Passive Crypto Review – But I’m Not Promoting It!

Passive Crypto ReviewHave you been noticing more and more hype for Passive Crypto lately?

This business is picking up a lot of steam, with people pitching it all over social media.

I want to tell you that I am NOT in any way affiliated with Passive Crypto.

I want to give you an unbiased opinion on Passive Crypto – is it a scam?

Is it legit?

Let me give you all the details in my Passive Crypto Review.

Will Passive Crypto deliver on all it’s promises?

Find out in my Review of Passive Crypto.

Let’s get going with the review!

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What Is The Passive Crypto Opportunity?

Passive Crypto is a seven-tiered cash-gifting scheme that operates under the guise of selling advertising credits. The website ( was registered on the 28th November 2016, but the details have been set to private which, in combination with the lack of information on the site itself about who owns or runs the company, casts an immediate doubt over things. The only clue about who is responsible for Passive Crypto is if you try to sign up to the plan without having an affiliate referral code. In this case, it automatically fills in the referring affiliate name as being Muhammad Shakeel but, annoyingly, it’s impossible to find out anything further about this person even though he is likely the owner of the company.

When considering investment with a company such as Passive Crypto, it is vital that you research the backgrounds of those that are operating them so you have a realistic idea of the risks you are taking. Any company that is as secretive about their corporate structure as this should be approached with a great deal of caution. Most legitimate companies will happily provide this information, so those that do not require even further research to determine why this might be the case, and can often be a sign that they know the company is set up in a shady way that will end badly, and so don’t want the members who lose out to be able to track them down.

Passive Crypto Scam

What Can You Tell Me About The Passive Crypto Products?

Passive Crypto does not offer any services or products for affiliates to market to retail customers. The affiliates are, instead, able to sell membership to the company itself. The plan on offer involves gift payments which, when sent, also grant the affiliate adcredits that can be exchanged for advertising space on the Passive Crypto website.

What Can You Tell Me About The Compensation Plan?

The Passive Crypto plan involves affiliates making gift payments to other affiliates and, in return, being able to receive gift payments from newer affiliates.

These payments are organized by using a 2×7 matrix structure. This is created by placing the initial affiliate in a position at the top of the structure. Two new positions are created beneath this affiliate, and these positions form the first level. The second level is formed by creating a further two positions beneath each of those on level one, and this process continues in the same way until seven levels have been formed. All positions are filled by direct and indirect recruitment methods, with a 2×7 matrix holding a total of 254 positions.

Each level in the matrix works independently to another, with an affiliate being required to make a gift payment for each level of the matrix they wish to unlock to receive payments from. The payments involved are monthly and as follows:

  • Level 1 – By gifting 0.02 BitCoin to the affiliate who recruited them, an affiliate becomes qualified to receive 0.02 BitCoin from the two affiliates on Level 1
  • Level 2 – By gifting 0.026 BitCoin, an affiliate becomes qualified to receive 0.026 BitCoin from each of the four affiliates on Level 2
  • Level 3 – By gifting 0.053 BitCoin, an affiliate becomes qualified to receive 0.053 BitCoin from each of the eight affiliates on Level 3
  • Level 4 – By gifting 0.2 BitCoin, an affiliate becomes qualified to receive 0.2 BitCoin from each of the sixteen affiliates on Level 4
  • Level 5 – By gifting 0.93 BitCoin, an affiliate becomes qualified to receive 0.93 BitCoin from each of the thirty two affiliates on Level 5
  • Level 6 – By gifting 1.33 BitCoin, an affiliate becomes qualified to receive 1.33 BitCoin from each of the sixty four affiliates on Level 6

Level 7 – By gifting 2.66 BitCoin, an affiliate becomes qualified to receive 2.66 BitCoin from each of the one hundred and twenty eight affiliates on Level 7

What Will It Cost To Join Passive Crypto

To become an affiliate member of Passive Crypto, and affiliate is required to have made the Level 1 payment of 0.2 BitCoin to the affiliate who recruited you. For full participation in the plan on offer, however, will cost a monthly fee of 5.219 BitCoin (approx. $4068 U.S as of December 2016)

Is Passive Crypto A Scam?

So, like with all business opportunities, you will hear things around the internet about there being a Passive Crypto scam or something like that.

And from what you have read, you may also wonder if this is legit or a complete scam.

So, what’s the truth?
Is there a Passive Crypto scam going on or is this legit?

Well, to be honest, Passive Crypto is not really a proper scam or anything like that.

But there are some things to be aware of (see conclusion section).

That is how you will be successful.

See below for help with making money.

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My Passive Crypto Review Conclusion

Despite offering ‘adcredits’ and using other language to try to give a sense of legitimacy, Passive Crypto is, in effect, simply offering a seven-tiered cash-gifting scheme. This is an unsustainable model in the long term, leaving Passive Crypto to suffer the same fate as all similar propositions. The problem comes from the number of affiliates that the scheme requires to keep all the expected payments going through. If you are planning on partaking in the full earning opportunity, you will be sending payments totaling $4068 per month, and relying on the involvement of a further two hundred and fifty four members, who are paying their amounts, to receive what you are entitled to. That is a huge number of members needed to simply pay you back, and the numbers quickly magnify when you realize that each of those members, themselves, need two hundred and fifty four subsequent members to receive their entitlement, and so on. Quite soon Passive Crypto requires many thousands of affiliate members making regular monthly payments to live up to the expectations that their current affiliates have, and this growth is unrealistic.

When recruitment cannot keep up with requirements, existing members will stop receiving expected payments and, therefore, stop making their own monthly payments. The problem will quickly spread through the whole system and cause the entire company to collapse. When this happens, any Passive Crypto affiliate who hasn’t made their money back will have lost out, a position that the vast majority of members will find themselves in. That is, of course, everyone apart from the company owners who will have pre loaded the best positions in their favor, giving them a chance to take as much money from as many people as possible before things go wrong (hence why they keep their identities secret).

Passive Crypto is another company that has been set up to con members out of their money in a way that makes it difficult for them to understand what has happened before it is too late. The model is unsustainable, and the company owners are fully aware of this. There are many other investment opportunities out there that give a much better chance of a healthy return, just stay far away from Passive Crypto- this one will not end well.

Hopefully, you have found my Passive Crypto Review useful.

I wanted to give a lot of details because there have been other review of Passive Crypto which were a bit thin on the detail side.

No matter what happens, if you really want to succeed with any business, you have to learn how to market properly.

And, my training below will help you do that and make money!

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