Progmatic AdsPaid Review but Not Promoting It

progmatic adspaid reviewRecently, I was pitched yet another ad-based business opportunity! There are so many of them popping up.

Anyway, this particular business opportunity is called Progmatic AdsPaid and I got a very hyped pitch from a desperate affiliate for the program.

I am (obviously) NOT endorsing or promoting this business opportunity.

I’ve got the facts for you in this unbiased Progmatic AdsPaid Review for you to figure out if it’s a fit for you.

You can watch my video below if you prefer.

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Seriously, What Is Progmatic AdsPaid?

Progmatic AdsPaid does not list any information regarding who owns or operates the site, The Progmatic AdsPaid website was registered on December 21, 2015 with Baron Cuthbert listed as the site owner. It lists a London, UK residential site as the address.

A Google search for Baron Cuthbert turns up no results, which leads me to believe that this is very likely a manufactured name. While the address is listed in London, UK, I very much doubt that this is where the business is run out of.

However, Eric Chin created the Promatic AdsPaid Facebook Business Page on January 4, 2016. Unfortunately, the Eric Chin also seems to be completely manufactured. The profile picture is that of Kevin Marks, who is a well-known former Google engineer!

progmatic adspaid scam
Often, Indian scammers will use an English-sounding name and a stolen photo in order to fool people into trusting the business. Because the Eric Chin profile is very obviously fake, this really supports the idea that this might be an India-based scam.

As I have said before, if an MLM company does not provide information about who owns and operations the business openly, be cautious of joining that company or giving them any money.

So, What Are The Progmatic AdsPaid Products?

Currently, Promatic AdsPaid offers no retailable services or products. Affiliates are only able to sell Promatic AdsPaid memberships.

Once an affiliate has signed up, they may invest money in Promatic AdsPaid to participate in the MLM business opportunity.

An “ad pack” investment contains advertising credits, which in turn are used to place ads on the Progmatic AdsPaid site.

What About The Compensation Plan?

In order to earn compensation through the Progmatic AdsPaid opportunity, affiliates purchase ad packs and matrix cycler positions.

progmatic adspaid compensation plan

Matric Cycler Positions

Progmatic AdsPaid matrix cycler positions retail for $25, and positions pass through a 4-tier 2X2 matrix cycler.

This places you at the top of a matric, and places two positions directly under you (Level 1).

Level 2 of the matrix is built by splitting the positions on Level 1 into an additional 2 positions each, resulting in 4 positions on Level 2, and 6 Positions total, with the affiliate at the top cycling out o the matrix when all 6 positions are filled.

What level of commission is earned is calculated based on what level a cycler position cycles out:

  • Matrix 1 ($25) – Generates new Matrix 1 position, Cycles to Matrix 2, pays $15
  • Matrix 2 – Generates new Matrix 2 position, Cycles to Matrix 3, pays $40
  • Matrix 3 – Generates new Matrix 3 position, Cycles to Matrix 4, pays $90
  • Matrix 4 – Generates new Matrix 4 position, pays $200

Generated positions at each tier pay out different than  initial cycle positions:

  • Matrix 1 – Generates Matrix 1 position, pays $75
  • Matrix 2 – Generates Matrix 2 position, pays $150
  • Matrix 3 – Generates Matrix 3 position, pays $300
  • Matrix 4 – Generates Matrix 4 position, pays $600

AdPack Investment ROIs

An unpaid Progmatic AdsPaid affiliate is able to invest anywhere from $5 – $500, with an advertised ROI of 130%.

A paid Progmatic AdsPaid affiliate is entitled to a higher ROI rate:

  • $5/month membership – 150% ROI
  • $10/month membership – 160% ROI

Joining Progmatic AdsPaid

You can obtain an affiliate membership with Progmatic AdsPaid for free, but a free membership is only entitled to Ad Pack Investment components of the compensation structure.

Members who pay either the $5 or $10 per month are also required to purchase matrix positions. These paid memberships also earn higher ROIs on ad pack investments.

So, Is There A Progmatic AdsPaid Scam Going On?

If you read ahead to the conclusion, you will get a good idea of what I think.

So, is Progmatic AdsPaid a scam or a legit opportunity?

Well, unfortunately it does not look good.


There is no retailable products and a lot of it is just based on recruitment. I strongly recommend (only) joining opportunities with retailable products. For example, Mobe (explained in my video here) has 100+ products in the library (completely seperate to any kind of recruitment). This is what makes a legitimate opportunity!

Whereas with Progmatic AdsPaid, it’s just about recruitment and nothing else!

Not only, this but they have used a fake facebook profile in first publicity of the business. Surely, you can never trust a business that does this! (ever!).

So, of course, a lot of people will say Progmatic AdsPaid is a scam and/or pyramid scheme.

More further info in my conclusion section.

Here Is The Progmatic AdsPaid Review Conclusion!

Because no products are sold or marketed to retail customers, Progmatic AdsPaid is a basic ad-based Ponzi scheme. Affiliates purchase positions, and then ROIs are paid based off subsequent positions. The AdPack is pretty much the same thing.

Any time an ad package is purchased on our website, a percentage is set aside to reserve a pool from which all cashback ad packages are paid until they earn a maximum of 160%.

Because affiliates are the only real customers purchasing AdPacks, this means all newly invested funds then go to pay previous investors.

A Ponzi component requires a steady flow of new investors buying into the scheme in order for it to continue – when the influx stops, the scheme falls apart.

And when that happens?


The nameless people behind the site reset everyone’s program, in the hopes that new fools will believe the might be getting in at the ground floor. People who had already invested might be convinced to grab what they think are a limited number of “ground floor” positions.

But in reality, you can’t make money from nothing, and each restart actually leaves Progmatic AdsPaid with the same cost to pay out.

The only saving grace for them is that the Ponzi liabilities are erased, with the money left over to cover ROIs following the restart. However, as each restart occurs, the investment ebbs, and this then triggers restarts more often.

Because this has a clearly fake domain registrations and admin profiles, it seems likely that the Progmatic AdsPaid administration will have loaded AdPack and Matrix positions.

So instead of losing your money in one Ponzi fallout, you’ll get to lose it several times! How exciting.

I can’t recommend promoting a business opportunity where there are no retailable products.

It’s risky with the authorities and unethical as well.

If you need something better, see my “free training series” where I explain some better opportunities that are more secure legally.

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Be aware that you will see so many Progmatic AdsPaid reviews out there that want your commission. Hopefully this review has been different.

I’ve shown the details about the compensation plan and the affiliate recruitment.

I’ve also detailed the bogus facebook profile and other sketchy information about the company!

It’s on shaky ground so just be careful about joining Progmatic AdsPaid.

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