The Online Business Mistakes You Must Avoid!

online business mistakesAll over facebook and twitter, I see online business owners who are struggling or things just aren’t going the way that they want.

So, it got me thinking and it got the cogs turning in my mind.

And I decided plan and publish this kind of post.

A post to talk about the online business mistakes and things you must “avoid” if you want to run your own small or large online business and live the lifestyle of your dreams.

These are the kinds of mistakes that I see people make all the time, whether it’s my students or team members.

Now, there are plenty of people not making these mistakes. They are out there producing quality content and thought leadership. For example, I recently discovered this very thoughtful post about how to really market your business online. These are the kinds of things people should be focusing on, but alas, they are not.

A lot of people out there are not marketing like this. They are making the 2 killer mistakes that sets them up for failure.

Avoid these mistakes and your chance of success will greatly increase in this crazy industry.

These Online Business Mistakes Create The High Failure Rate

You must know by now that when running an online business there is a very high failure rate.

Therefore, there are lots of mistakes that you really need to avoid, and hence, the reason for me writing this post.

So I am going to go through some of them.

1. Not Treating Your Business Seriously Enough – It will sound obvious, but it is a crucial error to not treat your business seriously enough from the start.

There are lots of people who get involved in starting an online business because it has such a lower barrier to entry and a low start up cost. Now, we know that most people just want to know how to make money quick and easy, and so they see this as a real opportunity to take advantage of.

Setting up a blog can be done very quickly and for as cheap as $100 per year and so people see it as an easy internet business which is the wrong mentality. You make think it’s cheap to make money blogging your heart out but it’s very competitive my friend!

Become an affiliate to promote products on somehwhere like Clickbank is Free (in most cases).

Because of this mentality, most people simply don’t take it seriously enough and there is an “easy in, easy out” mindset from the beginning.

Now, this is a real problem because people get started and if it is not working after a few weeks or a few months, they get discouraged and quit fairly quickly.

So, that is the number one online business mistake to avoid.

Just treat your internet business seriously even if it requires a low start-up cost.

If you look at other business models, you will notice that it takes a lot longer than a few weeks or months to gain traction.

But no, people in our industry don’t see it like that. They just want to make money online as fast as humanely possible.

After all, we live in a society of “instant gratification”.

Well, they are setting themselves up for disappointment!

So, you need to set the proper expectations for your business.

2. Don’t Fall Into “The Training Pit” – The second point I will mention is avoid falling into the training pit or training library.

This is essentially the scenario of purchasing course after course, attending webinars multiple nights of the week and never really implementing with all of this knowledge.

You may be buying all of these info courses trying to learn the secrets or the shortcuts.

The truth is that a lot of that is just hype, and very rarely are there any shortcuts.

It’s all an illusion.

When you are purchasing these courses day after day, it’s unlikely that you will be implementing any of it.

It’s a rookie error and one of the most common online business mistakes I see people making.

A lot of people get to the end of one course and then they are straight away buying another one!

And so, they are not focusing on any income producing activities.

I recommend you focus on activities that actually produce income and sales.

That’s what running a business is all about. Getting customers, clients and sales!

You need a daily online income system which means that each day you are focusing on things that bring in the money!

You will not get sales by going through an information course.

You will only get sales if you “implement” the training that you have learnt, so you shouldn’t need lots of courses. You should only need one.

After you have implemented everything, then later on, you can buy more courses. Just don’t get caught up in the “shiny object syndrome” where you are constantly hopping around to different products and never really implementing anything.

What Are Internet Income Producing Activities?

Income producing activities will be things like running a webinar for your list.

It will be things like producing content (blog posts or videos) that will get you passive leads over time.

It will be things like producing your own products or getting on the phone with your leads to close sales.

Those are the types of things that produce sales.

Another income producing activity could be linking up with J.V.’s (Joint Venture partners) who can help you build your list by joining forces.

Those sorts of things produce sales.

Buying lots and lots of training does not produce sales.
However I do completely understand that you need to go through some training.

The problem most people have is they are not just going through one course at a time and implementing it.

They are buying lots of courses but never really finishing any of them!

Or, if they do finish a info marketing product, they then buy another course without implementing the knowledge they have just learnt, Instead they are buying the next “shiny” make money online course.

So really you’ve got to just snap out of that.

If you really want to make money from the comfort of your own home, there is going to be plenty of work involved.

I have to shoot straight with you on that point.

But, if you want the best chance possible, graby my totally free video course which will will show you what you need to do to make fast money online (however, you still need to do the work). The course is completely free and you can grab it below:

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easy internet businessI hope this post has made you think about your approach in this industry.

Ask yourself how commited you are to your business.

If it were to take 2 years to gain traction, would you still do it?

Let me know in the comments.

Please share this post if you have gained value.


  1. Great post Nick, the “online crowd” makes things complicated for a lot of people but like you said focusing on income producing tasks is all that’s really needed. I use to by course after course until I realized what was actually working for me and it wasn’t the courses it was the essentials that you talk about. Thanks for the information.

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