Poofy Organics Review – Good Opportunity Or Big Scam?

Pooft-Organics-Review-Post-ImageHave you been hearing a lot about Poofy Organics lately?

There is a lot of hype happening for Poofy Organics, and people are pitching the opportunity all over the place – especially on social media.

The first thing I should tell you is that I am not associated with Poofy Organics in any way.

I have gathered all the pertinent facts about this opportunity in my Poofy Organics Review so that you can know the full truth before signing up.

Is Poofy Organics a scam? Or is it really legit?

Will I be able to make real money with it?

I tell you all in my Review of Poofy Organics.

Let’s get going!

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What Is Poofy Organics Exactly?

Poofy Organics is the latest subject that’s up for my full review, and in this case we’re dealing with an MLM entity that was first launched back in 2006. The company is currently based out of New Jersey in the United States, and as per the official Poofy Organics website –

“Poofy Organics was founded in 2006 after a family member was diagnosed with breast cancer. Our family was determined to stop using products laden with toxic chemicals. We are a small family-run business and proud of our accomplishments.”

The two co-founders for Poofy Organics go by the names of Kristina Gagliardi-Wilson and Nella Gagliardi, with Kristina also serving as the CEO of the company.

As per Kristina’s official bio on the Poofy Organics site –

“In her previous life, Kristina was a special education teacher and worked as an adjunct professor at Montclair State University. Her staff does not follow directions but loves them anyway.”

In regards to Nella, “Nella, who used to be an Italian interpreter, loves to work with her family. She does everything in the store from filing product, hoarding napkins, shipping and taking care of Baby Poof!”

From what I can tell, Baby Poof is that of Kristina’s son.

Additionally, Nella looks to be Kristina’s mother.

Based off of my own research, Poofy Organics is the first MLM opportunity that either Kristina or Nella have ventured into.

Poofy Organics Scam

What Will I Be Selling With Poofy Organics?

In regards to the product line being offered by Poofy Organics, the company claims that all of their products are, “made fresh, by hand, on our premises in small batches and fragranced only with essential oils and extracts that have long been used for therapeutic properties.

When we say ORGANIC, we mean it! With USDA organic certification.”

Poofy Organics has a wide array of products being offered, with the most notable ones including the likes of baby, body, cosmetic, home, hair, mouth care products, and more.

At the time of this writing, Poofy Organics advertises that it has more than 400 available products for people to purchase, and there’s no sense in listing every single one in this review. However, if you are interested in looking through the entire lineup, you can do so by checking out all product info on the Poofy Organics website.

What Should I Know About The Compensation Plan For Poofy Organics?

Hopping over to the compensation plan side of things, affiliates for Poofy Organics are able to earn a commission by selling Poofy Organics products to retail customers.

Residual commissions are also offered here, with these being paid out to three levels of recruitment through the use of a unilevel system.

Affiliates can increase their earnings by obtaining higher affiliate ranks, and this is done by increasing your PV and GV totals.

In this case, PV stands for Personal Volume and GV is short for Group Volume.

PV numbers are generated when an affiliate either purchases products for themselves or sells products to retail customers.

Additionally, GV is created when sales are done through an affiliate and their own personal downline of other members.

Commission Qualification

Before affiliates can start earning within Poofy Organics, they must first qualify for said commissions.

In order to do this, affiliates must generate a bare minimum of 500 PV each and every month, recruit at least three affiliates that are also qualified to earn commissions, and be able to generate a total of $1800 worth of GV through the sales of personally recruited affiliates.

Something that’s worth noting here is that this commission qualification is waived for all affiliates during their first month with Poofy Organics.

Retail Commissions

Once an affiliate is successfully qualified to start earning with Poofy Organics, they are then able to earn up to 30% on all retail sales.

Affiliates start out earning a base commission of 25% off of all retail sales, but as they increase their PV monthly amount, that commission rate will increase.

Generating 1000 to 1999 PV will bump that 25% rate up to 28%, and generating 2000 up to 2999 will increase it another recent to 29%.

If an affiliate wants to get that commission rate of 30%, they’ll need to generate at least 3000 PV or more each and every month.

What’s The Membership Fee For Poofy Organics?

If you’re at all interested in becoming an affiliate for Poofy Organics, you’ll need to cover a membership fee of $34.95/year.

Is Poofy Organics Really A Scam?

If you’re like me, you’ve been researching Poofy Organics and you may have heard that it is a total scam.

From what you have read above, you may not be able to tell if it is legit or not.

So, is it really a scam?

Is Poofy Organics a scam, or can you trust the company?

I would say Poofy Organics isn’t a complete scam, but there are definitely some things you should be cautious of – check out the conclusion to find out what those are.

Being prepared will help you be successful. Also, see below to get my tips for making money.

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My Conclusion For Poofy Organics

With all of that said and done, where does that leave of us with Poofy Organics?

Unlike many other MLM opportunities in the personal care niche, Poofy Organics has a strong focus on targeting those that are concerned about only using products that are organically made and produced.

All products under the Poofy Organics brand are certified by the USDA, with this certification essentially a “farm or processing facility to sell, label, and represent their products as organic.”

The legitimacy of the organic nature of the Poofy Organics products is quite reputable, and the respective prices that these products cary also look to be quite fair considering what you’re getting here.

As for the compensation plan being offered to affiliates, this also looks to be a strong suite for Poofy Organics.

The starting requirements to start earning a commission on retail sales does air a bit on the steep side of things, but it is possible if you put a good deal of time and attention on selling Poofy Organics’ products.

You’ll essentially need to generate $200 worth of retail sales over the course of four months in order to have a chance with Poofy Organics, and if that sounds like an achievable goal to you, you should definitely give the company a look.

There’s a very strong focus on retail sales if you’d like to see any form of success within the company, and while that selling will require a great deal of work on your end, there’s some good money to be made here if you’ve got a knack for sales and marketing.

Good luck!

I sure hope you have found all the information in this Poofy Organics Review helpful.

Some reviews may be biased or trying to sell you something else, so I wanted you to have all the details from someone not affiliate with Poofy Organics.

If you decided to move forward with Poofy Organics, you’ll still need help marketing yourself.

My FREE training will help you with that.

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