t either of these things.

From my research, it looks like a legitimate business opportunity. I also like that they have products which aim to improve your health (no chemicals). Improving lifestyle and health is a noble cause and this is a similar approach to companies like Total Life Changes and Beyond Organic which I’ve recently covered.

Of course, if you do research online on any mlm company, you will see reports of lawsuits and you will see complaints, but don’t believe everything you read!

I also noticed some rivalry with another company called Shaklee. I saw quite a few Norwex vs Shaklee videos.

No doubt these videos are very biased and their slant will be based on what company they are in!

I don’t recommend joining the slanging match!

My Norwex Review Conclusion

Whilst the company is not a scam or pyramid scheme, there is a high failure rate within MLM (98%) and I firmly believe that this is down to out of date tactics being taught to distributors.

Such as home parties, prospecting strangers and recruiting friends and family.

Unfortunately, from my research, it looks like Norwex teaches these tactics and not “cutting edge” online marketing tactics.

To that end, if you want to learn how to market properly, feel free to get my free ebook below which shows I generate 43-70 leads per day (using mostly free traffic methods!).

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If you want to put a marketing plan together for your Norwex business, then this will really help you.

Or, if you want to do something different, my ebook will help you with that. It answers questions relating to business opportunities and different models available.

It applies to any business.

And no, I’m not going to be discussing the Norwex vs Shaklee slanging match either! lol

I’ve tried to give my honest opinion in my Norwex Review and I noticed that a lot of reviews out there are simply trying to recruit you as fast as possible. I’ve tried to answer the questions about Norwex that people have.

The business opportunity is legit but you will need a marketing strategy, so grab my ebook that will help you here.

The business opportunity is not a scam. If you hear reports of complaints or lawsuits about any mlm opportunity, don’t worry too much as there are lots of fallacies out there.

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