PM International Review – Legit Or Scam?

PM International ReviewRecently, PM International has been getting a lot of hype on the internet.

I have had people pitching this one to me on a near daily basis, in fact, and I have seen it making the rounds on social media as well.

I want to make it clear I am NOT promoting this business opportunity as an affiliate or distributor in any way.

I have done all my research in this PM International review do you can learn the honest truth and decide if it’s right for you.

Is PM International a scam? Is it legit?

Can it really deliver on it’s promises?

Let me tell you in my Review PM International.

Let’s get started.

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Seriously, What Is PM International?

Per PM International’s website, the company has been in operation since as far back as 1993. PM International initially launched as P.M. Cosmetics, but today the company operates in the niches of personal care and nutritional supplements.

Luxembourg appears to be the area of operation for PM International (it was Germany earlier on in the company’s life), and it’s claimed that the business is “one of Europe’s largest direct marketing companies in the areas of health, wellness, and beauty.”

There are apparently “around 150,000 successful distributors worldwide” for PM International, and the company is being run by Founder and CEO Rolf Sorg.

Sorg has a bio on PM International’s website, and it reads as follows:

“Rolf Sorg started off as a car mechanic. He was fascinated by direct marketing and during his first thee years sponsored an average of at least 10 business partners a month.”

There’s no visible information about Sort outside of PM International’s website regarding prior MLM involvements, but something I did come across was a lawsuit that Sorg won against Google in 2013.

Rolf Sorg claimed that Google was using his name in connection with the searches of “fraud” and “Scientology”, and in an interview with Bild after Sorg won, he said that he felt “Good! The judgment protects me and my name. I have nothing to do with fraud and Scientology.”

With that said, let’s take a closer look at PM International itself and see just what it has to bring to the table.

Pm International Scam

What Products Does PM International Sell?

Starting off with PM International’s product line, you’ll see that the company’s biggest brands include FitLine and BeautyLine. Through these two brands of products, the company offers a wide array of personal care and health-focused items.

Per the PM International website:

“The highly-quality [sic] nutritional supplements in our FitLine series include a unique Nutritional Transport Concept (NTC).

NTC brings nutrients to where they are needed, exactly when they are needed, to cellular level.”

We won’t go through every single product that PM International has to offer, but starting off with FitLine, here’s some of what you can expect:

  • Basics – “with the best from fruits, vegetables and cereals, fibers, live lactic bacteria and enzymes as well as valuable Indian Ayurvedic herbal extracts from, the digestive system is cared for in multiple ways” (600g box costs $69)
  • ProShape Amino – “a dietary supplement intended to meet the expenditure of intense muscular effort, especially for athletes” (115g canister costs $62)
  • CC-Cel Capsules – “for tauter skin against Cellulite” (60 capsules cost $64)

As for the BeautyLine products, PM International says the following:

“In the BeautyLine series, we offer you a line of high-quality cosmetics that are perfectly matched up to one another.

Natural ingredients ensure highest possible dermatological tolerance.

Gentle methods of manufacturing guarantee maximum purity and a continuously high level of quality.”

With BeautyLine products, you’ll find the likes of facial care cream, products for reducing grease and cleaning up pores, and more.

Info On The PM International Compensation Plan

Something that struck me as odd is the fact that PM International does not provide a copy of its compensation plan anywhere at all on its website.

As such, the following information has been taken from other sources that should offer an accurate glimpse for what you can expect from PM International.

For starters, retail commissions are paid to affiliates when they sell PM International products to a retail customer. The commission that’s paid is the difference in price between the wholesale and retail cost, and bonuses are offered if an affiliate has a standing order for 100 PV on autoship.

Recruitment commissions are also offered with.

Affiliates for PM International are paid $60 whenever they recruit someone that buys the company’s Pool Pack that ranges from $481 to $500.

Additionally, if you have the rank of Manager or higher, the commission is doubled to $120.

How Much To Join PM International?

If you’re interested in joining PM International, you’ll need to buy the “Demo Starter Pack” for $99.

According to PM International, “This kit contains a Demo Bag, sport bottle, 2 FitLine glasses, a spoon, and the two top-selling PM products to be used for doing demonstrations.”

As mentioned above, affiliates also have the chance to buy a Pool Pack.

The Optimal Combo Pack costs $481, with the 6 FitLine Optimal Set Pack costing $500.

Should an affiliate buy either of these two options, they’ll be omitted from the $99 Demo Starter Pack.

Seriously, Is PM International A Scam Or Is This Legit?

As I am sure you have heard with most business opportunities, there are a lot of scams on the internet, and PM International might be a scam with them.

Having read the review above, you might be wondering if PM International is legit or completely a scam.

So, is it a scam?

Is PM International a scam, or can you make a proper business with it?

Honestly, PM International isn’t a complete scam, but there are definitely some things to be aware of (see the conclusion section).

Whether you decide to join or not, you really need to master your marketing and lead generation.

This is the only way you will be successful.

See below for help with making money online.

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Here’s My PM International Final Thoughts!

If you’ve spent any amount of time in the MLM space, you’ll know that opportunities with a combo of personal care and health supplements for their product line are pretty commonplace.

This might come as a red flag to some people, but seeing as how PM International has been in business since the early 1990s, it seems like this formula is working well for the company.

Then again, that doesn’t mean PM International is free of any criticism.

The product line is pretty dry and not all that inserting, and to be honest, there’s nothing here that you haven’t see a hundred times before from other opportunities.

Additionally, the structure of the compensation plan gives me great pause.

Although retail sales are possible, there’s a very clear focus on that of autoship recruitment. In other words, affiliates are incentivized more to recruit affiliates that buy the Pool Pack gets when joining the company.

This means that it’s very easy for affiliates to focus on recruitment above all else, and should this be the main goal for most affiliates, that means PM International is operating as a pyramid scheme.

I’d suggest speaking with your potential upline to see just what’s going on, and if recruitment is in fact taking the lead over natural retail sales, gather up your money and take it elsewhere.

Hopefully, you have enjoyed this PM International Review.

I wanted to give you this in-depth review because there have been plenty of other PM International reviews that don’t really give all the information you need.

If you do decide to join, I want you to be successful, so learn how to market yourself properly.

My FREE training below will help you market and earn money!

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