OXO Worldwide Review – Not From Affiliate Distributor!

oxo worldwide reviewOXO Worldwide is a company that kept a low profile for a long time.

But I heard about it from someone on my email list (who naturally was trying to pitch this MLM Business opportunity to me).

Be aware that I am not trying to get you to join this company and I am not promoting as a distributor or affiliate. This is an unbiased review based on my research.

After hearing about it, I did some digging to and the results are this OXO Worldwide review that I have for you. I will specifically be talking about the company background, products, comp plan and management.

You can also watch my video format of the review as well. See below:

Check out my Oxo Worldwide Review video

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What is Oxo Worldwide?

So, Oxo Worldwide actually launched in 2013 and it seems to have had steady growth since then.

It’s a health and wellness MLM company – more info on the products a bit later.

The first “red flag” to mention is that there is no information on the OXO Worldwide website on “where” they are located. Also, couldn’t find anything on facebook and twitter profiles respectively.

It’s normally required (or expected) to detail where the company is based, their head office etc.

So, this is quite strange.

UPDATE: Another blogger also uncovered this anomaly. Apparently, they list an address from Nevada in the privacy policy. However, further research shows this to be a virtual office.

The company owner of OXO Worldwide is Douglas Yates and he is shown below.

oxo worldwide scam

According to the official website for OXO Worldwide, Yates has spent over $450,000 on development through training and tools.

From my research, it looks like his only prior experience of setting up an MLM opportunity was Global TV Studios. However, it looks like that collapsed. That is an important factor to be aware of if you are investing your hard earned money.

It’s difficult to assess the quality of the management team and leadership because there was not much information available.

What Is The Product Line?

Now, the OXO Worldwide products are certainly unique as you will find out!

As shown below, the products are called “quantum infused holograms” – sounds very Star Trek!

oxo worldwide products

Ok, there is some specific information on the company website about these:

“The holograms do not introduce foreign or new substances into your body.

There are no drugs or chemicals and the holograms don’t create anything that your body doesn’t already have.

The holograms just influence and balance the body’s cellular frequencies (or energy flow) which allows the cells to repair themselves (by design) and to resonate at their properly designed frequencies.”

With regards to the holograms available, it looks like there are 3 types:

RealTime “XP528” Energy – Apparently this provides “real energy that lasts all day” – This costs $69

RealTime Sleep – This “supports deep restful sleep” and costs $69.99

RealTime Relief – This “supports the body’s ability to relieve pain and aids in recovery” and costs $59.99

Finally, the products are sold in packs of 40 holograms.

Details About The Oxo Worldwide Compensation Plan

To achieve true leverage from an MLM/Network Marketing business opportunity, it’s important to have a clever comp plan.

So then, what is the compensation like for OXO Worldwide?

Well, for affiliates/distributors to qualify commissions, they have to have bought at least 100 PV (Personal Volume) of product (each month). As well as recruit the minimum of 2 affiliates.

And what are the ranks for OXO Worldwide?

Well, there are a few ranks detailed in the compensation plan and they are:

Bronze – To achieve this rank you need to have an autoship of 100 PV per month and reffered 2 others.

Silver – To achieve this rank you need to have an Autoship of 100 PV per month and referred 4 members on each size of the binary structure.

Gold – To achieve this rank you need to have an Autoship of 100 PV per month and referred 6 members (3 on each leg).

Platinum – To achieve this rank you need to have an Autoship of 100 PV every month and referred 8 members (4 on each leg)

Diamond – To achieve this rank you need to have an Autoship of 100 PV every month and referred 10 members (5 on each leg)

Double Diamond – To achieve this rank you need to have an Autoship of 100 PV every month and referred 12 members (6 on each leg)

Black Diamond – To achieve this rank you need to have an Autoship of 100 PV every month and referred 14 members (7 on each leg)

Finally, the compensation plan is a binary structure as shown below:

oxo worldwide compensation plan

The comp plan for OXO Worldwide is pretty good but lacks the finesse of a company like Norwex (in my humble opinion).

Is Oxo Worldwide A Scam Or A Legit Opportunity?

You may see the “recruiting” side of things and think that there is an OXO Worldwide scam taking place.

However, that is simply not true.

A legitimate business opportunity has “real” products that add value to the market place (in addition to the network marketing opportunity). OXO Worldwide at least has unique products that add value to the marketplace. And this means that there is no truth to any pyramid scheme or scam whispers.

These products can clearly help improve your health in a similar way to an opportunity like Total Life Changes which I wrote about recently.

Yes, there are real scams out there (in which there is no real product) but that isn’t the case here.

And Now My Oxo Worldwide Review And Conclusion

The main problems I saw were the “red flags” revolving the transparency of the company.

It was completely bizarre how there was no information about where the company are based.

Aside from this, the business opportunity looks legit but recruiting can (of course) be very difficult. It’s not just a case of pitching the OXO Worldwide presentation to everyone. You actually need people who are looking for a network marketing opportunity.

Specifically, generating leads online takes some skills and it doesn’t look like this business teaches them.

Therefore, whether you join OXO Worldwide (or another business opportunity), I recommend learning how to generate leads from my free ebook below.

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The company looks like it’s legit (despite some “red flags”).

A lot of the other “affiliate” reviews I saw did not point out the issues I mentioned so hopefully I have covered them in detail from my own review of OXO Worldwide.

The opportunity looks like it has potential but make sure to get my free ebook so you know how to market it properly!

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