Online Money University Review – Legit Or Scam?

Online Money University ReviewHas someone approached you lately about joining Online Money University?

This doesn’t surprise me – it’s been getting a lot of hype in the last couple of week, with people pitching it all the time.

First, let me make one thing clear – I am NOT in any way affiliated with Online Money University.

I simply wanted to gather all the details here for you in my Online Money University Review so you can make an informed decision.

Is Online Money University truly a scam?

Does it really work like the marketing materials say it will?

Read on to find out in my Review of Online Money University.

Let’s get going!

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What The Heck Is Online Money University?

Online Money University is owned and operated by Lalit Bajpai, someone who has been involved in many Ponzi schemes over the years. He describes his latest opportunity as ‘the greatest online business opportunity of 2016’, although these claims are questionable.

Based in Nasik, India, Lalit Bajpai has previously promoted ‘Revshare4DreamCar’, ‘Triple Threat’, ‘MyZoomAds’, ‘My Paying Ads’ and ‘MMM Global’. All of which appear to have collapsed- but this hasn’t stopped him from starting Online Money University as his next attempt.

What Can You Tell Me About The Online Money University Products?

There are no actual products available for affiliates to sell to customers. Opportunities for affiliates revolve around recruiting new members to the scheme. Included in the membership, however, is access to a variety of online videos, software and training ebooks.

What Can You Tell Me About The Online Money University Compensation Plan?

Online Money University uses a 5×5 matrix to arrange affiliates and calculate payments. When you join you are placed at the top of your matrix with five positions directly beneath. These five positions form level 1. Beneath each position on level one are a further five positions to form level 2. Splitting the level 2 positions into 5 more forms level 3, and so on until you reach level 5. This results in there being the following number of positions on each level to be filled by affiliates:

  • Level 1 – 5 positions
  • Level 2 – 25 positions
  • Level 3 – 125 positions
  • Level 4 – 625 positions
  • Level 5 – 3125 positions
  • Total Positions – 3905

These positions are filled by directly and indirectly recruiting new members into Online Money University, and you receive $2 for every position that is filled within your matrix.

Online Money University Recruitment Commission

Recruitment Commissions are also available through Online Money University, but they use a unilevel model to calculate these instead of the previous matrix model. A unilevel model works by placing you at the top of your own structure, similar to the 5×5 matrix before. This time, though, every person that you recruit yourself is placed in a position directly beneath you. This forms your level 1. Every person that those affiliates recruit is placed in a position directly beneath them, and this forms your level 2. Level 3 is formed in the same way too, and so on. In theory this structure can continue being made in this way forever, but Online Money University only pays commissions to its affiliates based upon the first 5 levels of their structure. The level on which a new affiliate is added determines how much commission you receive.

  • If a new affiliate joins your level 1 you will receive $6
  • If a new affiliate joins level 2 to 5 you will receive $2

Are There Membership Fees For Online Money University?

To become an affiliate member of Online Money University you are required to pay a $20 joining fee.

Is Online Money University A Scam?

If you’ve come across a review that says Online Money University is a scam while researching, I wouldn’t be surprised.

A lot of marketers will tell you something is a scam just so they can sell you something else.

So, can you trust those other reviews?

What is the truth about Online Money University? Is it really a scam, or is it legit?

I would say no, not exactly. However, there are a few things in the business you should be aware of – read on to the conclusion to find out what they are.

Knowing what you’re getting into is the best way to be successful.

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What’s your Conclusion About Online Money University?

Although it bundles a package of ebooks and videos with membership, Online Money University isn’t offering any products of actual value within its opportunity; whether for sale to affiliates or retail customers. This means that the structure pays affiliates solely from income generated by newly recruited affiliates, which is a pyramid type chain recruitment scheme. You must be very cautious with these setups because they are typically a way for the company owners to make a quick buck without any care to the affiliates that are signed up.

While it may seem as if money can be made here, the truth is the system is organized in a way that massively benefits those in the top positions (the company owners and early members) at the cost of everyone else. To fully fill your 5×5 matrix will need 3905 affiliates to take positions within it, which is a tough ask unless you were a part of it from the start. Lalit Bajpai will certainly be at the top of the company wide matrix and holding other positions to ensure he receives a large percentage of commission from the entire operation. He will likely make a fair sum from the company, but the inevitable collapse will leave everyone else in a precarious position.

Eventually the recruitment of new affiliates will slow down, and this is when pyramid schemes come into difficulty. With reduced income, payouts slow down which reduces the likeliness of current affiliates to re-invest and makes it more difficult to recruit new ones. Eventually this effect will spiral out of control and see an end to new affiliates joining the scheme. When this happens, payouts will cease altogether and those that have not earned back their initial investment will lose out. This will be the situation the vast majority of members of Online Money University find themselves in, with only a few being in a position where they actually make anything.

It’s likely Bakpai has had some unsuccessful experiences in pyramid schemes recently which has led to him setting this one up. Online Money University is not a sustainable investment opportunity at all and will only be able continue for as long as affiliates are able to convince new people to join. There are a wide range of sustainable companies out there that offer a legitimate investment opportunity, and it would be a much better idea to consider these propositions rather than the one being put forward by Online Money University.

I hope that you are able to use my research in my Online Money University Review to make a decision.

If you do decide to become an affiliate with Online Money University, make sure you take the time to learn how to market yourself.

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