Opulence Global reports revenue growth of 364%

Opulence Global ReviewAll around the internet, Opulence Global has been getting lots of buzz.

It would not surprise me if you told me you’ve heard of it, or someone has pitched it to you.

It’s also really popular on social media.

This first thing you should know is that I am NOT an affiliate or distributer for Opulence Global.

Is Opulence Global truly a scam?

Can you build a solid business with Opulence Global?

I have gathered all the details about Opulence Global so you can make an informed decision.

I’ll tell you everything you need to know in my Review Of Opulence Global.

Let’s get started.

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What The Heck Is Opulence Global?

Founded back in 2005, Opulence Global has had a few years of constant success and growth in the MLM space. It can be difficult to keep expanding after 15 years of being in business, but that’s something Opulence has been doing shockingly well as of late.

Opulence Global saw huge growth in June 2020 compared to its performance just a year before in June 2019, with some of the biggest advancements including the following:

  • 554% increase in new launches
  • 3388% increase in rank achievements
  • 142% increase in account renewals
  • 231% increase in monthly Smart Buys (aka auto ship orders)
  • 364% increase in total revenue

Those are all impressive numbers on their own, so the fact that Opulence Global was able to hit all of them in a single year is pretty insane.

Commenting on this exciting news, Opulence Global CEO Ramin Mesgarlou said:

“It used to be that when you talked MLM, you heard countries like the USA, Japan, Australia but today the fastest growing MLM markets are countries like Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia and middle East markets with large populations.

Opulence Global Scam

In Opulence Global we are attracting and developing great MLM leadership in communities in over 30 countries.

At almost 2 billion strong, the Middle East and other nations can provide the huge boost to the Direct Sales and MLM industries and this is good news for everyone as all waves rise all boats.”

There are lots of MLM brands that see considerable growth because of strong business models, but the level of improvement seen by Opulence Global in just a year’s time isn’t something that happens all the time. And, again, it’s especially impressive when you consider that Opulence Global has been in business since 2005.

Once again from CEO Ramin Mesgarlou:

“You will be hard pressed to find another industry that has the power to eliminate the issues of ethnicity, culture, religion, color, and education, as these are factors and realities that hampers social justice.

For this reason alone, I raise my hat in respect to the MLM industry for being the blue ocean in the shark infested waters of commerce and humanity.”

So, Is There A Opulence Global Scam Going On?

Have you heard that Opulence Global is a scam?

It’s hard to tell if this is true or not, because a lot of people are just trying to sell you something.

So, from reading this, is Opulence Global a scam or is it legit?

I would say no, but there are a few things to watch out for, find out what in the conclusion.

Learning about these things will make you successful – and see below for my FREE training on how to market yourself.

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Finally, My Opulence Global Review And Conclusion!

Did you find this Opulence Global Review useful?

I wanted to gather all the details for you, because I have noticed other Opulence Global reviews have been scant on details.

If you decide to proceed with Opulence Global, I want you to be successful.

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