Project Breakthrough Review But I’m Not Promoting It!

project breakthrough reviewRecently I’ve had a number of people on my email list try to pitch this new program to me.

Let me make it clear that I am NOT promoting Project Breakthrough but I have certainly got plenty of information on it.

And I will reveal the truth about the program.

Check out my Project Breakthrough Review to learn all about it. That way you can figure out if it’s a fit for you (or not).

Also, check out my video review below:

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So, What is Project Breakthrough All About?

In January, 2016 Project Breakthrough launched it’s program teaching members how to create an online income utilizing sales funnels along with a variety of other tools.

Vick Strizheus brings another product from High Traffic Academy. While this product can be found on High Traffic Academy, a site has been launched specifically for Project Breakthrough, where you may sign up to receive the program for free – in exchange for your contact information.

Over the years, Strizheus has proven himself to be somewhat of a marketing and sales funnel genius. He is well known for earning $720,000 in just over one month!

Strizheus is now leveraging that fame to build his very own training business, High Traffic Academy, along with all of his other products and programs, like Project Breakthrough.

High Traffic Academy also markets several other online marketing courses. High Traffic Academy was launched in 2012 after Strizheus left Empower Network. High Traffic Academy utilizes a subscription service that allows access to products that help affiliates from all MLM niches generate leads. High Traffic Academy has received several positive reviews.

project breakthrough scam

What Are The Project Breakthrough Products?

As an educational product, Project Breakthrough contains training on how to make money online. This course also contains information for scaling up your online business and gives you strategies on how to earn high commissions for the long run.

It is free to get started with Project Breakthrough, and offers a video training series.

This training series contains information on:

    • Choosing products
    • Building a marketing plan
    • Setting up effective sales funnels
    • Locating traffic sources
    • Converting traffic into leads
    • Converting leads into sales

Is This Legit Or Is There A Project Breakthrough Scam Going On?

For any business like this, you always have people questioning if it is legit or not.

And yeah, people will throw around phrases like Project Breakthrough Scam or pyramid scheme.

So, is Project Breakthrough a scam or completely legit?

Well, to be honest with you, it’s actually legit (even if I’m not promoting it) as an affiliate.

So, why do people call Project Breakthrough a Scam or worse?

Well, people tend to call business opportunities scams because most people fail.

Yes, there is normally a 97%-98% failure rate for programs such as these.

Well, I will tell you why that is.

It’s not down to the program.

It’s because most people suck at marketing.

Which is a big shame.

The way I have become a top earner in this industry is because I do 2 things:

– I generate targeted traffic on a daily basis.
– I lead with my own “branded front end” system rather than the company capture pages.

If you want to learn how to easily do this yourself, feel free to grab my training below:

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When you learn how to lead with your own “front end branded system”, you can then become part of the minority who succeed.

People will see you as a leader.

Also, check out my video at the top that explains this.

A lot of people think it’s tough to be perceived as a leader but it’s actually way easier than you think.

If you spend 2 days putting an ebook together (or even a 1 page cheat sheet), even that can be enough for people to see you as an authority.

Powerful stuff and I recommend you take this approach as a Project Breakthrough affiliate or whatever business opportunity, product or program you get involved with.

Here’s My Project Breakthrough Review Conclusion

Based off everything I can find, Project Breakthrough is a very solid Lead Magnet, a sales funnel itself. By providing your contact information before you’re able to download the training series, and you’re then contacted by High Traffic Academy.

Keep in mind, however, that Project Breakthrough is free, and may have some tips and tricks you can use to grow your business.

If you do find this information helpful, then you can of course go on to sign up for High Traffic Academy.

Take away all the inspirational jargon on the website, and what it really comes down to is Vick Strizheus giving a 14-day course on setting up sales funnels.

If there is a chance his sales methods works 4-5 years after his initial success, then it’d be valuable information.

Fortunately for Strizheus, his past results give a positive spin on Project Breakthrough and High Traffic Academy.

For a home business owner looking for some fresh new training on increasing sales and generating more leads, this training could be really useful.

So, as part of my Project Breakthrough Review, yes it looks pretty good.

I’ve tried to cover a lot more detail then other reviews I saw out there.

However, if you do promote something like this, make sure you are part of the 2% who actually make money.

And to do that, grab my free training series below.

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Like I mentioned, it will teach you how to lead with your own “branded front end” system to get maximum conversions.

This is actually the “secret” of the top earners.

When you lead with your own branded front end system, conversions are much higher because people see you as an authority.

And of course, I show a lot of traffic training as well.

This will help if you are a Project Breakthrough Affiliate or not.

Whatever program you promote, learn how to market effectively and you can succeed.

It’s down to you.

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